1. This lady deserves soo much credit, she is not trying to steal the moment; she’s not being biased. Staying on topic and being very classy. I commend her

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    2. Wonder how SHAMELESS one could be to keep Shutup when seeing his promoted puppet making Disasterous Mess, one after other!

  2. Mitt Romney is one of the few Republicans who is not a Trump sycophant, and still thinks rationally and is reasonably fair in his assessments.

    1. @kram Null LOL why would he do that… now you are just desperately trolling… Trump opened the Wuhan Lab back up, so if the Virus came from there, it’s TRUMP’s fault 😀

    2. @Sj Poole we still have the right to vote, all the voting rights bills are bullshit politicians use to distract

  3. Hearing a politician speak in front of a camera with principles, pragmatism, and without taking every opportunity to slam and mudsling against other decent people?….wow. Not used to that, anymore.

    1. @Tom Durkin. Aren’t you tired of saying and believing the same BS? All your lord and master Trump did was get on his knees and felate Putin every time he could.

    2. @Natural Man Obama is the smooth talker I know because I voted for him the first time remember he was going to bring us all together and then he spent the next four years talking about white supremacy and then trying to force his cash cow Obamacare down our throats while he bowed down 2 dictators around the world 25 million white Republicans crossed the aisle to vote for Barack Obama but after being called racist for four years they all crossed back across the aisle and voted for Trump and they’ve never been happier

    1. Hello freind’s my new book about the wonderful president Obama is now available on Amazon title : (Barack Obama stations positions ) get your copy

    2. It’s sad how brain washed CNN viewers are. How Do you feel buying grocerys and gas?the policy’s implemented by Biden and his cronies are destroying are country. And come on! Biden can not even string together a coherent sentence!

  4. “Mausoleum where honesty and honor have gone to die” wow, that was memorable line. While I am a progressive with ideology far different than Romney’s, I think he is a really admirable politician and one of the smartest Republicans in office and he demonstrates authenticity in his words and actions. He is a good role model and it’s sad that so much of his party turned on him in favor of Trump and fascism.

    1. @Lucas Johnson HAHAHAHA, beech please. Your party cancels books, cancels women’s rights, let’s people die of covid because you refuse common sense health care measures, cancels people’s sexual orientation, cancels history because talking about slavery and racism makes you so uncomfortable. The American right are absolute snowflakes and babies. 🤣🤣🤣

    2. I agree in the sense that he has principles and some sense of ethics. But what he really disappoints me is how far he has gone to follow all the GOP party in blocking any kind progressive legislation they try to pass. Even when the bills have high bipartisan support, he still blocks them. And this is where he lost my respect for him as an opposing supporter. He only stands up to Trump or Republican treasonous behavior but doesn’t support not any bill that can help American citizens.

    3. @Tanner My God is that all you guys know how to talk about? That right wing propaganda works like a charm on you. Look over there, while we do exactly what we complain about the left is doing over here, trick. Trump and the Republicans are guilty of far more than what you just stated. And the funny part is, Trump’s administration did their own investigations on those very things about Benghazi, Hillary’s emails, her foundation, Uranium One, and it all came back without any wrongdoings. All done and promised by YOUR president Trump and his administration of thugs. They have more crimes than any American presidential administration in history. They have too much to answer for. So try taking a good look at the trick they are pulling on you to get you to look away at their own corruption and treason and see them for once for once for what they really are. Fascists, liars, and traitors.

    4. @Lucas Johnson Did you forget your dear leader trump is the one that shut down the economy and implemented wearing masks? He literally started the very thing you blame democrats for enforcing. Go storm the capitol hopefully you end up like ashli babbitt

  5. It’s refreshing to see Mitt Romney being so straight forward and deliberate with his words; especially compared to the joke that Trump has proven himself to be time and time again.

    1. @SUSAN ZZZ America being energy independent. Exporting oil and cutting into Russian oil exports… that benefits Russia? America is buying about 7% of its oil from Russia now. That’s good???

    2. It’s sad how brain washed CNN viewers are. How Do you feel buying grocerys and gas?the policy’s implemented by Biden and his cronies are destroying are country. And come on! Biden can not even string together a coherent sentence!

    3. In this interview, absolutely. This is Romney at his best. But this is a layup of a topic for him. But I want to hear his opinion of Biden’s supreme court nominee now.

    1. @Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin No, there are no Democrats speaking as childishly as Republicans at this time. The Democrats have to Pussygrabber, M. T. Greene, T. Carlson, etc.

