Pence, McConnell and Schumer address Senate floor as Electoral College certification resumes 1

Pence, McConnell and Schumer address Senate floor as Electoral College certification resumes


Vice President Mike Pence, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer speak from the Senate floor resolving to count the Electoral college votes and certify the 2020 election after pro-Trump rioters stormed the capitol, interrupting the process earlier.

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    1. @SpicyHotPot MM has been an obstructionist for 12 years. He has refused to bring up hundreds of bills supported by the majority of American people. Such a lying hypocrite.

    1. He had more than that at least thirty years,and all he’s done in those thirty years is oppress the American people,and committ treason aiding and abetting our enemies and violating our constitution.

    2. @Miguel Arias actually it falls on the secret service to provide security,the secret service protect these domestic enemy Traitors calling themselves politicians.

    3. @Joe Black voting is never going to change anything. Just puts new puppets on the stage for the brainwashed slave masses.

  1. “Violence never wins”
    The many countries that have been invaded by America would beg to disagree

    1. @Tion David You obviously know very little about the Vietnam conflict.
      Try the documentary that I told you about, then perhaps you’ll be able to make more informed comments in the future.

    2. @Tion David You wrote: _”lol u dont think America couldve took Vietnam…….”_

      That _’lol’_ was disrespectful.
      And you want me to reply to you respectfully?

      Plus, I don’t understand why you persist in commenting on something that you obviously know very little about.

    3. @Gattobuono I put lol because its hilarious that you think these little gentle puny countries could really take on America who would leave your country in ashes. Our troops are probably outside your house right now. Thats power

  2. 4:35 “they failed”
    McConnel, “they” were your team. Those people were Trump supporters. They’re Republicans!
    It’s your team that attempted a coup!

    1. @The d6 of fate When you don’t even know HOW to think, so you just say things other people have put in your head.

    1. not sure how many stacks but i know 3 stacks were run through numerous times which is tens of thousands of fake votes

    1. Yeah I laughed at that part too. Other groups wouldn’t even got inside. Their not so swift action was embarrassing actually.

    2. @Xeson yeah and maybe let Jackie Chan fight them all while Chris Tucker screaming in the background would’ve been alot better.

    1. Seriously. I remember watching movies like White House down and thinking something like this could never happen in real life, but now it doesn’t seem so unrealistic after all.

    1. @Paul You are dumb if you think these politicians are courageous honorary individuals.. Pass 30 + years the national debt as risen 27 trillion dollars and 95% of it is used to wage wars in foreign 3rd world countries slaughtering families.

    2. Back then you cor more land whenever you conquered it. Nowadays you get more land as a refund if you got attacked. Not that i would have liked the first version better:/

    3. American civil war, world war 1, world war 2, cold war- on a small scale, it may seem that democracies fall frequently to authoritarianism but when push comes to shove democracy and freedom have always won

  3. 4:30 Mitch McConnell: “They tried to disrupt our democracy” … but he failed to pin the blame where it belongs.

    1. Maybe now, those career politicians will understand how fed up with them we are. Nah, of course they won’t. VP Pence would be a good Pres

    2. @Feit Gris In a lot of ways Pence is worse than Trump. Just because his delivery is smooth and his volume is measured doesn’t mean anything. People need to respond to competence and not optics. Here is a good example:

  4. I love how now Pence and McConnell care about democracy and are now trying to separate from Trump with 2 weeks left

    1. His name was on a sign…and? Some crazy nut jobs did this and it’s to be blamed on a person just because they don’t like him?

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