Pete Buttigieg: Every Part Of Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Is Popular | The ReidOut | MSNBC 1

Pete Buttigieg: Every Part Of Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Is Popular | The ReidOut | MSNBC


On the importance of passing President Biden’s infrastructure plan, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg says, "I even heard some Republicans oddly suggesting that water pipes, wastewater pipes aren't infrastructure. I don't really understand that view … I don't care which label you apply to which part of the plan. Every part of the plan is popular and good." Aired on 04/05/2021.
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Pete Buttigieg: Every Part Of Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Is Popular | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. I am largely Centrist, slightly more Democrat leaning, but that’s actually a good joke.

    1. The problem with America is that politicians are liars. They’re willing to lie about things as innocuous as riding their bike to work.

    1. @Billy H.Gunn Oops you lied, you fail, do you want to try again? One thing that you don’t like that’s in the bill?

    2. @Tidbit The $115 billion set aside for improving roads and bridges is just under 6 percent of the plan’s $2 trillion total in spending and just under 7 percent when the additional $20 billion for investing in road safety programs is factored in. The $115 billion set aside for updating roads and bridges is about 18.5 percent of the $621 billion the plan devotes to transportation infrastructure.

    3. @Billy H.Gunn So do you not want updated electrical grids, broadband in rural areas, or lead water pipes removed? Just because its not roads and bridges doesn’t mean its not infrastructure, and you still haven’t said a part of the bill you dislike unless you are saying the percent allocated to roads and bridges is too small.

    4. @Andrew Olson I can give you over 2 trillion reasons. The real policy question when it comes to infrastructure funding is not “who should pay?” but “to whom should they pay?” One way or another, state and local taxpayers and users bear 100 percent of infrastructure costs; the only question is whether they make payments locally, to their state, or to the federal government.

      Notwithstanding this reality, many supporters of increased federal infrastructure spending seem to be under the mistaken impression that federal funds come at no cost to states and localities. This is untrue. By law states have to receive back at least 95 percent of the gas taxes they send to D.C. The vast bulk of federal highway dollars are just the federal government returning back to the states federal gas taxes paid by state taxpayers.

      The common case for federal funding for nonfederal infrastructure is something like: Current governmental infrastructure funding is woefully inadequate; infrastructure funding comes from federal and nonfederal sources; state and local governments (nonfederal sources) are cash-strapped, ergo, the federal government should provide more funding.

      While intuitive and elegant in its simplicity, the case misses the fundamental point highlighted above — all federal funding comes from state and local taxpayers. Given that those paying federal taxes are the same as those paying state and local taxes, increasing federal liabilities for infrastructure reduces the ability of taxpayers to afford to pay for increased state and local infrastructure. This is particularly regretful given the fact, as noted above, that federal dollars purchase less infrastructure.

      Some would argue that raising federal taxes is more efficient. And while raising funds at the federal level is theoretically easier (raising one federal gas tax as opposed to 50 state gas taxes), states have raised gas taxes dozens of times since the last federal increase in 1993. And finally, some argue, the federal government is best positioned to transfer resources to communities who are in need and cannot afford an acceptable level of infrastructure. All of these arguments are solid reasons to consider increasing federal funding, but in every case the additional funds being raised, being spent on important projects, or being reallocated to communities in need all come from other communities. The federal government cannot transfer the burden of infrastructure funding to state and local taxpayers because that is where it rests currently.

      It’s true that federal infrastructure spending is irreplaceably efficacious for large, expensive projects like the interstate highway system that serve significant swaths of our country. But those aren’t the projects that we need the most right now, like repairing existing roads and bridges, protecting our water systems and expanding access to broadband. Moreover, federal funds are not “free” — in fact, they come at a steep cost by discouraging state and local revenue generation, adding bloat to project time and price, and reducing the revenues that could be raised by more efficient state and local governments.

      So, by all means, let’s capitalize on the growing public support for improving our nation’s infrastructure and create a new partnership between federal, state and local governments – one that addresses today’s infrastructure challenges. But in this equation, the federal government’s role is too important to get wrong, and we should think twice before reflexively relying on federal dollars to fund a project that can be better delivered with state and local funding.

    5. @Billy H.Gunn How this is funded is a good argument to have, funding the infrastructure is the main point of contention and what Biden has said he is fully willing to negotiate. I would say having the federal government allocate money to these goals with the states executing them to be more targeted would be the best approach, but I am not familiar enough with the bill to say if this is what will happen.

      But raising money for these big projects is the job of the federal government, as states cannot run on budget deficits like the federal government can. Also if the federal government didn’t tax state taxpayers they would have virtually no money, there are almost no US citizens that are not also state citizens so that argument makes no sense. If a poor state tried to raise taxes to fund this they would crush their population in tax, states like California and Texas could pull it off no problem as they have enough people making good salaries. But we need the federal government to provide for states that do not have the ability to raise the necessary funds. As we have seen states have not been able to maintain the roads and bridges in their state, which is why we need the bill in the first place, so putting the burden on states to raise the money does not seem like a viable option.