    2. @Buck Stanley This is just not true. There are plenty of democrats that whine all the time. They complained for 4 years. Both sides complain all the time. The reason why its annoying is because of our bias and because politics is dumb but important.

    3. It’s sad how brain washed CNN viewers are. How Do you feel buying grocerys and gas?the policy’s implemented by Biden and his cronies are destroying are country. And come on! Biden can not even string together a coherent sentence!

  6. “Well, we don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.” — Eric Trump, 2014

    1. @John Doyle right…..but I think it is Don, Jr. who is the coke head, not Eric. Eric is just whiny…..and neither is very bright

  7. I’m so glad to hear this from him! Romney is definitely showing that he’s actually thinking for himself and not just for the party. Thank you Mitt!

  8. I have so much respect for this man in how he presents himself. He had guts to come on CNN and stand up for his convictions.

  9. I can’t remember the last time I saw a GOP leader speaking so clearly, concisely and with respect to those he may not agree with. This country is going down the drain…

    1. Wars happen in Africa and Asia and Latin America every day.

      Those scenarios bring very little emotion or gather very little attention from ⬜ people.

      The only reason you have any interest in this topic is because the people are ⬜.

      Nothing more…

      Russia bombed Syria with much less world outcry..

    2. True. Also, I cannot remember a Democrat leader speaking so clearly, concisely and with respect to those he may not agree with.

    3. “what drain ? If there’s a that big drain somebody would have seen it by now. There’s no drain we’re drainless county.”
      – George Carlin.

    1. Truth, open-mindedness, and opposition to tyranny ARE partisan, sadly. After the past two years, the American Left has concealed, condemned, coerced, and cancelled anyone and everyone disagreeing with their engineered narrative.

  10. I love that Romney and Obama truly respected each other though. They had different opinions but were true gentlemen about it – that’s how politics should be … not like some unnamed later elections

    1. Yeah the good ole days when America had two good nominees who have different opinions on matters and Americans just had to choose the one they agreed with more.
      They didn’t feel like they have to pick what they felt like a lesser threat to their country.
      Jesus Christ…

    1. @Martin Of course I see color. But I don’t vote it, because I haven’t fallen for corporate media lies. I trained myself in university for how the media manipulates behavior, and immediately understood Obama to be a culmination of these tactics. You apparently slept through these classes?

    2. @Ty Willis Here’s one example…
      During a testy joint press conference at the NATO summit in London on December 2nd, 2019, President Donald Trump and his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, argued openly over how the 70-year-old alliance should handle Russia, the Islamic State, and Turkey. When interacting with allied leaders, Trump’s predecessors have generally followed a golden rule: Disagreements with friends are okay—but only behind the scenes, not in public.
      Trump, in contrast, seems to relish going after the Europeans in full view of the rest of the world. The on-camera spat with Macron was the latest sign that Trump has brought America’s most important security alliance to the point of crisis. And the president either doesn’t know or doesn’t care what he’s done.
      If the North Atlantic Treaty Organization had reached its 70th birthday under any of the previous 12 presidents, the celebration would have occurred in Washington rather than London. The “Washington treaty” was signed in April 1949, at a dark moment in the early Cold War when a Soviet invasion of Western Europe was not a far-fetched possibility. The United States has always been the most powerful NATO member, and every American president until Trump has been the alliance’s natural leader.
      Instead, Trump has been NATO’s loudest critic. He has cast America’s military allies primarily as a drain on the U.S. Treasury, and he has aggressively criticized America’s true friends in Europe—democratic leaders such as Macron and Germany’s chancellor, Angela Merkel—even as he treats Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong Un, and other authoritarians around the world with unusual tact. He describes the European Union, whose membership overlaps significantly with NATO’s, as a competitor rather than the close global partner it has been to every recent American president.
      The not-so-closely guarded secret at NATO headquarters is allied officials are privately relieved that, rather than holding a full-fledged summit over two days, the leaders are holding just three and a half hours of formal discussions. That limited Trump’s opportunities to blow up the proceedings, as he has done in other major meetings with European and Canadian leaders.

    3. @Ty Willis Actually the dispute of NATO’s funding does explain the rift caused by Trump. When someone claims you’re not paying your fair share. It doesn’t make for a pleasant discussion. When a buffoon claimed that the other 28 nations were not pulling their weight, either you’re dealing with one out for personal gains, or you’re dealing with someone who needs explanations with cartoon pictures.

