Police High command Addresses Upsurge in Murders | TVJ News – June 7 2022

Police High command Addresses Upsurge in Murders | TVJ News - June 7 2022 1


  1. Commissioner doing a wonderful job, the crime rate is where they want it. Turn our men into criminals. Vengeance is the Lord’s. He will repay everyone according to their work.
    Where are the ceased ammunition? How can anyone believe these people? The crime rate could be up more too?

    1. Haven’t heard from the commissioner in awhile, thought he had given up on fighting crime.

  2. Its betta him did shut him bout kmt plans my foot …. quick response to pick up dead bodies a must that ppl affi a dead like ants fi unuh give attention to crime kmt!!

  3. Yes in flamsted st james, tangle river, all a the scammer have guns, how so much guns reach. Where r the laws changes

  4. I firmly believe the police has the edge,they are trained and are showing they are showing they are committed to the task .

  5. the time as come for every jamaican to work with police. if they want back their country and live in peace

  6. Why can’t the the government stop the guns from coming in the country. I think it time for Jamaican people make a change of government.

  7. Jamaica a the only country criminals on gun πŸ”« charge and murder charge and the person get freedom, what the fk🀐🀐…
    Release criminals back public to continue doing what them bestπŸ“£πŸ“£πŸ“£

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