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    1. Sad. There are persons who even go as far as cutting down fruit trees to avoid constant confrontation.

    2. Gone are the days when health meat inspectors use to go test meat and stamp it safe for consumption. Pure backdoor deals a go on. Innocent poor eating sick animals.

  1. It’s a Dam shame that the farmers have to suffer at the hands of these people who only wants to live off of what doesn’t belongs to them. I hope the government can come up with something to stop this Evil act.

  2. I have suffered by the hands of Thieves for years on my farm and I reached a point where I can’t do anything about it the authorities are not doing anything about it but I have one suggestion they need to arm the farmers they need to give the farmers license firearms if the thieves know that a farmer has his license firearm they’ll think twice about coming enough is enough already arm the farmers

  3. Am from portland and my dad has lost cows , Goats , farm products etc and have never Gotton any form of justice…. No point reporting it

    1. Jah Jah alot of loses dat enuh mhn,the goat thiefs dem strt travel wid them gun wen dm a come steal unuh goats😭

    2. If the police knew all of that…Haiti and Jamaica doing bater trade…why not do something quickly about it.

  4. The eight commandment, Thou shall not steal. is still binding. it is a sin to Steal. So that’s one out of the ten. Are the nine when violated a Sin?

  5. all goat thieves and or anyone caught stealing cows goat pigs chicken should be given life sentences because they’re stealing the farmers livelihood.

  6. Why would the reporter press the woman on jungle justice. Maybe he needs to find a goat thief and ask them if they don’t deserve to be beaten for stealing the farmers property and all the other implications

  7. The government needs to jail eny one who buys livestock should have recipe of who they bought it from if they can’t then put them in jail.

  8. If our govt established legitimate trading ties w Haiti we could create a big dent in these criminal networks!!

    1. That’s smart thinking, not even the government of Ja. thought about that idea. You need a platform to sell this plan to the government.

  9. @TVJ it would be great if you include a link to the other part/s when doing a follow up like this.
    Good reporting though.

    Unless I missed the link.

  10. It really sad to be working for something and other people polity come and take all and there is no justice

  11. This sounds ridiculous. The farmers should organize and build a paid security team to patrol thier farms bieng that the JCF doesnt have the bandwith to protect them.This impacts the entire nation.

  12. Another sad story coming out of Jamaica. It really hurts the heart listening to the constant bad news coming from the Island.

  13. Report to which police? For how long should these hard working farmers continue to suffer? Our antiquated laws and Justice system doesn’t help.

  14. In my area as my cousin tie the goat and return home but was passing back to go purchase something….the goat gone. Early morning, it’s so sad.

  15. A wicked boy like this when citizens catch them on ready to fix them business some people on the side got something to say.

  16. Growing up I remember my father facing this exact issue. I remember a time when they stole a large number of goats from our backyard where he had them in pens at nights for safety. That was a long time ago, he’s no longer around 14 years now. It’s hard to learn that this is still an ongoing issue so many years later. Equally just as impacting as it was then. Seriously, what is not being done to effectively help these farmers facing this horrible situation? What difference can use of advancements In modern technology make? Hello? Set up hidden cameras nuh? Set up traps, set up cameras ambush the crooks every last one of them. The cameras don’t have to be everywhere, just where the traps are and where they’re lay waited. Eventually the practice would become too dangerous and risky because they won’t know where there’s a trap. Make a big deal about it in the media every time they’re caught. Additionally, persons in this news report states that it is widely known what they’re doing with the meat, is that not enough knowledge to make their missions useless? How about ramping up security out there on the waters between JM and Haiti so that there are no comfortable swapping of guns for meat between any boats in the region without severe interventions? How about increasing heath inspector presence at meat shops and slaughter houses so that there is no easy way of selling stolen meat? Instill major consequences and be consistent about it. People should become serious about stopping criminal activities where ever it exists on the Island. Stop condoning wrong doings. Also, why no emergency response and sensible investigation when well thinking law abiding citizens reports these matters to the authorities? Small farmers and their families are the unfortunate victims in this one but there are so much more that goes unaddressed, and is this the way forward?Does this slackness has to continue?

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