Obama To Politicians: Revitalize The Voting Rights Law John Lewis Was ‘Willing To Die For’ | MSNBC


  1. Ahhhhhh, the good old days when Presidents were educated statesmen, who were capable of forming coherent and complete sentences. Oh, how I miss those days. 🙂

    1. Who Cares How This Crook Speaks?
      He is disgusting…
      In a society where the majority choose charisma over character, democracy does more harm than good to the actual progress of that society… A president cannot defend a nation if he is not held accountable to its laws. This man Ovomit makes Nixon look like an altar boy, and should be in prison.

    2. @AussieSheela I think u have your videos mixed up…
      This is an obama video.
      NOT a PRESIDENT TRUMP video.

    3. Jean Jones I appreciate your words, thank you. I was more commenting about the words spoken for John Lewis, whose funeral they all represented from both sides of the house. My honest view is, I don’t trust any politician in any country because every single one is not interested in you, me or our families or friends. They all believe in the power that the office represents.

    4. Tom Shad I totally agree with your statement and I understand also that once a politician, always a politician. Anytime they can have a chance to “Grandstand”, they will. I was actually thinking about the respect one is to pay to the deceased.

    1. That’s all he knew how to do is speak Trump did more African america then any president in history besides free them

    2. When this puke face Ovomit walked in and ruined what was otherwise a beautiful, loving service … And then the Bonnie and Clyde of the political Bill Clinton?
      I would have walked OUT… Good God… Both should have been wearing a dress and heels.
      Better yet… strips!
      It’s unbelievable, who do these democrat communists think they are? Hilliary and Obama walk free after committing treason over and over again! This is democrat insurrection…
      Campaigning at a funeral?
      As usual. No Class Ovomit. 🤣

    1. Taunting protestors to go out and do more violence by bringing up George Floyd again for political leverage at a mans funeral disgusting. A president should always want Peace in America but Democrats never think of the entire country just there agendas and keeping the hate alive.

    2. @N Trump and bar use chemical weapons on Peaceful protesters for a photo op. Enjoy your delusions my friend.

  2. I really miss obama as president. The compassion he has will never be matched. 😭😭😭 RIP John Lewis. We will fight for the rights that u fought for us to keep. I promise.

    1. Space Alien thank you for being a voice of reason and truth among the filth. You’re not alone, nor are you the minority.

    2. Space Alien I guess the more than 150 thousand dead are also OBAMAS FAULT RIGHT 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

    3. When this criminal Ovomit walked in I got up and walked OUT!
      In a society where the majority choose charisma over character, democracy does more harm than good to the actual progress of that society… A president cannot defend a nation if he is not held accountable to its laws. This man Ovomit makes Nixon look like an altar boy, and should be in prison.

    4. @william carter , so how many people died during swine flue/h1n1 under obama? how many die each because of regular flu? obama was in office for eight years. should we blame obama for that since you want to blame trump for covid???? why dont we not blame presidents for health pandemics and keep it strictly to their presidential actions which they are personally responsible for? you wanna play scoreboard? how many wars and destabilization plots happened under obama vs trump? i dont mind going this route. obama’s death count will run laps around trump’s. at least trump doesnt have nobel peace prize while his hands are drenched in blood like obama…

  3. What’s this weird feeling that is washing over me..? Oh yeah. It’s respect!
    We miss you, President Obama. Beautiful endorsement of a worthy cause.

    1. Mikey Fourbarrel I had that same feeling and wondered why I was feeling this way. Thanks for reminding me.

    1. Trump’s postmaster general is going to try and slow down the mail so people’s votes won’t be heard!

  4. Oh I miss seeing a CHARISMATIC and eloquent POTUS!
    If there is a possibility of a third term, I am still voting him.

    1. @Randy Couch It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt.

  5. And this, America is how a president acts and speaks
    What is wrong with you and that farce of an orange man?

    1. @Joy-Ann Green Joy, apparently you didn’t listen to his “EULOGY”, Who do you think he was talking about ( his predecessor) ..that was the most hateful eulogy and political speech ever and you call that class ?

