Pandemic recovery picks up speed as employers add 916,000 jobs 1

Pandemic recovery picks up speed as employers add 916,000 jobs


The US economy's recovery from the pandemic strengthened in March as employers added 916,000 jobs — the biggest gain since August, the Labor Department reported.
The huge job gain was up from the 468,000 increase in jobs reported for February, which itself was revised up by nearly 100,000 jobs from its initial reading.
The gain was also much better than predicted by economists, who expected a strong but still more modest increase of 647,000 jobs.
Some of the sectors scoring big improvements were among those hurt most badly by the shutdowns associated with the pandemic, including restaurants and bars, which added 176,000 jobs.
State and local education jobs rose by 126,000 as schools started to reopen. Hotels and other accommodations added 40,000 jobs, and the category that includes performing arts, spectator sports and amusement parks added 64,000.
Other big gains came in sectors that have done well the last year, despite the recession. Construction added 110,000 jobs, as commercial projects increased and homebuilding continued to thrive. The jobs gain there was also helped by an easier comparison to February, when severe winter storms shut down construction in much of the country.
Delivery services, such as FedEx (FDX) and United Parcel Service (UPS), which had already posted among the biggest job gains of the last year due to the increase in online shopping, added another 17,000 jobs.
Economists said the report suggests that the labor market could finally be on the path to recovery from the job losses suffered from the pandemic, even if it will still take a while to resume pre-Covid employment levels.

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    1. @Jai Norman what has he done besides kill 300K jobs on day one? And let 100K illegals in every month. Pay for hotel rooms for them and IN PERSON education while citizens have to learn from fucking home. You people are delusional.

    2. @Richard Miller Not all whites are rich. The rich received millions on stimulus, offered poor people part time jobs with no benefits or insurance.

    3. Titles, I had to start my own business to get myself a job that pays me what I’m worth. Illegal immigrant are Native Americans who happens to speak Spanish. I don’t care in they all come to America. I just don’t care.

    1. Yup strange how states that open up have allot more jobs. Less strange would be to see democrats taking credit for this, even when they are screaming against it…

    2. @Moderator of Youtube “presense”? Good God you cant even spell simple words. And no his presence is eliminating jobs. Its the vaccine that TRUMP is responsible for. What has he done for corona virus? He promised so much. WHAT HAS HE DONE????

  1. It’s always inspiring to see great LEADERSHIP at the top. This is why we voted for you President Biden.

    1. @Franklin John Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is projecting that as many as 184,000 unaccompanied children could reach the border in the fiscal year 2021 — the latest insight into the dramatic and continuing migrant crisis facing the Biden administration.

      Two sources familiar with internal data confirmed the estimate to CNN , with one agent saying: “We’ve never seen anything like this before.”

      China Joe Biden, like he said with his own mouth, “no more America first”

    2. You kids are so dumb AsF lol
      Re-opening jobs is just going to make covid Case go back up lol.
      And people are still going to crowded places like Disney world lol, should be closed lll

    3. American workers will be successful despite Biden. Note to Biden and the federal government: stay the hell out of the way, and let Americans do what they do best; that is, produce.

    4. @DeadBallz1OOO you should stay home, wear double mask, even after vaccine, I’ll be at disneyland

    5. @Peter Stoops You proven my point lol.
      So nah it ain’t Biden working hard lol, people are still going getting Cases and dying lol.

  2. This is extremely encouraging to see. With more people being able to re-enter the work force, it will restore their peace of mind, bring relief, and help encourage their families. People have suffered enough and deserve a new chance and a new beginning.

    1. I can’t believe you would swallow any of that lie that’s like saying the new Georgia voting law suppresses voters that’s the biggest lie yet fake news is trying to slide by everybody with their manipulation

    2. Higher pay wages, health insurance for everyone and let super rich pay their fair share of taxes. Better voter rights, and unions would help keep economy srable

    1. I know right let’s hope more states open up. Cause it’s said to democrats taking credit for republican states work..

    2. @The_Poro_King I am a former 15 year registered Democrat. I left the party because it went communist.

      What did I say above that’s not factually true?

      That’s why they called me facts first

      I’ll wait

    3. @Facts First None of it really – a German based company that didn’t receive any funding from the government – Pfizer was the first to create it?

    1. For what? Name one policy China Joe Biden has done to create those jobs?
      China Joe Biden has destroyed over 80,000 hi paying 6 figure oil and gas jobs and over 200,000 secondary jobs that depended on those high-paying jobs on day one by executive order.

      The job numbers are the results of places opening back up with Trumps operation warp speed vaccines.

      China Joe Biden has implemented ZERO policies to create a job.

      He’s only destroyed them.

      Unbelievable the ignorance of the communist Democrats.

      The stupidity is beyond belief

    2. @Facts First 200 million vaccinations is a big factor. And the 1.9T stimulus bill hasn’t even kicked in yet but the fact that it was coming has certainly helped.

