Patterson: Arrest Fueling UIC’s Growth | TVJ News – Nov 11 2021

Patterson: Arrest Fueling UIC's Growth | TVJ News - Nov 11 2021 1


  1. I was wondering how long the local media was gonna ignore this movement, Kanye west once said slavery is a choice, I didn’t understand him then but after seeing how jamaican gotten soft and allow anju to mistreated and everyday his posture bending towards a dictatorship and everyone smiling , then I guess slavery is a choice.

    1. Slavery is a choice for you! And whether you like it or not, Jamaica is a free country and Jamaicas are free to embrace whichever political party they choose – the UIC, the PNP, or the JLP.

    2. @Mikhael Mckroskey without the UIC you have no choice because the JLP and the PNP are 2 sides of the same coin. That’s the trick people have been falling for.

    3. @Kamal De Animata yes , after seeing white people all over the world boycotting and protesting for no mandatory work vaccine etc , out here everyone is so meek waiting for it no movement without vaccine, and remember the government and the makers of the vaccine are not responsible for any side effects , that alone is the reason why it shouldn’t be mandatory.

  2. Anju mek people dead…Anju mek little picni get tek weh…Anju mek gun man have so much talk on people’s lives…Anju do all of that…!

    1. me never vote in my entire life , but what the heck , I am willing to give this man a chance , him cant do no worst than the 2 other clowns in Gordon house !

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