Pence, McConnell and Schumer address Senate floor as Electoral College certification resumes

Pence, McConnell and Schumer address Senate floor as Electoral College certification resumes 1


Vice President Mike Pence, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer speak from the Senate floor resolving to count the Electoral college votes and certify the 2020 election after pro-Trump rioters stormed the capitol, interrupting the process earlier.

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  1. Shriniwas Chaudhari | January 6, 2021 at 10:30 PM | Reply

    It looks like the fall of the Roman Empire but with Wi-Fi.

  2. Someone tell Mitch, he’s a day late and a dollar short.

  3. “Criminal behavior will never dominate the American Congress.” Is that so Mitch?

  4. Mr. McConnell you had four years to defend our constitution and our democracy, and you FAILED!

  5. Daniel Harding | January 7, 2021 at 4:23 AM | Reply

    “Violence never wins”
    The many countries that have been invaded by America would beg to disagree

    • @Tion David You obviously know very little about the Vietnam conflict.
      Try the documentary that I told you about, then perhaps you’ll be able to make more informed comments in the future.

    • @Tion David You wrote: _”lol u dont think America couldve took Vietnam…….”_

      That _’lol’_ was disrespectful.
      And you want me to reply to you respectfully?

      Plus, I don’t understand why you persist in commenting on something that you obviously know very little about.

    • Remember AshIi Babbit

    • @Gattobuono I put lol because its hilarious that you think these little gentle puny countries could really take on America who would leave your country in ashes. Our troops are probably outside your house right now. Thats power

    • Elisha Williams | January 7, 2021 at 9:57 PM | Reply

      I laughed when he said that lol

  6. 4:35 “they failed”
    McConnel, “they” were your team. Those people were Trump supporters. They’re Republicans!
    It’s your team that attempted a coup!

  7. No way I could write a speach as long as Schumer’s even if I had a week, let a long a few hours

  8. Demarcus Faulkner | January 7, 2021 at 5:05 AM | Reply

    Funny how when there life is threatened they all off a sudden grow a backbone.

  9. Janzel Clement | January 7, 2021 at 5:23 AM | Reply

    Pence: …swift efforts…

    took 4 hours!

  10. Not even House of Cards could have thought of concocting such a mess of a day.

  11. “Violence never wins. Freedom wins.”
    Me: Opens history book.
    Also me: 🤔

    • @Paul You are dumb if you think these politicians are courageous honorary individuals.. Pass 30 + years the national debt as risen 27 trillion dollars and 95% of it is used to wage wars in foreign 3rd world countries slaughtering families.

    • I’m British, a large quantity of the world beat the crap into us to get Freedom.

    • Juan Pablo Morales | January 7, 2021 at 9:29 PM | Reply

      Much more truth in money talks…

    • Till Lindemann | January 7, 2021 at 9:45 PM | Reply

      Back then you cor more land whenever you conquered it. Nowadays you get more land as a refund if you got attacked. Not that i would have liked the first version better:/

    • Jeffrey Strobart | January 7, 2021 at 9:51 PM | Reply

      American civil war, world war 1, world war 2, cold war- on a small scale, it may seem that democracies fall frequently to authoritarianism but when push comes to shove democracy and freedom have always won

  12. Ancient Cataclysms | January 7, 2021 at 6:40 AM | Reply

    You’ve been disrupting America’s democracy for 36 years McConnell

  13. Simon Multiverse | January 7, 2021 at 6:50 AM | Reply

    4:30 Mitch McConnell: “They tried to disrupt our democracy” … but he failed to pin the blame where it belongs.

  14. I cant even listen to McConnells drivel. The tone and rythm of his voice make me sick.

  15. Pence have spoken more today than all the other days as Vice President.

  16. DSA! DSA! DSA!

    “The Divided States of America” LOL 😂

  17. Pigs at the Trough: How Corporate Greed and Political Corruption Are Undermining America

  18. Annie Alexander | January 7, 2021 at 11:12 AM | Reply

    I love how now Pence and McConnell care about democracy and are now trying to separate from Trump with 2 weeks left

  19. Lost & Found Travel | January 7, 2021 at 12:23 PM | Reply

    Pence’s name is LITERALLY on some of the banners they were carrying!

  20. One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates♥️

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