Pete Williams: Don't Think FBI Has 'Cracked The Code' Yet On Jan. 6th Attack | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Pete Williams: Don’t Think FBI Has ‘Cracked The Code’ Yet On Jan. 6th Attack | MTP Daily | MSNBC


NBC News chief justice correspondent Pete Williams discusses FBI Director Christopher Wray's testimony on the Capitol attack on January 6th. Aired on 03/02/2021.
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Pete Williams: Don't Think FBI Has 'Cracked The Code' Yet On Jan. 6th Attack | MTP Daily | MSNBC


    1. @Kathy Green is this a continuation from our previous conversation? I need to know for billing purposes…

  1. This guy needs to be fired. He gave no specific answers. He’s minimizing the domestic terrorism issue while his people are actively involved in monitoring. Why did he not say exactly what really went on with the Intel to the Capital Police? As in, at 1:30 pm so and so sent, yadda, yadda. Mr T hired him, Biden needs to fire him.

  2. Roger Stone has his “Dirty Trickster” fingerprints all over the attack on the Capitol… time will tell.

  3. No question about who was or “who were” exactly behind the riot. Why didn’t or couldn’t Wray say it in front of the Senate? Is he afraid of what?

    1. Calm down. Law enforcement should not try cases in either the press or congressional hearings. Courts are where the malefactors must be brought to justice. The investigation is ongoing and the arrests are approaching 300. Some of the insurrectionists were part of pre-planned violence and attack by financed far right groups preaching violence and conspiracy and far right politics. But not everyone who breached the Capitol even knew one another, much less planned jointly. Simplistic explanations may be tribal politics but it’s bad constitutional law. I want the FBI and the Federal prosecutors/DOJ to dot every I and cross every T with precision so that each conviction sticks and all convicted serve time.

    2. @John Morrison Yes, I knew that Chris can’t open his mouth in front of a bunch of politicians. I think he is pretending that the FBI hasn’t found any link or evidence of links or connections or conpirators, so that his testimony wouldn’t cause any more “violent hatred” between the dems and republicans (this is just imho).

  4. Why has nobody who was in charge of security for the Capital on the 6th been held accountable for the poor decision to not have even close to enough protection.

  5. The FBI has to thoroughly vet the people who they had caught and charged first, and moving up the ladder for the full episodes of the plot. They have to tie this thing at a 360 degree .They have the time and the energy to totally verify and confirm everything.

  6. I like my life. Yet so many others are unhappy and are being lied to, and they will gladly give up their own life if it means taking everyone else down with them. The GOP are playing to a very core, specific type of demographic; based on an individual’s education level, race, financial situation, location. And it works. Without them, the GOP cannot exist.

    1. Yes, but the question is, WHY are Trump’s base folks so suicidally unhappy, angry, and full of hate? Are they so really economically (and thus educationally) disadvantaged that they see no hope? Or are they being manipulated from without–by economic and political interests that profit from keeping them so angry and hateful?

    2. @JRG2733 They are constantly being told that everyone else is getting something and they are not. They are told to blame the Mexicans or the Asians or the blacks. Yes, most of them are more undereducated and financially strained. But that shouldn’t make anyone less valuable. GOP should tell their base to work with others, go to school, get to know other Americans that may be a little different from you. Instead they want them angry. There is money to be made in hate. Keep people stupid and you can control them. It’s all about getting the votes!

      I say take a look the big corporations. Their business decisions have a direct effect on people’s lives.
      Why so many white, American born English speaking people feel so threatened in their own country is beyond me.

    3. @@JRG2733 – ask the real estate agent from Texass who flew to DC on a private jet. Ask those former military officers who have a nice pension – especially the retired Air Force Colonel? There were a lot more “wealthy” individuals in that crowd.

    4. @John Browneyes you realize the media is infiltrated by Marxist and they are the ones the race relations problem right they’re so goal is to fracture America into a race war to destroy it I’m looking through the comment sections and I see a bunch of idiots fine what these total strangers are telling them to think unable to think for themselves

    5. @Marck Kilpatrick sure they are and all those white supremacist groups wandering round the country with loaded guns and khakis looking to start their race war are, are just figments of everybody’s imagination. And let’s pretend that the right wing talking heads and media have f all to do with why they’re are so many angry right wing Q Lunatics spewing dumb conspiracy theories and ready to go to war over the very same lies and bs.

  7. The code was cracked when Trump said it will be wild. They know this was planned for if Trump loss the Election. Donald Jr. was recruiting for help during the campaign on a video in case his dad lost.

    1. Yah, there’s no code to crack. Trump told them to march on the Capitol. They were wearing Trump hats, Trump shirts and said they were doing Trump’s bidding.
      What is the code?

    2. Many people lost their jobs; are you going hire someone to work at your company who participated in the riot? Some people died.
      And trump golfs. He’s not helping any of them. He’s got his pension and health insurance. So if you want him to be your hero, rather than focus on your own life, that’s your choice.

    3. @John Browneyes Many who are not prosecuted will be found out and lose their joba. The cost of following a traitor.

  8. It’s no great mystery, nor is it an unresolved question. You still fail to admit it was planned all along by your insurrectionist in cheif.

  9. Trump is the ring leader should be arrested, let’s see if anyone has guts to do so. You would have to be blind not to see it!!!!

  10. Trumpy was pushing all the buttons to screw up the Whole security operation. He told them all to stay home
    Where were the horses and helicopters? This is all an insult to our intelligence! Boo boo boo

  11. CIA should be aiding then. Or the Pentagon in matters of national security they need to exchange intelligence. Nsa crack code yeah high five to that

  12. It was an inside job and everyone including members of the GOP need to be prosecuted. Lock them all up.

  13. Most of the people in these right wing groups are ex military. Why would you think they aren’t capable of planning an attack?

  14. According to Wray it was “Domestic Terrorism” but those Arrested are not charged for Terrorism.
    That’s odd.

  15. Showing up in military gear is clear proof they intended battle. There’s no mystery to that. Why pretend they were just there to stand around?

  16. The increase is due to the fact that people were emboldened by Trump’s clear anti-equality leanings and his trolling on Twitter with no consequences.

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