    2. Step Ehnstrom , he spoke the truth. He didn’t whine and blame his predecessors for everything that’s wrong at present like the guy in the W H does on every occasion. He was referring to his successor, not his predecessors. Who didn’t listen to the Eulogy now?

    1. @Tom Goffnett you also neglected to mention that there were black slave owners,whites were also slaves(indentured servitude),Africans sold each other into bandage and the Muslim slave trade was far more prevalent and brutal. Ask the Hindus and people from India.in addition to it occurring centuries prior thanks to Obama and Clinton it returned to Libya after they killed Qaddafi.

      I’m glad you picked up on my intelligence level. Too many on here can’t see through their own prejudice and revert to their defenses of due to my username (it’s not my actual name) I’m a Russian bot.

      I know this country and it’s founding fathers were flawed but that’s because I have accepted them as human beings and as such in order to coexist and in getting a mission completed a compromise must take place.
      The key difference between the left and right is the left in general views someone like myself as an evil person with ideas,vs the right who views the left as good people with bad ideas.

      And yes I do catch a lot of flack for different reasons, some you may be shocked to know.

      I’ll give you a bit of background on me so you can have some context
      I’m a 36 yr old black army veteran. I served three years driving tanks under Obama. My family are all democrats, me I’m the only one who isn’t. I was born and raised a democrat and i have been politically active since 2007.
      You may be shocked to know that beforehand I never voted before 2007.in addition I never voted for Obama, my entire family voted for him on the basis of his skin color.I didn’t vote for him I voted for Bob Barr who was the libertarian candidate. I registered as a libertarian.

      My mother and my step father’s reactions were like I had 8 heads.
      they’re under the assumption that based off of later political discussions that I’m a republican and they’re not for blacks despite the fact that I have shown evidence that conclusively prove that the vast majority of blacks were republican. The republican party gave blacks their chance to be represented in public office and then we as a people decide to spit in the face of the party who allowed us to have a seat at the table as equals to the party that’s done everything in it’s power to hold us back.

      Its weird that many of my family served in the military.my father was a marine,my uncle was in the air force, my grandfather was a paratrooper with the 82nd airborne during WWII. His brother you may be familiar with was Don Newcombe. He also served in the army in Korea.he also pitched with Jackie Robinson for the dodgers.oddly enough Jackie was a tank commander with the 761st and 758th armored regiments,the unit I got assigned to was 3rd infantry division, 2nd brigade,1-64 armor. 1-64 was back in ww2 was the 758th.
      The reasons why I bring up the military is that in the military, regardless of your political views,religion, where you’re from,what your skin color is,in combat you have to depend upon one another or nobody makes it.
      My older family members who have dealt with segregation and it’s shaped their view of whites despite the fact a lot if not all of my family is mixed including myself.you would think that the experience of having to deal with diverse groups would alter one’s mindset,especially in combat situations.

      I don’t see people as a color but contrary to the leftist narrative in my life experience the most racist people who I have dealt with is black.
      A former elementary school classmate of mine who is an employee at the apartment complex I live in.we’ve had different discussions and the last one got heated and he said to the effect of the fact I’m fairer skinned than him I don’t know what it’s like to be black,like because I am not 100% I’m not going to get treated differently than a dark skinned black when it comes to cops.I disagree.I have dealt with cops numerous times and never once have I been physically or even verbally abused by cops.that’s incredibly racist.I have never in my life have had a white person say that to me.

      I bring up baseball for another reason,with the mlb kneeling before the flag and national Anthem is a personal insult because if it wasn’t for members of my family literally paving the way and defending the flag and anthem,they wouldn’t be in the position to play,get paid exponentially more than my grandfather’s brother or anyone serving playing a game.

      I appreciate you not being the typical leftist.

    2. @Dmitri Fukov I appreciate everything you shared. I had no idea that Jackie Robinson was a tank commander and I think it is really cool that you served in the 758th/I 64.

      I didn’t fail to mention anything, I simply kept it short – most every comment of mine is way too long.

      I’m not a leftist of any sort. I’m as far to the right as Patrick Henry (the anti-federalist).

