1. He’s choosing his word very carefully. A sensible thing to do amid all these chaos.

    1. @make a wish yeah because what you say holds any weight, get back in your shoe box in the corner, speak when spoken to

  2. How incredible to hear a man who thinks before he speaks and then has something intelligent to say. Thank you, President Obama.

    1. @Nordgaren You need to listen better. Obama said he didn’t think the old Putin would have “bet the farm” on a full-blown invasion. Crimea obviously wasn’t nearly as big a gamble.

  3. when he was asked about victory, he said that we are learning the lesson and Ukrainians are paying the price. That is a brutal assessment. As much as I wish he could be wrong there, I fear he may be right.

    1. Dennis, that struck home with me too. I completely agree, he was spot on. Feeling sick about it

    2. @Cheryl B sadly, I agree. But, what he provided in that interview was hope. Belief in an America that was once full of mostly wonderful people who created the ideals of a great country long ago. If there is to be change, for the better of us, it has to begin with a belief that it’s worth changing for, and hope, and courage to grow. First step, talk confidently about its success. Then, instill others with a sense of belief and hope too. IMO this is what we saw. Also, now the word belief looks wrong..

    1. Hey Denis Hannan, what about president zelenskyy I think he’s an awesome president and speaks with great words too. And very brave guy and great actor and comedian as well.

    1. quick question , do you guys think we’ll get into a nuclear war ? meaning everything we got going for us and working on will be completely meaningless because this nuclear war will destroy us all .. do you guys think that’ll happen ?

  4. The president of my childhood. I swear I grew up thinking every president was going to be like this; intelligent, articulate, and thoughtful. How wrong and naive I was.

  5. The demeanor of a true leader! I miss having a president who carried themself presidentially (idk if that’s a word but oh well)

    1. Why do you miss a president who carries himself presidentially when we have just that with Joe Biden in the White House as we speak?

  6. President Obama always blows my mind when he speaks with his depth of perception and intelligence. His a living icon.

  7. I’m not from the US, and whether we like it or not, the US is the leaders of the west and out way of life. And I miss having someone who seemed to actually understand and respected what that meant. Someone who stood up against against tyranny without threatening to nuke someone. A true leader, and not some finger pointing yes man with the charisma of a sewage leak.

    1. @Evan Gaudet looking at Diane’s other comments on this video, she seems to be the type thst can’t see passed what fox news tells her to see. Nothing you can do to explain even though it is pretty clear to most people that really do listen and try to understand.

  8. You know, when I decided to take a minor in Political Science last semester i had no idea how good of a lesson i was going to get out of it. I am literally learning definitions of things in class then getting real life examples when I go home and turn on the TV. Crazy world we live in.

  9. I like the former President Obama: emotionally intelligent, a great thinker, and of a stable character. Above all, I love him because he looks just like me. Really (lol).

    1. I would have preferred Bernie Sanders’ voice, and Medicare for All. Obama made damn sure that didn’t happen. His words are little comfort.

  10. Interesting how he speaks of ‘trends’ which are present not just in Putin or in Russia. He is warning of the dangers to our own democracies when we engage in pointless culture wars, and enflame nationalistic passions at the expense of rule of law.

    1. @Rick Schroth Oh, I absolutely agree with the move towards the right, and about humans living in democracies choosing what I consider wrong paths. In a way I think this is because there has been an assault of monumental proportions by the right on all political opposition leaving populist voters unable to choose to elect better people. A lot of this is to do with work practices and a sense that there is no real participation any more it is like a return to the world of a century ago, except we have gadgets that allow a wider reach of some quite reprehensible ideas. I did expect Hungary to continue on that road but fear for France, I have been watching that rightward march for around forty years. Another issue has been that the traditional right which was not nearly so voracious has been lurching further and further towards authoritarianism, and the democratic left has left its real roots of democratic socialism as well, so the sort of balance between the two no longer exists in the same way. There has been an abandonment right across the spectrum of the idea of politics as a kind of service. Around the world that space is now inhabited mostly by crooks. If individuals are clean when they enter power by the time they leave their hands are filthy. Even the best of them, sadly. The compromises they are made to make are just too disgraceful.

    2. @Daly Close  The US and the UK guaranteed in a treaty Ukraine is borders in 1994. As Russia invaded in 2014 they looked the other way and did absolutely nothing.

    3. @Lindy Ashford Agree with what you said here. Eisenhower was a pretty good President though and JFK, but RFK would have been better.

  11. Truly an amazing historical figure in American history. He is so knowledgeable and delivers it so plainly. Love from Canada 🇨🇦 🙏❤️

    1. Better than that dictator that you have in charge in Canada. Trudeau..has got to go.

    2. @Neil Peart’s Purple Nose
      Clearly, you have no idea who Trudeau is, or how he governs. Sadly, Americans don’t know much about anything that goes on outside the US, and not too much about what goes on within it. Your comment illustrates that perfectly.

  12. This man speaks, I listen. And I’m always left in awe of his grace, thoughtfulnesses, intuition, perspective and insight. Forever grateful for President Obama!!

    1. @brucks brugle that never happened! Russia annexed Crimea during the Obama administration not Ukraine. Obama leaved sanctions against Putin/Russia wasn’t enough to deter Putin. Needed stronger sanctions but didn’t have support for the EU and UN.

  13. I don’t agree with how he handled Iran but God this guy is articulate, young and scholarly.

    1. More than that, he’s thoughtful. But then American intellectual standards these days are subterranean.

  14. When this man answers a question, you can hear how he is working it out in his mind, drawing on evidence and experiences, and reaching his conclusions. Sometimes he struggles, but as a listener you may then agree or disagree based on his line of thought. For Trump, you hear emotions—if you blur all the words and leave only his rhythm and pitches, you can still know what his answer is. For Biden, you hear only prepared talking points, and you know exactly where he deviates from those points, which will be corrected by some civil servants a few hours later.

  15. Excellent! I was not a huge Obama fan, but he gave the most thoughtful response to the situation today that I’ve heard yet. Bravo President Obama! Bravo!

  16. Wow! What a difference. Careful , deliberate , thoughtful. Gives me hope . I’ll take any hope I can get these days . Thank You President Obama.

    1. @Sweet Salvation Did you get that from an anomonus source? I’d like to know the oranges of your comment

  17. Obama is so Brilliant and so Intelligent when he speaks it is like turning on a bright light 💡 bulb in a totally dark room, Wow!

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