Suspect In The Capitol Hill Bomb Threat Investigation Identified 1

Suspect In The Capitol Hill Bomb Threat Investigation Identified

Law enforcement officials tell NBC News the suspect in the Capitol Hill bomb threat investigation is identified as Floyd Ray Roseberry.
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  1. Surprise, surprise, a MAGA snowflake with a lifted pickup truck; his most prized possession, I’m sure.

    1. @BetterDayze I know you are reporting what you heard, but what kind of excuse is that, every 4 years people from either side will get upset, but they don’t threaten a city with a bomb.

    2. @HOT AND JUICY Yes he is. Every checkbox is checked on him for domestic terrorist!
      White male
      Trump Supporter
      Gun owner
      Big Truck

    1. @Gazi Sher ya think anyone is gonna pay to watch hair dye run down Ghouliani’s inner thigh? Bleurgh!

  2. He’s not worried, he’s banking on a light sentence. And probably get one. They’ll keep doing what their doing cuz their ain’t no Consequence’s!

    1. Time there was- this is an attack on all of us- our democracy! As a parent, we must be the strict adult in our room!

    1. @Mk 60 Trump is the one that got the head of the Taliban out of jail. You want to talk about incompetence? Trump was a failure. The only thing he accomplished was a tax cut for his rich friends. He doesn’t care about you uneducated supporters.

    2. @Origami Mambo They are just unsuccessful, uneducated bigots. They love to hate and they love their conspiracies. So pathetic.

    3. @Sally Williams why do you assume I love Trump just because I criticize Biden? Biden is terrible and everyone knows it. That fact has nothing to do with Trump.

  3. At least he got to protest it lol . United States is already divided politically. Doesn’t matter who is the president,all have 4 or 8 years to bring changes whether people like it or Not.

    1. The goal is always to preserve life as long as the suspect isn’t a man or woman of color.

      Imagine that. Able to cause all of this trouble and live to tell the story.

  4. He must be on the experimental, “death therapy,” everyone was talking about years ago from that Baby Steps book.

    1. My Mum once told me…Be Nice to Retarts….it’s not their fault. But, on the other hand… No one ever once accused trump’s Cultists of being smart.

  5. They didn’t have a bomb, they were simply a tourist on a tour of Washington D. C.. (insert sarcasm)
    Stop # 1: US Capital Building

    1. I simply turn on clips and go straight to the comments…” He didn’t have a bomb, he was on a tourist visit “. Took the words right out of their mouths…said it before they can use stupidity as an excuse…very smart of ya thumbs

  6. Antifa right Republicans?
    “Roseberry’s wife revealed to NBC Washington’s Tom Lynch that her husband had been very upset about the results of the election”.

    1. Just another Neo Nazi facist fighting for the white way of life. Just got done watching his manifesto in which he proudly announces “The south shall rise again” jfc…

  7. Wow… The Taliban are Fast.! Who knew that some could be this good at disguises and passing themselves off as White Supremacist Domestic Terrorists this whole time?
    True Genius.!

  8. Tucker is going to say” and since when is it against the law to return a library book. It may have been overdue, but that is no reason to think he is a terrorist.”

  9. FORMER GUY: That was just a “Normal Tourist Visit.” That’s what I saw, lots of good supporters. They “LOVE” me!

  10. Poor Floyd has overdosed on trumpism, on right wing fear mongering, he is mad but he’s not sure who he is mad at

    1. Just like a large percentage of the insurrectionists have claimed as their legal defense, this nut job will claim mental health issues and blame Trump for manipulating him with lies and propaganda.

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