Over 120,000 Jamaican Student Absent from Online Classes | TVJ All Angles - June 9 2021 1

Over 120,000 Jamaican Student Absent from Online Classes | TVJ All Angles – June 9 2021


Recently, the Minister of Education announced over 100,000 children have not been in any contact with the education system since the COVID-19 pandemic began and online schooling started.

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  1. Ofc it’s higher, literally have people that go to class mic off and everything. And a it dat fi the rest a di day lol

  2. She can’t say they are not opening their books because she’s not at the home… I have a grade two that is not on class because of device but I try my best with him whenever the teacher send lessons to my phone or from books he has at home…

    1. not because ur child does means that every child does, whatever she says it’s speaking for the majority

    2. A lot of students not doing any work for real. Every parent is not like you plz remember that. The education system is really in turmoil all because of a stupid plandemic.

  3. My son is sick of the online class because the WiFi on and off most of the time . I tell him god will make away don’t stress his self over online class cause I don’t need him to stress more than he already have .its so hard for them honestly

  4. Just test all students, on paper, and see where they are in their studies. Then make the appropriate grade level to continue. No point now trying to place blame.

  5. I can say that many of these parents do have internet connection and devices that their children can use, but do not allow them to do online class because they dont want to supervise the child, so many times the children stay on youtube and other social media apps throughout the day because its easier for the parents to keep them distracted.

  6. Internet in Jamaica is absolute doodoo and many families don’t even own computers. The government is out of touch. The wealth divide in the country is sickening.

  7. Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK .I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL.GOD BLESS YOU ALL///……..

  8. I’m rather surprised that this is a surprise..kids were not going to school physically before … now the education system is hinged on the utility companies of Jamaica… clearly we knew the poorer and rural children would suffer…its a complete joke…the future looks bleak

  9. The figures are way way higher than that. I don’t know where the education minister gets her information from. Ppl loosing jobs, jps high light bills, ppl in darkness, no internet access, weak internet access, many students are working as they have to survive. Schools need fi open september 2021.

  10. Internet access should be free for everyone. Governments around the world need to realize it is 2021 and internet access is not just a want, it is essential for day to day life weather you are student, business man, bush man etc..

  11. The internet is a total disgrace in Jamaica. I don’t understand why Flow & Digicel take Jamaicans as lower class people. Whereas, I don’t trust China , maybe the government needs to use them for internet service & get rid of the other 2. All they do is send big bills & very poor services.

  12. Yes there are many students absent from online classes. However we need to recognize that there are several reasons for their absence. Likely reasons are lack of devices or reliable internet access or supervision. However, some students are absent but fortunately they’re still making progress with the assistance of supportive parents and caregivers.

  13. Connectivity issues really shouldn’t be an issue when there’s the big juggernauts digicel and flow ah run di place from 2001 and flow’s inception from 2014.
    The CWC (Cable Wireless Connection) industry doesn’t care!!
    With the amount of money these companies fleece out of the country, they should more than be able to create better infrastructure and affordable too!!!

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