Rep. Garamendi Talks Biden Response To Taliban Takeover In Afghanistan 1

Rep. Garamendi Talks Biden Response To Taliban Takeover In Afghanistan

Member of the House Armed Services Committee, Rep. John Garamendi, joined Aaron Gilchrist to discuss what he hopes to hear from White House officials about the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban in upcoming briefings. He also reacts to President Biden's latest statements about the chaos in Kabul and Afghan President Ghani fleeing the country amid the crisis.

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  1. Um anyone could have seen this but our govt who has intelligence??? If it doesn’t make sense then hmmm…

    1. @John Roberts speaking of crying… Your King Bozo is doing more to assure a sweeping Republican midterm victory than any campaign could ever hope to achieve. His bumbling, stumbling, mumbling, and fumbling is a daily occurrence. The list of disaters caused by the regime YOU helped install and still defend is growing exponentially. Gon a be fun watching you scream at the clouds again like 2016.

    1. @John Roberts C’mon lol he was interviewed by Bill Clinton’s former press secretary . That’s equivalent to Trump being interviewed by Hannity.

    2. @John Roberts Biden stares at the same part of the camera the whole speech*

      YoU hAvE pRoOf It WaS sCrIpTeD?

      It’s pretty obvious

    3. @John Roberts
      No I’m pretty sure I spelled BIDEN right

      The great yellow coward of the u.s
      Along side with his stupid supporters

    4. @John Roberts controlled environment with a former Clinton staffer asking the questions. He still tripped all over himself.

    1. He just got back Camp David and is going to Delaware this weekend. Tf is wrong with this man.

  2. They don’t seem to care about the Americans stuck over there. They’re bringing back more Afghans then Americans. No more foreign aid to Afghanistan, if they need money, they can sell American equipment wastefulness left there. What a cluster!

  3. “The Taliban overrunning everything and owning the whole country is highly unlikely” – Sleazy Joe Biden
    “The chaos in Afghanistan was unavoidable” also Sleazy Joe Biden

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