      The primary method of payment proposed is to increase corporate tax and Biden has said increasing taxes on households making under 400k is off the table. So this shouldn’t be a burden on most Americans to pay for this, but rather on the very rich and large corporations that do not currently pay any federal tax. If this will happen or not is yet to be seen but having people pay their far share of tax to improve our infrastructure sounds like a worthwhile tradeoff.

    1. @Al Silva Bro, I am on your side, but one of them has to be the second most ignorant, they both cannot be the most ignorant.

    2. @Tessmage Tessera cope harder shill Biden is failing hard. You assume everyone disagrees is a trump fan because your delusional

    3. @Darwin Taveras – Corrected the label on this video ” Every word that comes from the Reid Out is popular but false” The content should be consumed with mounds of salt!!!!

    1. @Shockked lmao. The media tells us what 300 million people think based off of their 2000 person poll data

    2. @Stefano Trando
      Achieve zero carbon energy by 2035

      1. This timeframe is unrealistic and not supported by any scientific or engineering literature

      2. There is no tracking in this entire bill for GHG emissions, so how would we even know if we reached this achievement by 2035?

      3. There is no such thing as Zero Carbon Energy. The correct terminology is net-zero emissions or carbon neutrality. This isn’t just cherry-picking. The distinction is important because “zero carbon” suggests that there are energy sources we could be using that don’t emit CO2. That’s not accurate. Every energy source in existence emits CO2 during the lifecycle. Net-zero and carbon neutrality track all emissions and thus are a more accurate representation of the energy source.

      4. There is literally zero data analysis and forecasting with this policy. What energy sources are we actually using to achieve this goal? I don’t know because it is never identified in the plan.

    1. Only 5% of the so-called infrastructure trillions even goes to infrastructure. And if 5% of Americans support it maybe that is a way to claim it is popular with Americans. The Looting of the US Treasury continues. They want to crash the US DOLLAR into the dirt so they can “Save the day” with a global communist digital currency. An Orwellian nightmare.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera you don’t have any facts. You just mumble answers and then think your smart. While you live a miserable life with trump mind ducking you 24/7. I get to sit back and laugh at people like you.

    2. And while we’re at it, let’s talk about Trump’s thugs forcibly clearing out the crowd in front of a church so he could pose with a bible. (something I’m sure he’s never opened even once)

    3. @Tessmage Tessera – Very disappointed with the infrastructure bill since there was no money for Epstein Island. I thought we were about bringing people together with love.

    1. @Faith Jay Everybody cares. That’s why we keep winning and you keep losing. Does that make you want to cry..?

    2. @Tessmage Tessera yep you won. A senile old man and hypocritical liar. America in good hands or at least the uneducated liberals think so. Biden racking those 4 Pinocchio nose’s at a good rate. Might even catch up with trump. America in good hands.

  1. When the left’s Propaganda becomes so primitive and transparent, that it degenerates into self-satire.

    1. @C Johnson And guess who disrespects them the most….. black men!! HMMMM……. what’s the single motherhood rate in the black community? Miss me with your BS.

    2. @C Johnson You do realize the current “leader” of the Proud Boys is an Afro-Cuban, right? Enrique Tarrio. Yeah…. You keep believing that rhetoric the left pushes.

    3. @TheKat You are Coo Coo for Coa Coa puffs. I quoted all of what Malcolm X said. Where tf did I say why he said it and/or who he was blaming for it? You know how to read. But you need to work on comprehension.
      “Afro-Cuban”? If you knew anything about race, you’d know there is a big difference between being Afro-Cuban and being ADOS. Like I replied to @Chris Ortiz, you people are here spreading BS. Trying to convert sane people. For some reason you think people don’t know about Tarrio. LOL!!! Why did you leave out him being an FBI informant? You are simple and silly. (smh)
      Now tell me what decent human being would support a party that fights to keep statues up honoring those who fought to keep people enslaved?

    4. @C Johnson I was pointing out that The Proud Boys are NOT a white supremacist group like the marxist media makes them out to be. Make IDs free so the democrats can’t steal any more elections. The only reason someone would not want to make our elections more secure is to cheat, or you really do believe a segment of the population is incapable of handling basic life skills like obtaining an ID, which is actually………racist.

    5. @TheKat It is a white supremacist group. I’ll make it easier for you to understand. There are videos on YouTube of Black people saying they’d never date Black people. There are videos of Black people bleaching their skin. When it comes to bleaching skin, Island people do it a lot. They hate being Black. Sammy Sosa? Willie Lynch isn’t real. But it is true. You should do some research before you start speaking on things you don’t know sh about.
      You Q RepubliKKKan/proud boys had every opportunity to prove voter fraud, and you didn’t. I notice how it were mostly Black communities that you accused of voter fraud. LOL!!! Why don’t you take a trip to the border and enjoy the view of that big beautiful wall that Mexico paid for. You don’t even have to wear a mask. If you get sick you can use that great healthcare Cheeto gave Americans when he repealed and replaced. Girl bye.

