Petraeus: 'There Were Alternatives" To Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan 1

Petraeus: ‘There Were Alternatives” To Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan


Former CIA Director & Retired Gen. David Petraeus (Ret.) says 'Number of us had put forward alternatives' for Afghanistan withdrawal "there were alternatives" to troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. 
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  1. Of course a general wants us to stay there forever, despite the fact that it was a failed war. Ever heard of the Afghanistan papers?

    1. This is why Lloyd Austin who worked for Raytheon as Secretary of defense.

      Biden wants more endless wars

  2. Stop having WARMONGERS ON YOUR CHANNEL MSNBC WE DO NOT WANT A FOREVER WAR. Chuck Todd did nothing to hold the general accountable for his failures.

    1. Biden appointed Lloyd Austin as Secretary of Defense who worked for Raytheon for this very reason.

    2. Do you know that General Petraeus now fights for common sense gun reform? He and Mark Kelly founded The Veterans Coalition For Common Sense .

    3. @Reason He wants to disarm law abiding citizens so criminals can take over urban cities? Sounds about right.

    1. The fact that Obama traded a prisoner for the “Mastermind” behind the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan is horrifying to think about

    2. after 20 years of American help and support.the supposed army couldnt fight even for a week on their own to protect and defend their home land..if an army cant fight to protect its home land who can.? the way some make it sound is as if all the deaths blood sweat and financial sacrifice America done put it for 20 yrs not enough. some how America should have stayed there for eternity..try to nation build a hostile enviroment such as that place. the same thing was happening in Iraq if we can all remember.didnt want to fight .

    3. Tailban have the support of the Pakistani security intelligence services and Other support in the region the was no why the Afghan government would survive once the usa had pull out and taken away. the air and satellite capability away for them it was over.

    4. @Jay W I could agree with you if we would have never gone over there but at some point, the US needs to own their involvement in Afghanistan.

      No doubt that this situation could have been handled better just like their is no doubt, Biden, Harris and the rest of the Democrat controlled government is on over their head. And this goes for the Afghan crisis, border crisis, oil debacle, and anything else they touch.

  3. David Patraeus should have been court marshalled for giving top secret documents to his mistress. Please just go away.

  4. No need to fret about the Afghan economy, China will be stepping in
    with all the cash they need and no talk of human rights.

    1. @i dont have time 2 reply obvious troll how lazy you are to just keep repeating the same thing you should be fired for laziness

  5. Alternatives? Not according to the polling. The vast majority wanted the troops out. The only alternative was to stay and continue fighting. And for how many more months, years, or decades?

    1. Oh. So it was impossible to make any other sort of decisions in the removal of troops? Please explain

    2. @tposeinfly Exactly. Biden’s people are not responsible for anyone else’s decisions, but they are fully responsible for their own, and the consequences

    3. @tposeinfly My problem is not that he made some mistakes in decision making. It is that many have and will die because he did, for many years to come.

  6. If US Contractors Are Needed To Keep Afghan Air Force In The Air
    Then There Is No Afghan Air Force,
    There Is Only A Bunch Of Scrap Metal And Unemployed Fliers

    1. Biden’s whole plan was to probably use mercenary “contractors” to fuel another endless war

    2. Even if the Taliban can hire folks with the knowledge to repair the aircraft, they cannot get spares. They would have to part out air vehicles quickly as the service life on the components is short.

      The Afghan Air Force is a joke without the US. It’s just a bunch of LAAR they can use in Afghanistan. The planes and helicopters will start falling out of the sky later this year.

    1. Stupid comment/Stupid person. Have you heard of the Military/Industrial Complex? The REPUBLICANS want wars, they own the Defense Contractor Stock.

  7. You’re full of it Petraeus. You can win the battles and still lose the war, it happened in Vietnam and now in Afghanistan

  8. We needed to change our way of doing war with nations who used bike cycles without any air plan but win and kicked us out of the rooftop.

  9. Gen. Petraeus is a cheater and a traitor. He gave his reporter girlfriend Classified information. Keep it moving sir.

  10. The government loves war and now that we are out of Afghanistan I wonder how long it will be before we go into another war and this time it will more than likely be a global war not just one or two coutries but all of them this is just the beginning

  11. You know you must question Patraeus’comments when he has been totally silent during trump administration when this deal was signed with no contingency to draw down and evacuate!

  12. I am pretty sure David Petraeus needs to zip it. We remember the BS he did. The affair and giving his lover access to classified information.

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