Ossoff: Some GOP Leaders Lack The Courage To Protect Against Covid

Senator Jon Ossoff (D-GA) joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss political pushback to Covid-19 mitigation measures and the introduction of his new legislation in the Senate, the ‘Right to Vote Act.’ Sen. Ossoff says, “There remain Republican elected officials who lack the courage to level with their constituents about the steps we need to take, advised by public health experts, to protect ourselves and our families.” 
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  1. Republicans gaslight themselves… With the help of Russian, Tetris style YouTube attacks. That’s all they know. Besides mail order brides.

    1. @Richard MacLean so your an old ,lying troll, yes, everything done in the dark always comes to light.

    2. @John Kennedy Whatever makes you feel good! However, it is still laughable to refer to Jon Ossoff comments ” with the help of Russian” when everyone knows Jon Ossoff origin hahaha

    3. @Pablos Ottmorozoff he’s Jewish, mother Russia has never been kind to Jewish people (or anyone). That’s why so many migrated to America.

    1. @UCRa9cy2KRkiBo2T-s4ri2og
      Again abusing the teachings of your church and your so called beliefs to selfish self entertainment.
      So how’s the weather in Canada?

    2. Vaccine doesn’t work. Israel reintroduced an array of restrictions amid rising numbers of Delta-variant COVID-19 cases, despite its world-beating vaccination rollout.

    1. @J lock No, no they don’t gov. Abbott here in Texas signed a law that tells Texans to report other Texans for seeking help with an abortion. Abortions are not illegal. Just imagine what women are about to go through here. That’s not respecting someone’s rights over their own body and household.

    2. @Steve Marlin You’re right! Vax is free for EVERYONE. You too can get a vax for NOTHING! And it’s unusual to get anything for nothing nowadays!

    1. @Gordon Peacman I live in FL and my sister is a nurse in West Palm. She says hospitals are empty. CNN / MSNBC fake news. Period. You are part of the sheople problem.

    2. @Lake Safety {“Vaccine doesn’t work. Israel …”} ???? Despite the new outbreak, Israel’s current death rate remains close to ZERO, and only 26 of 729 active coronavirus patients were hospitalized, according to the Health Ministry. And current daily cases remain below the peak in January when FEWER people were vaccinated. YES, the vaccine works!

    3. @Lake Safety
      your a lifetime ….
      republican ….???
      sorry I dont believe you ….
      neither do the needless …..
      dead ppl …. who shud be alive ….
      ooh !! they believed a republican ….
      to their very detriment …

  2. Leaders lead, followers follow. The GOP is still being led by Trump, they are used to following his orders, not giving them.

    1. Well said.tRump would have the largest funeral the world has ever seen.His base would cry and shout the election was stolen.😆stay safe.✌😷

    2. And yet Trump’s vax and even wants praise for creating the vax? Trump said we should all be vax. I think the Pro-Covid Repub Leaders hate Trump and so they’re killing MAGA voters with misinformation. This way Trump’s rivals can rule.

    3. @Blue Bird you’re right, the GOP would find a new wackjob to follow. They’re like evangelicals, following shadey prosperity gospel preachers.

    1. @Steve Marlin oh my God lock her up,

      If that happened and that’s a big IF, I also heard it was because she was trying to get a good breath. Haven’t you ever been somewhere where you had to wear a mask like the grocery store, turned down an empty aisle… And just pulled it down to take a couple of good breaths? My kids are allowed to do that, and sometimes need to do that especially if we’ve been rushing through the grocery store. Just for a second and only when it’s just us in the aisle.

      Now that we’ve cleared up that bit of superficial cheesy nonsense on your part…..
      . Is that really all you’ve got, a non crime, against ONE, easy to single out, because she’s a Latina Democrat? Cuz we’ve got enough on you people to sink Titanic all over again, probably two or three times, no iceberg required.🏔️🚫

      Come on big fella, so whatcha got NOW, hmm?🤔

    2. @T. R. Campbell oh like you just did?? What is the matter with you people, I mean, Do you not think before you type this stuff??

    3. @R W yes and like I told the other flakewit, if it was a hot muggy day, she might have had a bit of trouble breathing. It happens to all of us especially if we’ve been active /had some high adrenaline activities we’ve been performing, maybe been under some stress, etc. There’s a big difference between when I wear the one mask I have that has a bit of a filter in the nose area then when I don’t wear that one. A big difference

      But here’s the problem with your petty comment in the first place. Clearly if she was seen taking it down.
      .. THEN SHE WAS SEEN TAKING IT DOWN! Do you not hear yourselves thinking, or what passes for it in that empty shell sitting on your neck? she certainly wasn’t trying to be surreptitious or shady because there were people around and you don’t know who’s got their cell phone camera turned on you for one thing and for another thing~ and let me see if I can say this really slowly, so maybe it clicks into place for you~IF SHE’S ON THE STEPS OF THE CAPITOL OR ANYWHERE OUT IN PUBLIC….

