Ontario man drowns after helping save child who fell in water

From CTV Kitchener's Ricardo Veneza: A missing man was found dead in Conestogo Lake over the weekend.

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  1. Did this guy know how to swim? What is the correct way to rescue a drowning person without drowning oneself?

    1. From a life guard: Go back to Bronze Cross and Bronze Medallion. Reach for the victim. Reaching pole, rope, throw a flotation device. If you don’t have to go in the water for a rescue, DON’T. The middle of a lake is still very cold and you won’t last more then a couple of minutes! Make sure your boat has all of the safety equipment It should have by law and take extra just in case. And everyone in boats should be wearing a life jacket. I Know you want to get a tan, and you don’t think it looks cool, but while the boat is moving please use it like seat belt and keep it on. Spend the money and find one you really like!!!! You know what’s even less cool…being dead!

    2. @Blunderbuss The chances a witness would help out would be greatly increased when the witness is informed/educated on how to help effectively without throwing their own life in harm’s way.

  2. Tragic. No need to jump in anyway. If you do a rescue use the mandatory life jacket and rope ALL boats are required to have by law

  3. I appreciate the bravery and my heart goes out to the departed and all afflicted 🙏💚

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