Parkland Father Launches New ‘Dad’s For Gun Safety’ Campaign | MSNBC

Gun safety activist Fred Guttenberg has started the 'Dads For Gun Safety' campaign ahead of Father's Day to encourage congressional action on gun safety, and he joins Morning Joe along with former Rep. Joe Walsh, R-Il., to discuss.

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Parkland Father Launches New 'Dad's For Gun Safety' Campaign | MSNBC


  1. Other countries have comparable or even stricter gun regulations, yet they never need to cover mass shootings like the weather or traffic. Maybe not sharing borders with 24 hour gun shows helps? 🤔

    1. Nope instead it’s knife attacks, bombings, and running people over with vans… come and take it

  2. Any private person running around with guns visable like in the wild west, should have their guns taken away…period.


    1. @Rod Oh here we go… Defiant little Rod “don’t tell me what to do…wah wah” In your case, No means no, son.

  3. Nonstop pain, I feel so sorry for these people. It’s one thing to sign up to be a cop or a soldier; it’s quite another to sit in first grade and have some nut take everybody out.

    1. Grieving is a difficult, and personal experience to go through…
      Utter respect for the dad and others who can make something despite grief.

  4. It says something about my perception of Fred Gutenberg that I thought he’d do this before he actually did. Massive respect to the US parents trying to make their country something better.
    ‘Thoughts and prayers’ make my eyes roll, as does most of the language in the NRA playbook.

  5. This is surely a step in the right direction. Background checks, as it is in everything else, is a must! 🤠👍

  6. Lawmaker need to pass this activist Fred Guttenberg ‘Dad For gun Safety’
    too many violence happened with using the gun- while the gun itself is a dead things
    but the people’s who use it is deadly!

  7. Rep. Walsh made me tear up big time. Thank you Sir! You are officially my personal ray of hope for the way forward. Mr Guttenberg you are doing this the right way God’s speed on the journey.

  8. My intuition is that if the Founding Fathers had to deal with assault weapons in the hands of civilians they wouldn’t have endorsed the 2nd as written. It’s truly an amendment that is racist and anachronistic.

    1. racist? Really? By that logic, the first amendment should be limited to the town square, newspapers and written letters since the founding fathers could never imagine Twitter or instagram

  9. i guess Republicans will start supporting more gun regulations when they realize that Liberals own them too. Joe Walsh might want to talk to Madison Cawthorn, Marjorie T. Greene, and Boebert about this concept.

  10. The title needs to be changed to “Dads For Gun Safety.” An apostrophe means something belonging to Dad, not plural. At least it’s correct in the actual campaign name. Here endeth my grammar pet peeve lecture.

    1. We want the mentally ill to get help ant the criminals to be prosecuted.
      What’s do hard to understand?

  11. Children should be taught safe firearm handling in school and how to properly treat firearms and respect them.

  12. Well I’m not crying… poor dad. I couldn’t imagine his pain and suffering he is going through.

  13. Mr G’s summary at 3:00 perfectly sums up the answer to gun violence. Tragic that so little will be done.

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