      Sending that orange crook out of pasture has helped BIGLY too.

      PS – your phony 80k “oil jobs” is bs (they’re mostly temporary construction jobs) and a *drop in the bucket* next to the 110k EXTRA construction jobs added *just this month*.

    3. @Facts First I’m surprised you aren’t going back to the GOPs favorite song about the job numbers being fake again like they used to do before trump took office.

    4. @Facts First Did those six figure earners care when the rest of us were struggling to.make ends meet? I highly doubt it. So why should we care? Let them find another line of work. I have been put of work due to the economy in the past. I just found another job, I didn’t spend my time blaming the president. You do what you have to in order to survive.

    1. @Paul Were you concerned with Trumps tax cuts ? When 83% went to millionaires and corporations ? How about the fact that Trump raised AMERICA’S debt 32% while he was President?

    2. @Facts FirstI guarentee if the statistics stated 900, 00 people ‘LOST’ jobs, Biden would be your culprit. But since the report is positive, Trump’s your hero.
      Communist? Going back 70 yrs with that one; That’s funny. Trump labeled China the bad guy, yet, turns a blind eye to North Korea, 5x the agitator and danger to the world, shooting off missles, in violation of Trump’s ‘ red line’ ( Also a Communist country) Yet, you consider Biden communist and not Trump.

    3. @Facts First It seems that Trump worshippers watch more CNN than FoxGossips. Cry some more!

    4. @TITLES Hey Titles, It wasn’t Biden who was playing a daily round of golf while Americans were dying by the thousands of covid: It wasn’t Biden who stated Covid was a HOAX: It wasn’t Biden who stated covid would disappear by Easter; It wasn’t Biden who told Americans to drink bleach; It wasn’t Biden who sent his ‘Goons ‘ to assault the Capitol, causing the deaths of 6 Americans.Trump is no longer President for a reason, and it has nothing to do with a rigged or stolen election

    1. @Moist Peanut competent? Biden is competent? You must be joking. The recovery is due to he vaccine that TRUMP mad possible. NOT senator biden. Biden is the most incompetent politician that ever lived.

    2. @TITLES So what your expressing is; 81,000,000 million Americans are incompetent? That’s the popular vote for Biden, and 274 Trump appointed judges , including Trump appointed Supreme Court judges are incompetent, because these are the judges who decided Trumps lawyer’s failed the litmus test for a rigged or stolen election. Is this what your implying? So that would mean Trump and his supporters should file law suites against 81,000,000 Americans and 274 judges, including the Supreme Court for incompetence !

    3. @Franklin John and pay attention. Courts ruled Michigan secretary of state broke election laws. More states are coming.

    1. @Moist Peanut China Joe Biden is killing hundreds of thousands of jobs in oil and gas along with keeping open borders allowing an invasion in the United States.

      Have you checked the price of your gas lately?

      It’s up 45% since Joe took office.

      Is this bill back better?

    2. @Facts First could you please share your source? I am genuinely curious and want to learn more.

  3. Republican playbook will say “Those are all not full time jobs and that wages are down.” Just wait for it.

    1. @Facts First “China Joe” Sounds good. He’s taken over the dump patents and business interests in China has he?
      Will Joe get his hats made in China like the dump crime family did? Will he introduce Ivankas China patented and vote flipping machines in the US?
      I look forward to Kung Pao chicken and dumplings sold across the country. mmH!
      With Joe or ANYONE else leading the country there will be fewer deaths and far less chaos as our economy rebounds.

    2. @BlagoP The Pfizer vac was also developed and initially produced in Belgium and Germany. To suggest dump had any influence over them after trashing Merkel is a joke. dump was also offered millions of vacs but refused, that in itself contradicts claims dump attempted to get the country vaccinated. The only warp speed I saw was in the escalation of lies from the dump side and the increasing number of deaths caused by the dump side.

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    1. @Carmen Nadel Yes, God is love and God is life. But I’m pretty sure He would want nothing to do with a leader who supports late term partial birth abortion…

  4. And Fox News is going to find some way to be mad about this or they won’t even talk about it at all lmao

  5. This is impressive if this story is correct. People seriously need to work. Unable to pay their bills and survive otherwise. People experiencing on-going pressures being out of work. Sadly it’s going to take time before those who have lost their job throughout this pandemic of COVID 19 will resume to a life and lifestyle they were once accustomed to. Upon reflection it’s certainly made me make changes – remembering to live within my means and always put money aside for a rainy day. Always used to live beyond my means and spend recklessly.

  6. Even if you bring back all the jobs, it isn’t going to be normal unless the masks are off. In businesses like restaurants, you really have to take your mask off when you eat. All the money I’m spending on right now are only essentials, like groceries. Even with the stimulus and the financial aid, I don’t think people will really spend their money on non-essentials anytime soon (well, there are a few exceptions since I still see some people dining in restaurants or getting haircuts without masks).

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