      I was hoping you would look into the parties of 1860. The republican party were not your friends. They used black people in the same manner that democrats use them today. The Republican party of today is not the republican party of 1860.

      Lincoln was leading the show – and Lincoln, to the day he died was trying to send black people to South America and Liberia, Africa. Lincoln was a self professed white supremacist. The Northern dominated congress passed an Amendment to PROTECT the institution of slavery FOREVER. It was passed on March 2, 1861; a month and a half before Lincoln started the war.

      This is what the REPUBLICAN LEADER had to say about that amendment.

      “I understand a proposed amendment to the Constitution which amendment, however, I have not seen has passed Congress, to the effect that the Federal Government shall never interfere with the domestic institutions of the States, including that of persons held to service. To avoid misconstruction of what I have said, I depart from my purpose not to speak of particular amendments so far as to say that, holding such a provision to now be implied constitutional law, I have no objection to its being made express and irrevocable.”–Abraham Lincoln, first inaugural address

      He didn’t say this in a letter to his wife or friend, he spoke it to the entire world.

      In the same speech Lincoln said:

      “I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so.”–Abraham Lincoln, first inaugural

      He said he has no purpose to interfere with the institution of slavery. He said he has no right to interfere with the institution of slavery. He said he has no inclination to do so.

      So twenty-two months later, this twisted tyrant gives the Emancipation Proclamation.

      At what point do we stop being stupid? Lincoln was an obvious liar, a conniving creep. And what was that Emancipation Proclamation all about?

      I’ll let Walter E. Williams answer that.

    3. @Tom Goffnett you do realize that in the context I Lincoln saying that he was trying to avoid the ensuring civil war but the Kansas-nebraska act was a point of contention that ultimately broke the camel’s back.based upon the actions of the Republicans and democrats.I didn’t see Republicans lynch democrats simply to intimidate,suppress and oppress the other.I did see that with the kkk and democrats.

  6. iThink Obama will go down in history books around the world as one of the best leaders the world has had. He maintained honor even amidst the corruption the world is being over-run by..

  7. It’s nice to see him again.
    He’s eloquent and a man who deserves to be called Mr President the rest of his life.

    1. I will vote for Biden, cause it’s better than trump, but he will be nothing like Obama.
      I so wish Obama could run again. Sighs…

    2. oh yes, obama is so honorable spying on american citizens and her allies and had to get exposed by edward snowden. how honorable of president obama to jail journalists and whistle blowers more than any president before him. how honorable of president obama to increase w bush’s drone program and droning to death a 16 year old american born teenager eating outside a restaurant half a world away. how honorable of president obama to destabilize syria’s electrical grids, bombing syrian hospitals, funding syrian rebels in order to take out assad who crossed obama’s redline and obama did nothing. such an honorable president obama is who did nothing while an american embassy is attacked and his lgbt ambassador stevens dead body is dragged through the streets. such an hornorable president obama is to go golfing while the camp speicher massacre is happening. the resurgent taliban thanks the honorable president obama for the 5 field commanders he traded them for lowly ranking deserter beau begdrahl.

      obama is such an honorable president that he airlifted billions in cash to the iranian ayatollahs and bowed down to the saudi king the first time he met him. lol, what a true honorable president obama is!!!!

      sad how brainwashed you americans are by your media….

    3. @Space Alien …. are you one of those aliens , witch doctor stella was describing yesterday or an escaped psychiatric patient ??? .

  8. Remember when Presidents used to speak and we won’t need their cleaners and liars to come on national TV and lie about what we just heard?

  9. How refreshing to hear a distinguished leader who actually finishes every sentence he speaks.
    And not one time did he take a right turn and start talking about himself.
    I miss the days when we had an actual president.

  10. Style never goes out of fashion. He sure has what the French call “verve”. Eloquence is close but lacks the panache of the word verve. What an extraordinary speaker. After hearing and seeing the snorting orange man-child struggling with the the most basic words and grammar for four long years this is absolutely soothing.

    1. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 if you haven’t done your research there’s nothing left about Biden. He has a history of aligned with republican conservatives.

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