Ontario's lieutenant governor delivers Speech from the Throne 1

Ontario’s lieutenant governor delivers Speech from the Throne


Ontario's Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Dowdeswell delivers Speech from the Throne

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    1. @LYNX F49 you realize the crown no longer has any power over any of its former colonies right? They’re just figureheads.

    2. @Shawn Dejong we what we have in canada is a constitutional monarchy. Which means we are self governing, but we are still subject to the crown. That’s why the governor General is appointed by the “sovereign”.

    3. Is the hierarchy just in their minds? Is that why they perpetuate a nanny state that issues mandates to free sovereign beings who can easily decide their health practices for themselves?

    1. @Jumbo Me I see you have not content and no video’s which means you’re a paid for shill. Bubye talk to the hand

    2. @K M in all fairness, I only joined 3 weeks ago… with this account. At least I have content though. And I’m transparent.

    1. @Ulrich Von Liechtenstein I heard there is only one cure for DTS, to cast thyself from thee highest cliff that can be found.

  1. Social distancing is not enough… play the part and look like a fool wearing a mask. Enough to make you want to vomit and crap your pants at the same time.

  2. It’s too bad we couldn’t invest in making ppl healthier instead of encouraging disease and providing more room for sick ppl.

  3. Is it time for Canadians to start doing things differently? Is the old guard completely out of touch with reality?

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