Olivia Troye Felt Like She Was Grieving After Trump’s Acquittal | Deadline | MSNBC

Olivia Troye Felt Like She Was Grieving After Trump’s Acquittal | Deadline | MSNBC 1


  1. 57 GUILTY is no reason to grieve. The Courts will catch up to him eventually. “He’s disgraced and in dereliction of duty”…republicans….

    1. @CherBear I’m with you on that one but remember that day and when the 2022 elections come vote wisely and make it count 👍

  2. Me too. I expected that GOP would not do the right thing but it is still very sad. It’s like OJ Simpson trial all over again.

  3. Nobody with a functioning mind expected the GOP was going to do anything other than acquit donnieJ. No matter what evidence was presented. The GOP has positioned itself as the party of right wing fascism.

    1. They acquitted because the “evidence” provided was not credible enough to convict. The house managers even got caught submitting lies and falsified documents.

    2. I never expected it. But I was stunned by how republicans received the acquittal. They simply interpreted it as “Trump never did anything wrong”. He became the new Jesus to them.

    1. @UCcJMLBTEhv_PSsnSRi1fIBA “You showed no sadness for the USA statues that was busted up.”
      I’m supposed to feel sad about a STATUE? I thought you Christians were against the sin of IDOLATRY.
      Btw, those were CONFEDERATE statues that were pulled down. Nobody will even miss them, except for white supremacists like you, nostalgic for the days of slavery.

    2. as a person who grew up with a narcissistic bully mother, and has dealt with several in my lifetime – I literally felt gut-punched by his acquittal

    3. @Ganieda Morgan When you grow up like that, injustice is extra affecting because it is normalized in a narcissistic family system. Injustice benefits those who go along with the imbalance of privilege and power. Truth tellers have a hard time in such a system. It’s confusing and painful growing up that way.

  4. “If he cannot stand up for his safety, why would anyone expect Mike Pence to stand out for the USA?” Well said!

    1. Assuming you weren’t talking about your fence. (Darn spell-check). But regards Mike Pence…. you nailed it. On the head.

    2. @K. McKee you’re right. I left it that way. Instead of correcting it. He was just like the fence standing in the background

  5. I felt the same way…I felt our Democracy was totally betrayed by these 47 GOP Senators. They are self-serving cowards. And for McConnell to come out after the fact….total hypocrite…he had the power to turn this around and he did NOTHING!! Just like he did with all those House passed bills he left in his ‘in basket’ that he never allowed to come to a vote. Was he really the best Kentucky had to offer???😠

    1. 43 gop Senators, 7 gop Senators voted with the Democrats. It should have been more. The gop don’t stand for anything but greed and self preservation, sadly.

  6. Mike Pence has been unfit for leadership since the day he took the role as Trump’s underling.

    He is a slice of white bread with a vocabulary

    1. Shame on the voters of Indiana who chose to make Pence their governor. But I say that about a lot of states and their respective Republican governors. I’m looking at you, Texas, Georgia, Florida, North Dakota, Iowa, Arizona….

  7. Racists are alive and well as always. They just got braver when the anti-christ arrived with the letter T.

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