Police offer details of what they know about the Nashville school shooter so far

During a news conference on Monday, Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake gave details on the Covenant School shooter after determining that maps were drawn of the school with details of surveillance and entry points. #CNN #News #Nashville


    1. @NPC FREDO Are you saying kids being gunned down at a school is just a distraction ?
      If I reach heaven at the same time as you, can I cut in-front of you please?
      I have a feeling Jesus has a bunch to speak with you about- like this moment in your life and you gonna be talking with him for a looooong time.
      Thanks- It should only take me a second..😘😘

    2. @Elmosweed The person has put that as a reply on multiple comments this video could be about a puppy orphanage and they would put the exact same message.

    3. if I was a student I would make Molotov cocktail , I would take the hand sanitizer and a lighter , light a paper towel and throw it at the shooter when everyone is safe and taking cover

    1. Thank god shooter’s preferred pronouns were not “they/them” — imagine how confusing that would be

    1. @President Elect Vermino Yeah and most of those were mothers! Can you imagine if more of the fathers had been at that Texas school. Those cops outside would have had their hands full.

  1. We live in the most developed nation in the world yet there was no way this tragedy couldve been prevented

    1. @Kaiyoti The Narcissists Worst Demon Everrr, Yo well you don’t ban cars for driving reckless or drunk do you? Love back to wherever you are.

    1. @Dave Larson tbh I believe she was just a bad person nothing to do with her being trans or her race being white. It sure is funny making leftist cry tho 😭 😂 snowflakes❄️

    1. Amen! I mean, would they be happier if it had been anyone else? Now, the highlights of the “lives lost” will be gender-focused.

  2. Im so sad for the families of those victims:-( especially the little ones who never got a chance at life:-(

    1. This was a well planned act by a criminal mind. We have to understand what Ryan Petty said. He was the father of a daughter murdered in a school shooting. He stated that criminals do not obey gun laws. His words are very true.

    2. ​@T. R. Campbell Trans. Meaning not a REAL female. It was a dude who couldn’t cut it as a dude.

  3. Nothing worse than child death. So horrible. So sorry to the families. How country needs to do better in so many ways.

  4. Condolences to all the families.
    America is lost in a divisive frenzy warring among themselves and the rest of the world.

  5. Thank you for not standing outside for 75 minutes like the cowards in Texas. Broken hearts ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

    1. I’m not thanking them for doing what is expected.The cops have to go above and beyond many more times to make up for uvalde.

  6. more needs to be done to Is secure our schools. i know my kids school always has a cop on stand by. ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

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