Police Witness: Chauvin’s Actions Were ‘Totally Unnecessary’ And ‘Uncalled For’ | All In | MSNBC

Police Witness: Chauvin’s Actions Were ‘Totally Unnecessary’ And 'Uncalled For' | All In | MSNBC 1


    1. Sad that law enforcement to you isn’t due care. Floyd had mental illness aside from addiction. Chauvin has his own demons and needs to confront them. The fact that the Police leadership was watching Chauvin do this in real time per the Dispatchers statement and didn’t react makes them complicit. The Sargent was called and told of what was going on. Yet his response was a poor one. They need to be relieved of their duties.
      @I love you maybe it’s time to look at yourself and your attitude at what law enforcement means. Yes there bad people in this world, but that doesn’t mean anything that you perceive as bad needs to be shot down. Clearly the Sargent wasn’t on top of his job to provide support to his subordinates. This is a symptom of poor oversight and letting people do what they want. All the guidelines were thrown out. And a law unto thenselves

  1. Lt. Zimmerman (Regular on THE FIRST 48) has SOLIDIFIED his LEGEND status as a Police Officer. Well done Sir. Well done.

    1. This was no difference in alot of the killings against blacks and people of color that were unarmed . The trayvon Martin’s Brianna Taylor Michael Brown the list just goes on and on and on twin does it stop and every time they allow these cops to walk it sends a clear message the the young man down in Atlanta Georgia it’s it’s the sad sad we’ve always been an open Target to any race that wants to try to take us out because be real about this White America doesn’t want us here and they’ll do anything to eliminate us.

    2. @Dawn Pratt Because they are demonic soulless violent racist animals and have been since their beginning towards all races around the world

  2. It is not important what Floyd did, it´s all about a man already incapable of resisting arrest and the fxcking knee in his neck. I hope he gets life.

    1. Ms December Love Angel, it was inhumane that the people who yell “BLM” were the same people who did nothing to help him. Black people literally just stood there and filmed him get killed.

    1. @Tony D Nothing. SJWs just use programmed phrases. Derp… Trump. Derp… Systemic racism. Derp… muh colored “they’re all black and brown which means there is no color” people.

  3. Trump in drive-thru:
    “You want fries with that?”
    “that’s a tough question. You didn’t ask Biden if he wanted fries. You’re a fake cashier. I’m Done here”

    1. Biden at a Seven Eleven probably.
      “What? Come on man! You can’t, cannot be here! You don’t speak in a a a slight indian accent!”


    1. Truth is Fenty died of a drug overdose, his blood was more toxic than a chemical weapons factory, the officer never had his knee on his neck, and Fenty was a horrible person martyred by people who praise horrible people. That’s the truth.

    2. What is officers that are just lately killing a norm civilians to be held accountable I don’t care nothing about them being police officers and and the men in blue it’s about right and wrong they don’t hesitate to give when a black man kills someone they don’t hesitate to give him life in jail or death penalty so what makes these people above the law oh I forgot they’re white and they wear the blue and carry a shield . I just find it modern-day lynching that’s all they went from wearing the hoods to showing their faces and not hiding behind that hood anymore.

  5. Why anyone who is already ‘dead’, needs to be physically restrained…by 3 officers, i just dont get. Officer with hands jammed in his pants had zero plan to move…any time soon. Thats a locked stance.

  6. I agree with this man. The fact that Chauvin knew Floyd not just casually but *intimately* prior to killing him should have brought a 1st degree (premeditated murder charge). Premeditation doesn’t have to have been planned days or even hours before. *’Deciding’* not to let the man breathe for over eight minutes *IS* “premeditation” in real time. No less than after shooting a person in self-defense, then checking him for a heartbeat and finding him to still be alive, putting another bullet in him

    1. Yell)ing out mama would signify that he was breathing. That is a fact . Drug addict overdoses though tragic are more of a suicide than murder . A convicted felon commiting a fellony while high what result do you expect..? Politicaly correct bs burn a city down because of this ?

  7. Someone said he snapped, I don’t think so , I think he been doing it the whole time. I say break the Union. Sue the person from there’s on pocket also
    Then a lots of this will stop

  8. They never seem to finish the ” one bad apple ” excuse. One bad apple, spoils the whole bunch is the quote.

  9. “I am telling you, it was not that he made bad life choices, it was because the cop used brutal force.”
    “The Cop forcably made Floyd take a lethal dose of opoids?”
    “No, you are missing the point! It’s deffo not the drugs that are deffo not the problem.”

  10. Putting Floyd on the ground and having three men subdue him after he’s been cuffed is uncalled for and unnecessary.
    Staying on his neck for 3 minutes AFTER they couldn’t find a pulse….that’s straight up murder.

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