      SHE. WAS. OUT. IN. PUBLIC. So what’s your point, doofus? Cameras or No cameras she was out in public BEING SEEN by plenty of people. Not exactly trying to do something on the DL, now, was she?.

      Honestly, I have to ask this again, do you people ever think before you type this stuff??

  3. Georgia needs more public officials like Ossoff and Warnock to serve them. They are courageous and care about their constituents. God bless them

    1. @Kelli Barnhouse the base thinks giving all the money to the rich, along with Jesus will solve all problems

    2. @DONNIE Trump If so, god help Georgia! Too bad the Repubs are so Pro-Covid death virus…why do they hate Americans so much? Even their own voters, Donnie?

    3. @DONNIE Trump you wish, but your wish will not come true. Trump will be grifting you from a jail cell.

    4. @DONNIE Trump Nah, the rest of the TRAITORS will be voted out Repukes are dying out, their base is shrinking in RECORD NUMBERS because of Cheeto Benitos LIES. TRAITORS should be shot…

    5. Ossoff says, “There remain Republican elected officials who lack the courage to level with their constituents about the steps we need to take, advised by public health experts, to protect ourselves and our families.”
      “..lack the courage..”?
      NO. They have the guts to stand up to this crap.
      “..advised by public health experts,.”?
      We don’t trust anything Fauci and the CDC says.
      We certainly don’t trust the fake news media.
      “..to protect ourselves and our families..”?
      NO. It’s a false narrative. It’s a sinister population control agenda, gearing up for more viruses, more lockdowns, mandatory ‘vaccines’, more tyranny, the destruction of the old system, to ‘build back better’ – their ‘great reset’. Tyrannical world government. The culling of the human herd. The wet dream of the globalists. Evil.

    1. @J lock That may be true, but parents that would insist that their children not wear a mask when indoors with others during a pandemic should be charged with child endangerment. Penalties may vary significantly state to state, but when based on actions that expose their children to risk to their health or death can be severe.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em Put he first needs to untie his wife from that fence post. Left her in the cold to freeze. I know she’s ugly but thats no way to treat your wife.

    2. @bombastic attitude while is clearly human garbage, his wife is still standing by him for a reason. I’m guessing she ain’t much better

    3. @Belly Dancer Em I think they have an S&M relationship, She’s definitely the Master. How else could she live apart from him for the first 7 years of their marriage?

  4. Jon will accomplish many greats things, in the Senate, and honorably serve his constituents. This man will be POTUS one day.

    1. Jon Ossof and Mayor Pete (Buttigieg) for President and Vice President! We need younger, progressive, smart, courageous and compassionate people in the White House. These two men have all the right attributes.

  5. Good to hear from congressman Ossof. We need more of him that really care for people no matter social status.

  6. We need brave young leaders like him to lead our country! Be Brave Folks!! Save lives! Save Our Country!

  7. Ossoff is brand new in DC, and already working harder for the people than 3/4 of the congress that has been there for decades!

    1. We totally need more younger people to replace all the complacent older people who do next to nothing.

    2. @Moth Girl yeah I don’t get why people keep on voting for the old guys instead of the young ones

  8. We can not have people who can not stand up for our Constitution in the government!!! Drain that swamp!!!!!

    1. So you agree the treasonous renegade in the white house should be impeached for his numerous ongoing violations of the constitution, including 1. Violating the takings and contracts clauses of the constitution, by illegally extending the unconstitutional eviction moratorium and 2. Violating his sworn constitutional duty to protect the states from invasion, by illegally holding our border open so the cartels can flood our communities with drugs and hundreds of thousands of unvaxxed migrants.

  9. I’m a conserve in California and I tell everyone I know to get the vaccine. It’s imperative.

  10. The only way to restore our government to normalcy and embrace democracy is to purge the house and senate of republicon traitors who continue to undermine our rights. The fact that some of these congress people continue to “serve” is mind boggling .

  11. Senator Jon Ossoff..he is the American future…real leadership….

    He and Senator Warnock are refreshingly icons of what 2021 leadership looks like.

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