Officer Gonell Slams Trump's Comments: 'I'm Still Recovering From Those Hugs And Kisses' 1

Officer Gonell Slams Trump’s Comments: ‘I’m Still Recovering From Those Hugs And Kisses’


When asked by Rep. Liz Cheney on his experiences during the January 6 riot, Capitol Police Officer Sgt. Aquilino Gonell criticizes Former President Trump for calling the rioters “a loving crowd,” saying “I’m still recovering from those hugs and kisses.”

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Officer Gonell Slams Trump's Comments: 'I'm Still Recovering From Those Hugs And Kisses'


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    2. @Redjam Redjam Oh my bad i forgot you have to have a job to have a basement. Well at least Mom has a Unisex symbol on the bathroom door in the trailer where you can play with your dolls cupcake

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  1. This is some of the most powerful testimony ever seen. It should be required viewing in schools for centuries to come.

    1. @Charles Scatola Hey, Charles. If you take you thumb out of your azz, will your head start to shrink again. Keep up the good work, you insensitive, antagonistic bafoon.

    2. @Dougie Ellis Give Gail a prize. The simple answer is yes.. A fake political organization who insights riots and steals donations and extortion payments from corporations on the backs of dead AA men for a few leaders are terrorist activities.

    3. @Gail Kaplin Funny, I didn’t see BLM at the hearing. That’s because they’re busy spending all that stolen money that victims of police abuse never received. And maybe planning another riot since there are no consequences. Wonder why people are so pussed off? Any clue?

    4. @Dougie Ellis Hey, Doogie. Grow up. Nobody calls a grown man that name unless he’s at a bath house steam room looking for a refill.

    5. @Bianca Culpo Pelosi doesn’t want people to see this. Only her version when she somehow twists her way out of culpability. Did you enjoy watching the BLM riots last Summer when some people lost everything as a result? You have a heart if gold and a brain the size of Bill Clinton’s curiously shaped rectal wart. Bless your little heart.

  2. Donald, if you’re listening, the committee you didn’t want is here. I won, you lost.

    – Liz Cheney

    1. These traitors like Cheney and others are going to have grave consequences. They won’t be able to safely walk the streets soon. Ever again.

    2. Another hateful Rhino. Her days are numbered but I’m sure the Dems will take her, she fits right in.

  3. It’s soooo obvious who actually cares about this country and who only cares about their minded self interest

    1. @Notta Bidenfan it was pretty obvious the left was responsible for the destruction. They advertised their responsibly for it. Where have Trump supporters rioted, looted and burned down communities?

    2. @Howard Moon just curious, is everyone that has a different view a troll to you? Name calling is the device of the weak minded.

    3. @YouTube Censorship Sux I wish people like you would just shut up. There’s a difference those people didn’t try coup. If you distroy private property you get more time and that sir is bull. The capital building was trashed by these people and should go to prison for 1 year or more just like BLM protesters have so stop trying to Condon wrong with a wrong.

  4. Everyone knows exactly what happened and who is responsible. When is Trump going to be arrested? And Ted Cruz? And the rest of the seditious clown show?

    1. Trump wont be arrested, he should have been a long time ago. I’m waiting to see what comes out of all this. Its the little people who get punished for far less.

    2. @Phyllis Mahan you are correct about President Trump not being arrested. He hasn’t done anything criminal unlike Bidens, Clintons, Obama, Bush, Gates, Fauci, and so many others.

    3. the supreme vourtvand senste gave him a free pass he can’t be charged for january 6th now

  5. Hugs and kisses.
    They were bear hugs and kisses of death!
    It’s good that the police officer calls these criminals “Terrorists” which they should be called rightfully.

    1. @Sandra Stone Well Democrats encouraged the summer of violence so we don’t give a about Jan 6

    1. DS is completely behind this hoax. Grave consequences will come from this. Those who play this game will never be able to safely walk the streets again. Their lives are over.

    1. @Robert Dipaola well there you go! I can’t detect any salient point in your response, but I was confident one of you would attempt to make one

  6. “He wants the job but he doesnt want to do the job” you said it best my friend. Thank you for your service Officer Gonell.

    1. @Jules Gilberto
      Hi !… I’m Joe Biden…….

      Did you know dog hair
      doesn’t smell
      NEARLY as good,
      as little girls’ hair ?….. ……

    2. He did not want the job, he wanted the benefits of the job. He doesn’t have any idea how to perform the job of president. He doesn’t read he just listen to foxnews for other people opinions and tell lies. The capitol officer did something trump is incapable of doing, tell the truth. There was no accountability and the process to prosecuting them takes too long. This country need to take pages from South Korea regarding accountability. When a chief executive or any other politician fails to perform the job that person is removed immediately. If crimes are committed that person will go to prison. There was so much failure within the government hundreds possibly thousands of people should have gone to prison from the previous four years.


