Over 1200 Dead After Haiti Earthquake, Bracing For Tropical Storm Grace

More than 1,200 people were killed with at least 5,700 injured in a devastating 7.2-magnitude earthquake in Haiti. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez explains how the country is assessing the damage while preparing for Tropical Storm Grace.

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Over 1200 Dead After Haiti Earthquake, Bracing For Tropical Storm Grace


    1. @OGPD throwing aid at a place like Haiti is like dropping money into a bottomless pit…… The true aid to these people would be to relocate them because that island is too prone to natural disasters. If it’s not an earthquake then it’s hurricanes, and if not one of the two then ya got volcanoes going off in the Dominican Republic. That’s a pretty bad trio.

    2. @Yuck Fou well that’s what they get for living in an earthquake region and turning a blind eye to the crumbling archaic infrastructure 🤷🏽‍♂️

  1. Fortunately the death toll appears to be about one twentieth of the last big earthquake a decade ago. I wish them a better recovery this time.

    1. @Tyler Mallory I was making the point that frantic digging and jostling of the rubble pile by machinery creates more recovered remains than rescued persons (many are killed by this rescue approach). It’s much faster to find the dead that way but doesn’t help with recovering the ones trapped alive. Therefore, the numbers come in sooner.

  2. We all need to prepare for anything man made and disaster bc it seems like more and more disasters been this year like crazy and if its not that then its the governments

    1. “man made and disaster” ?? Look not further than the southern border, or, well, anything else this amin’ touches.

    2. @surrounded by fools
      Have you ever considered we might not have such an issue at the southern border if American companies didn’t hire those who come here illegally? I worked for three asbestos abatement companies who did just that and ultimately got fired from the last one because they wanted me to falsify their records. Many workers didn’t even have the training or certification for the equipment they were issued. And how many times have ICE raided a business and NOT punished the employers???

    1. ye, earthquake, then tropical depression grace. wish they would have umbrellas, though they can’t get a break.

  3. And every person that was alive and humbled enough to accept the free gift of salvation from Jesus Christ the Lord of Heaven , is now in heaven enjoying paradise ( time is short , you don’t know when death may come knocking) be prepared in Christ Jesus

    1. God is a myth in my opinion, when we die their is nothing else. We are just carbon that will be returned to the earth in our demise. But if you believe it more power too you, we can have different opinions and still be friends!

    2. JESUS SAVES – AMEN. Look at all the lockers and scoffers…even they are fulfilling prophesy in God’s word. They will soon see… ✝️🙏🏽

    1. @Martin D
      The one in 1989 was the worst. Highways buckle. A little boy was stuck under his dead mother in a car on the twisted and broken up highway. The had to cut his mom’s leg off to get him out. Poor baby was awoke the entire time. Also right before quake hit a bird flew right besides the pitcher at baseball game. The bird had a message around it’s leg: it was: John 3:16

    2. what they need is, is earthquake proof homes/houses. when an earthquake occurs, strong magnets pushes the house up. causing less damage, or some sort of a moving platform. or whichever.

  4. And just how many millions does the Red Cross still owe the Haitian people from 2010 that they accepted as donations but never gave them out? God bless this country and to those that took the money for themselves, rot.

  5. After the last earthquake the people from Earthship went down and built a compound using tires and recycled materials. Would love to know how that community fared during this one

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