    4. Unquiet on the Western Front: Why the 74-Year Alliance Between Europe and America Is Falling Apart

      When German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas suggested during a June 15, 2019 video conference between 28 European Union diplomats and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that the U.S. and Europe push Israel and the Palestinians to revive peace talks, Pompeo was diplomatic, refusing to accept or reject the proposal.

      The same was true of nearly every other item on the 90-minute call’s agenda, according to U.S. and European officials familiar with the session, who said the disappointing meeting was symptomatic of the steady erosion of the 74-year-old transatlantic alliance since President Donald Trump came to office. Since the end of World War II, the U.S. and its European allies have been united in their commitment to cooperation and democracy, despite repeated dustups. Now, in less than four years of Trump’s America First foreign policy, the allies have become divided on issues that require an urgent and unified response, ranging from China and coronavirus to the Middle East, arms control, and trade. “The EU-U.S. relationship doesn’t exist anymore,” says Heather Conley of the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

      Pompeo did nothing to address — much less repair — the damage during the scheduled summit, said the U.S. and European officials, all of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid, as one American put it, “making a bad situation worse.” According to one European diplomat, Pompeo “mailed it in, and the return address was the White House.”

      Indeed, it was Trump who set the tone of the meeting, surprising European allies as the meeting began with his plan to slash the number of U.S. troops in Germany, which the Washington deploys to deter Russia and project force in the Middle East and Africa. Trump said he was making the cut because Germany isn’t paying its fair share of European defense costs.

      European defense officials immediately pushed back against the move. German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said at a conference in Berlin the next day that the U.S. military presence in her country helped keep the peace in Europe throughout the Cold War and noted that German forces have served alongside Americans in Afghanistan. In an apparent reference to Trump’s repeated complaints that Germany has failed to meet NATO’s defense spending target of 2% of its GDP, she added: “NATO is not a commercial organization, and security is not a commodity.”

      But the president’s move was less about Germany’s NATO contributions than retaliating against German Chancellor Angela Merkel for declining a few days earlier to attend this year’s G-7 economic summit that Trump is hosting, two State Department and one defense official said.

      “Here we have another example of Trump’s personal animosity and personal proclivities being put in front of U.S. interests,” said Andrea Kendall-Taylor, a former U.S. intelligence analyst and senior fellow at the Center for a New American Security. “The announced troop withdrawal adds yet another source of tension in the relationship, and another way that the U.S. is creating fissures in the Alliance and undermining deterrence against Russia.”

  11. Mitt did not attack Obama, Biden, or Trump in this interview and that’s just beautiful! We lost what we might could of had a great leader.

    1. @Michael LaPlant I also understand that you are not implying that you are a decent human being. So you don’t have to point that out to me it’s evident

    2. I agree with Romney, how he is describing what is going on, with Putin… The Ukrainian people have been so strong, those poor people… As Romney states, in the subways, children , mothers, trying to be so strong. Not knowing what is ahead of them ! I totally respect Romney, that’s my opinion…Period..

    3. @Christian Otterson I agree with the last couple of points you made — the “left” and the “right” are pretty much artificial and arbitrary ideologies in any case. Neither one of them can see past their own narrow “viewpoints”.

    4. Don’t forget this is the “Corporations are people, my friend!” guy, re Citizens United case. That was a BS ruling and Romney has no business being president.

  12. Even though Mitt lost in 2012, he has won something far greater. He has the respect from the opposition for not being afraid to speak the truth and to stand up against something that’s totally wrong

  13. Was never a fan of his, but everything he is saying I agree with 100 percent. What a difference between him and Dump Trump.

    1. Well, Obama did take the healthcare system Romney made in Massachusetts and used it as the scaffolding for the Affordable Care Act. It’s not surprising that the “moderates” like the other “moderates.” They are no friends to common Americans (or common Russians, or common Ukrainians).

    2. Mitt was Governor in my (very) Democratic state. He gave us
      Mass Health before there was Obamacare. I don’t agree with his politics, but haven’t anything (too) negative to say about the guy.
      He should run with Cheney in ’24. Bring some credibility back to the repube’s

  14. I probably don’t agree with Romney on about 90% of things, but there’s something remarkable about him, not least the fact that he’s not gloating.

    1. “Jefferson has principles, Burr has none” Lin Manuel Miranda

      Yeah, I get it, I totally do. Romney is a Jefferson, you disagree with him but will respect him.

      Trump is a Burr.

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