Officials give update on Miami-area condo collapse | USA TODAY 1

Officials give update on Miami-area condo collapse | USA TODAY


Local officials provide update on the ongoing search and rescue effort after a collapse of a building near Miami. More than 150 are still unaccounted for.

Rescuers sifting through the debris of a collapsed Florida condo building continued their meticulous work Monday as town officials held onto hope of finding survivors in the rubble.

The death toll from the collapse rose to nine on Sunday after first responders pulled four more bodies from the site of the Champlain Towers South, a 12-story condo building built in Surfside, Florida, in 1981. Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said Sunday that additional human remains were also removed from the rubble.

More than 150 people remain unaccounted for after a section of the building fell down last Thursday. Video shows the center of the wing that collapsed crumbling before the other end then falls.

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    1. @Leopard Kind where was your “almighty” god when this happened?
      where is he when anything bad happens and you use religion as an excuse?

  1. She doesn’t want to say the 150 missing have been under the rubble for 4 days could be dead.

    1. they are dead on day 2. I sit on the toilet for 30 minutes and my legs are dead and I can’t even walk afterwards. Imagine being crushed with concrete slabs for days.

  2. She is super sus, this whole search sus. May the lord bless all of those people in the rubble and those whos main objectives in finding people alive 🙏

  3. Building Residents had complained about many structural damages since 2018 , many lives could have been saved

  4. I am already impatient listening to this woman. I want the facts only. Any bureaucratic information could be given at the end.

    1. I completely agree.. I mean, at the very least, they could give a quick overview, get to the facts and then get to the bureaucratic information. Quick overview meaning here’s the format we’re getting information in, the definitely being dodgy because.. Well.. You know… there’s nothing quick about digging through there’s nothing quick about digging through a collapsed 12 story building. I’m sure if she would have said anything else, well other than what you mentioned and maybe what I mentioned, that this has turned to a recovery effort, they were probably said death threats to her house even though she’s just speaking. The whole thing is a giant cluster, there is no way that is the only building that is compromised or in the process of becoming further compromised- not just there but in various parts of the country

  5. When you build on sand and over coral and so susceptible to water intrusion it won’t matter how well built anything is
    It’s a wonder this doesn’t happen more often in beach front areas
    These become giant sinkholes

    1. @Stephanie Drake except once the big one hits then RIP. You can also build at the bottom of volcanos for thousands of years and nothing will happen, until it does then you die

    1. because the numbers of missing people are taken from the people living in the apartments. so some of the unaccounted may not have been in the building at the time of the collapse.

    2. There was a woman in Kashmir who survived 65+ days under rubble. Many many cases of people who have survived 2+ weeks.

      Sad to think about but there is a decently high probability there is someone alive in the rubble who will die before being found.

    1. A bit of a stretch. I doubt any of these people had anything to do with the collapse. Only the (failed) rescue which could have saved some people but instead saved none.

    2. How did these people cause the collapse? They are working their asses off to help recover but somehow you think they are responsible? What world do you live in, because That is irrational?

      The building inspection and those who let problems slide are possibly responsible but that won’t be known for months of investigation.

    3. @C15 0001229684 How could anyone have been saved? It’s a flat pile of concrete. Are they supposed to wish the debris away or what?

  6. This is just absolutely horrific!!! My prayers for the families of the victims and the first responders who have to deal with this tragedy!!!

  7. I want to see video of how many people are removing the rubble and trying to find people that still might be alive.

  8. Pile foundations used in Miami Florida. Are/were they Normally Friction or End Bearing Piles used? AND what did they use for this building? Also what are they using or used for those 20+ story buildings in Miami parked on man made silt-dredged up islands? Like along Brickell or the rest of Collins Ave?

  9. Buildings of this size need steel frames-concrete and rebar are noy reliable-with seawater infiltration, you loose the adhesion of the rebars-and the strength of the concrete drops.

  10. The building should have been evacuated 3 years ago whoever received the report of the damage to the building and did nothing about it should be arrested for negligent homicide immediately

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