1. When you are the biggest criminal ever you should be the most prosecuted person in history. It makes perfect sense.
    Tell your imaginary friend he is 100% spot on

    1. @Clare Shaughnessy are you British? Do you even live in the US? How much does CNN pay you to add comments to their propaganda videos Clare?

    2. @YouTube Admin ha ha-ha ha ha ha-ha ha-ha-ha ha ha!!!!
      That said, can I get CNN to pay me??

    1. Indeed, considering he is the one who’s doing it. He is not the vicitm, but the perpetra(i)tor!

    2. The level of persecution of an individual is astounding, absolutely incredible. Something tells me that history is being made by news and politicians, displaying the level of political hate it can deliver upon an individual and without due process. It certainly appears to be deliberate and coordinated, and with malice. I never thought America as a country would turn into something like this.

    1. @LD but doesn’t a coup happen each time the sitting president loses? No big deal right?

  2. The National Guard was called in by Pence, not Trump. Once Trump realized the jig was up, he made a video, but he never actually alerted the National Guard. Meadows wanted to try to spin it that way and later Trump tried to say he did, but he didn’t.

    1. @Analyticalthinker these people can’t handle facts, it’s all about opinion, hearsay and conjecture that suits their poor little feelings and derangement.

  3. The police do deserve respect, at least the vast majority of them (the ones who signed up to protect and serve, not the ones that signed up for the perception of power they think comes with a badge and gun). I’d imagine those words ring hollow for most officers and other law enforcement coming from Trump now.

  4. I’m proud of the capital Police department I’m so sorry you had to go through what Donald Trump told them to do to you all I really am he should never serve office ever again I am so proud of you my heroes protecting like you are protecting the capital thank you

    1. @Andrew Breitbert’s GhQst what do you hope he accomplishes while in the white house?

  5. “We have to give our police back their authority, resources, power and prestige.” Would that include the Capitol Police too? Just wondering.

  6. Ugh. He probably sits on his literal golden toilet feeling bad about how “hard” his life is. This is the height of privilege and narcissism!

  7. He has to defend those insurrectionist he sent them there and he needs their support and money he swindle from them!

  8. For the first time, I want him to run. So he can fall flat. But even if he does, I’m very, very, very tired of seeing Trump’s face and hearing his voice. Unless there’s a point to be made, when there’s news about Trump that is necessary to broadcast, I would really rather look at the commentators’ faces rather than be shown clips or pics of Trump. Same goes for audio; would rather hear someone read or paraphrase what he has said than hear his voice.
    It’s enough to stop watching when we’re forced to look at or listen to him.

    1. Don’t tempt fate. I thought it was hilarious the first time he ran too – who would vote for this clearly unqualified, uneducated, and toxic man. Well against all odds he actually won, so let’s not even humor it again.

  9. Once again I am impressed with the eloquence, intelligence, and honestly of The Capitol officers that are speaking about Jan 6th and issues related. Of particular note was his comment that there are other ways to solve the problem of crime and violence besides sending in military. Thank you! Keep speaking!! Speak to our young people!!

  10. Lock him up to shut him up. How this criminal can do a speech on crime is the biggest oxymoron I’ve ever heard

  11. “There’ll be so much whining, people will get tired of all the whining.” Slightly paraphrasing the Abominable Showman’s promise of some year ago.

  12. Not just 1/6 but throughout his time in his office he was anti-FBI and any other law enforcement agency that didn’t seem to go along with his conspiracy.

  13. Mr. Fanone, I hope you know so many of us have you in our hearts. Along with all of the officers who showed tremendous courage on Jan 6th, you deserve justice.
    I am outraged over the actions of a few morons who were harassing you after the last hearing. You showed remarkable restraint. You clearly aren’t looking for sympathy, you are a proud man, a true American. You want justice as do I and millions of your fellow Americans.
    To your health and thank you sir.

  14. He needs to be the most prosecuted person in the history of the USA! All sentences to run consecutively.

  15. “We need to leave our police alone…. give them back the respect they deserve.” – you gotta be f***ing kidding me

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