Palm Beach Officials Prepare For Potential Trump Indictment 1

Palm Beach Officials Prepare For Potential Trump Indictment


With New York prosecutors planning to indict Donald Trump before the end of the year, Florida officials are already discussing how the former president could be extradited from Mar-a-Lago to Manhattan. Politico Playbook co-author Eugene Daniels and former Watergate prosecutor Jill Wine-Banks join American Voices with Alicia Menendez to talk about Trump’s growing legal exposure.

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  1. Don’t forget that secret service is keeping an eye on donnie 24/7 and will be the ones that take donnie into custody

    1. Well, based on that «Nobody is above the law», we could see them being liberated from a fool and a moron.

  2. The people who delighted in telling Democrats to “get over” Hillary losing in 2016.
    Are the same people who are re-counting Arizona’s ballots in 2021.

    1. @Michael Bray Oh, sorry about that. It’s just that I’ve dealt with a few Republicans who make those same ludicrous claims that it never occurred to me that you were being sarcastic, like how they’re putting all the blame for COVID on China while ignoring how America did nothing about it until it had gotten out of hand.

    2. yep!!!! odd isn’t it! and trump had help getting in he lost the popular vote by 3 million maybe we should investigate a couple states like Mich. wisc a PENNSYLVANIA he eeked out and got those electoral votes.

    3. I kept trying to figure out how to say this. You hit the nail squarely on the head. Thank You!

    1. @Mike B
      Someone must pay so our naked orange emperor can play a round at Mar-a-lago


    2. @Mike B youre supposed to say “he is still president” lol. you guys have to get your story straight

    1. @Leslee Herschfus yes I Heard That’s. NOWS the Bully Wents To New Jersey. With A Democrat Govonor And Trump Hates The Democrat. he The Biggest Two Face.

    2. @Derek Lindsay I heard He Still Stealing His Workers Money.Not Suspised A Criminal Always A Criminals.

  3. Step one; put his name on a watch list at all border exits (especially any that lead to Russia).

    1. The fact that you think his name would need to be on a list, and the fact that 418 people have upvoted your comment, gives me little hope for the future of the human race. He’s the former President. No one needs to see his name to know who he is.

  4. How to handle his arrest, the same as a black guy at a traffic stop. Thrown on the ground and handcuffed

    1. an trump he wouldn’t be able to keep his..
      tiny, tiny, hands off a minor… he’s done it before…

    2. That would be 5D chess move but I don’t see DeSantis tied into that crime based on the information. Unless you know something I don’t.

    3. @Longplay Legends hey kid, why aren’t you still not in bed? Stop crying, take your medication and get some rest. Tomorrow you have to be on zoom with other kids, so go to your bed now..

  5. Ron DeSantis is ready to put Trump on the next flight to Moscow as soon as he’s indicted.

  6. Fingers crossed…no person is above the law. Let’s see if our justice system can prove this beyond a reasonable doubt.

    1. @speedy 3776 then bring the evidence of hunters laptop, or shut up! That’s only brought up as a diversion to protect Trump. Trump’s only accomplishments have been talking points, and I wouldn’t count the bad he did as accomplishments.
      Your worse that the suckers that fell for Elizabeth Holmes’s scam. That proved that rich people can be incredibly stupid.
      Enron anybody? Also shows the rich will never learn, because they are slaves to their own greed

    2. @speedy 3776 Do you personally have evidence of that? Have you personally ever seen evidence of that? or are you going by what some News agency told you to believe?

    3. @speedy 3776 Please present your evidence. you keep saying you looked into it but you dont say your source.

  7. He says they couldn’t roll up on him because he has secret service, but the indictment would mean you just tell them and then they are on the police officer’s side. They might even just bring him in themselves along with the police.

    1. @robert hollingsworth
      He would be considered inocent until proven guilty. Therefore still protected by secret service. They would go with him to NY.

    1. @NCRailProductions Hey, did you know they have new cherry-flavored Copium.
      Copium: the only approved treatment for MAGAts struggling to deal with reality.

  8. What did trump say?, something like, “don’t be too gentle with him when you put him the back of the squad car.”

    1. I think trump said “don’t you miss the old days when they just took him out back?” I sure do donnie boi, I certainly do…

    1. You can’t take him know where with the secret service guarding him no one can is this a joke or something and they say no man is above the law? If he had been a man of color yes but his white born privalge. Protects him under the constitution and law

    1. Regardless, the republican party is going to be stomped into the ground. Whatever it takes, this thing goes down.


  10. Squad 54 to HQ: There’s an old fat guy in a red hat driving a golf cart the wrong way on the highway.
    HQ: Get ahead of him and make a trail of french fries back to HQ.

  11. His wife Melanoma is in constant communication with her lawyers. The divorce papers are ready to be signed.

    1. Lol y’all tripping
      1. Melania has her own money.
      2. Barron is in the estate. She is good.
      3. If she needs money she is 1 book deal from a billion dollars.

    1. I read the Mueller Report. I so wished there was a real Super man with his x-ray vision. Trump insisted the Mueller report exonerated him. If I remember correctly, the Report said if Trump had done nothing wrong, we would have said so. Not an exact quote, but there in black and white for all to read . Thinking about the post of trumputin trying to escape in a golf cart, the thought of that is hilarious and alarming. Thank you for the best post I’ve read all week.

  12. He should’ve been arrested in January. He was the mastermind behind the attack of the Capitol, resulting in 5 deaths.

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