    1. @Draven
      The good news is they’re the minority demographic.
      Their desperation is palpable.
      Using Bootygig to push the grifta-structure scheme is a prime example.

    1. @bubblebryan You aint AMERICAN, Idgaf WHAT kind of domestic enemy you are. Pinko commie.

  2. Didn’t Peter butgetchecked just get caught playing games with his bicycle?? Something about bicycling to work after he had 3 SUV’s drop off his bike 2 blocks from where he works. HA HA HA HA what a dope.

    1. well, I mean, he technically did ride a bike to his work at one point, sure, it was only 2 feet, but he was riding it!!!!!!

    1. @Gannicus Finch you must be off your meds. You articulate yourself like someone with multiple personality disordered

    2. @Gannicus Finch it’s always “mind boggling” when you’re too unintelligent and indoctrinated to see the truth. The mere fact that you even equated formal education with critical thinking and intelligence is where you made your first mistake. Your whole statement is antiquated and premised on an ad hominem. It’s a statical fact 92% of Democrats gets their news from only liberal sources, while 68% of Republicans and moderates gets theirs from only conservative sources. This means that the right knows that’s happening in both sides of the political arena and are better able to pin point the lies, smears, and media spin. Dems are the one that actually live in a echo chamber and it’s by design which is why they advocate for the cancelling and censorship of political opponents

    3. @Rell 1984 lol, “critical thinking and intelligence.” I think you misspelled, “blind allegiance to Darth Cheeto.”

    4. @Gannicus Finch “Darth Cheeto”??? I don’t think you people realize just how cringe you sound when you can’t make a single statement not premised around a ad hominem. You low information, overly emotion, rage based voters are why we’re in this mess right now but unfortunately you’re probably too low IQ to even realize we’re in a mess, guess you won’t realize it till MSM tells you when and how to be upset. Sheep

    1. Yeah what a shock. Hypocrite media covering up for the libs. “Fake News” media is a propaganda wing of the Democratic Party

  3. Dont believe them?? Just look at the like to dislike ratio….before they remove them permanently!!!!!

    1. Yeah it seems like the trolls have really been rising up lately, do you guys know who’s paying you? Thatd be a really cool story to write!

  4. “Every part of Biden’s infrastructure plan is popular.”
    Narrator “the like/dislike ratio told a different story”

    1. @Bullet Tooth Tony Really it doesn’t matter what we call ourselves. We still are what we are and we still have a bunch of problems to fix. Arguing about definitions isn’t going to fix them.
      Nonetheless, I only wish to comment on your insinuation that the recent election wasn’t free and fair.
      There’s fraud in every election. But the amount of fraud required to tip an election that large is quite substantial. In fact, no operation in history has been able to pull off something as large as that would require. And the fact that not a single one of the people in this alleged conspiracy has said anything leads to the following conclusion:
      Either A. This “rigging” of an election has more thought and manpower than anything similar in history, with the incredible odds of not a single defector among millions
      Or B. It simply doesn’t exist.

      Occams Razor says go with B.

    2. @Ezra Kirkpatrick tell me how you are certain about election security if ID’s and signatures weren’t checked in huge swathes of the country? It’s impossible either way. I’m not saying anything illicit occurred, merely stating the facts. State legislatures have election laws that were overturned by state executive branches without due process citing cv. I’m not saying it would have made a difference, just that no country in the world with legit elections spams out Mail in votes and doesn’t require any ID to turn them in. I could show you evidence all day about weird discrepancies, but since I’m not partisan and don’t believe in democracy I choose to not spend my day that way. If voting mattered, they wouldn’t let us do it. Neither candidate would stop war abroad, the drug war at home, and even consider the flaws with our central banking system. Here’s where labels do matter… as an anarchist… I don’t think 51% of the people should govern the 49%. Why would democrats in cities want to live under the rule of rural republicans and Vice versa? It’s ridiculous. Again, your rights shouldn’t be up to a vote by people you have nothing in common with. That’s just my opinion. Other than that, I agree there is voter fraud and voter suppression in every election to varying degrees, but when state laws aren’t followed we can’t ensure the election was secure. Like using deception to send poll watchers away or just throwing up your hands and saying “oh well we can’t verify these votes are legit bc we will literally accept anything” is just one more flaw in an already broken system. If anyone thinks Trump was anything more than a Kardashian and Biden is anything more than a senile Wall Street puppet I don’t know what to say. Both cabinets get filled with CEO’s of defense contractors and big tech. Nothing is going to change so I don’t care about the weird old guy in the White House. Have a good day Ezra.

    3. ​@Doomwrecker Television There’s zero evidence for that, lmao… not one of Trump’s judges, the judges he appointed, said that was any merit to that lie. Republican election officials in Georgia and Michigan and all the swing states said there was no merit to that lie. The people who are being lied to are you.

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