Pentagon: U.S. Has Evacuated 7,000 Afghans Since August 14

Pentagon officials report 7,000 people have been evacuated from Afghanistan since August 14. Military leaders maintain the airport in Kabul is secure and evacuating people is a priority.

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Pentagon: U.S. Has Evacuated 7,000 Afghans Since Aug. 14


  1. US have 20-30k interpreters & other supporters & of course death squad made by CIA.Send C-5 Galaxy instead of C-17.
    These Americans can’t pronounce Kabul & Afghanistan properly after 2 decades. No wonder why the US failed to gain local support.

  2. Show us proof..Last I saw.
    Taliban was tar feathering ppl in the streets and ppl.were begging for their lives.

    1. Biden just armed the Taliban and you’re talking about Trump!!!!!!! LOL!!!! TDS LITTLE BOY 👦 TDS LITTLE BOY 👦!!!!!!!!!

    2. Floda Soy, Do you agree with Biden that Obama was the first clean intelligent black man 👨????

    3. @Dementia Joe Kid Touch sry bozo but trump did the deal with the taliban not biden
      he was the one who wants to befriend them and did toult them “you can have it , if you let us go”

      if you want to blame biden do it waf following trumps stupid deal “of let us go, dont attack us and you can have it” !
      little fun fake taliban already try to sell weapons like jets and helicopter to pakistan and iran
      some HU-60, some C-130, MD500……and older stuff like 10 HU-1 bell

  3. Taliban soldier— Let’s pop a US soldier!!
    Taliban leaders-ummmm nooooo
    The US will come hard and fast!!
    Let them go!!

  4. UN need to step in and block illegitimate Taliban taking over Afganistan government BY not recognizing Taliban as government, as there still is an elected President of Afganistan.

  5. Never mind evacuating 7000 Afghans. We want to know how many thousands American citizens are still trapped in Kabul

  6. I have evacuated my bowels in honor of the Nam man, the Nam, whiskey and bong water, bitter aftertaste face, fool me twice that’s not nice

  7. Military-age male refugees coming to a town near you. Wray will still be looking for white supremacists.

  8. U.S.A. *_24 APRIL 1980_** American joint-forces Iran hostage rescue mission ENDS IN DISASTER*
    Israel *_04 JULY 1976_** SUCCESSFUL counter-terrorist hostage-rescue mission carried out by commandos of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) at Entebbe Airport in Uganda*

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