    2. @daniel english if you were to get paid for correcting Donald, you would be rich. Covfefe Orange!

    3. @daniel englishSo , clearer or more clear? The basic rules tell us that because clear is a one syllable adjective there is no need to use ‘more. ‘ But the reality is that in everyday usage, both are perfectly acceptable, and you’ll often hear and see both being used.

    4. @KCH 70 You were perfectly correct: So , clearer or more clear? The basic rules tell us that because clear is a one syllable adjective there is no need to use ‘more. ‘ But the reality is that in everyday usage, both are perfectly acceptable, and you’ll often hear and see both being used.

    1. @J Crum • You need to look up the definition of insurrection. Your ignorance is appalling.

    2. @Lê Thanh HiệpYes you’re correct…there’s no honor among the criminal Trump family and cult. They rat on each other and steal from their own stupid supporters. Fun to watch though.

    3. @J Crum ” a real insurrection involves guns or bombs ….. ”

      Sooooooo we need to rewrite history to remove the following
      1968 the Prague spring
      1980 – 89 Poland solidarity movement
      87 – 91 the singing revolution
      89 – peaceful revolution in Germany which led to the unification of a divided Germany
      89 – Bulgaria ending communism
      90 – the Golaniad
      74 – carnation revolution in Portugal
      79 – Iranian revolution
      86 – people power revolution
      2000 – bulldozer revolution

      The list goes on and on . It’s almost unending , much like republican ignorance, stupidity and ability to justify virtually anything rather than accept reality

  7. I just want to cry listening to this man, who was going to say what he needed to say and nobody was going to stop him.

    1. J Von – 900 people breached the Capitol. Is there some specific number that makes it a coup attempt?? Are you really that stupid?

      Coups have been pulled off with a lot fewer than 300 people.

    2. @J Groovy this individual is way more stupid than this, jees give the mook credit for his proudest moment.

    3. @J Von – From an interested outsider (Canada) those people sure made the USA look weak. The then POTUS showed the world that the greatest superpower the world has ever known can have their capital breached and the POTUS will watch it on TV instead of reacting to the assault. Does that make sense to you?

    4. @Kath Casey Don’t mind the product of Fox brainwashing. There’s millions of them, but after the MAGA Trash attack our country, a LOT of conservatives lost interest in the MAGA cult. And then a few months later, more followed, when that Qanonsense turned out to be nothing but BS.

      In their heads, Agolf Twittler did ‘a grate jerb’

  8. “If that was all hugs & kisses, we should go to his house and do the same”

    Best line, hands down

    1. Sounds a little whimsy for a olive officer. Aren’t the Capitol Police supposed to be the best?

    2. That was the one unfortunate thing Gonell said. I’d much prefer former guy jailed and possibly given the death penalty.

    3. @J Groovy Yeah, the Durham investiongation and report on Russian collusion says it was a political Witch hunt and completely false. Well, except for Fang Fang giving Erik Swalwell a Xhinese gibber twist. Oh, that’s right, the corrupt DOJ squashed it. Sorry about that.

  9. _”I’m still recovering from those hugs and kisses.”_ Capitol Police or a woman around Chump could both say that with accuracy.

    1. Hi !…. I’m Joe Biden….….

      …and “progressive” teaching
      methods have produced “results”,
      that have “progressed” from
      “1ST to 23RD”
      in world rankings….….

      …..… ……….

    2. @Tessmage Tessera Melania was never a wife. She is a contract employee. She agreed to play at being his wife in public for an anchor baby and her parents Green Cards.

      She chose her deal with the devil.

  10. I’d love to see the FORMER President receive a barrage of ‘hugs and kisses’, courtesy of an American Flag Pole.

    1. @Arbi M Cleary, Q has lied to you. Trump is not the current president. If there’s any justice, prison is “just around the corner”.

    1. @Viceroy Bear Straight up. Is it too much of a stretch to say that both sides have lashed out?

    2. @Matthew Gillingham Poor Matthew. THAT’S your best ?
      Can’t defend so u attack…
      U can do better.

  11. This officer has spoken far more sense in three minutes than the Republicans have spoken in six months – and he did it off the cuff without a team of people to write a speech for him.

    1. It was mostly peaceful. Are you gonna claim that everyone at the capitol that day had 1 hand on atleast 1 officer? Wake up to reality. There was a handful that was violent but the MAJORITY was peaceful and only committed trespassing

    2. @Florida Man wow so their was no chanting of hang Mike pence ,beating cops with a flag pole ,macing them , trying to break inside the hall oh please you guy’s won’t believe .

    3. He could barely pronounce some of the words from his prepared “speech” Y’all really this gullible

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