President Biden Tells NBC He Was Not Aware Of FBI’s Search Of Rudy Giuliani’s NYC Properties | MSNBC 1

President Biden Tells NBC He Was Not Aware Of FBI’s Search Of Rudy Giuliani’s NYC Properties | MSNBC


NBC News’ Craig Melvin sat down with President Joe Biden, who commented on the role of the Justice Department as “the people's lawyer, not the president's lawyer.”

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President Biden Tells NBC He Was Not Aware Of FBI’s Search Of Rudy Giuliani’s NYC Properties | MSNBC


    1. @Randy Couch Let’s see, was that hate speech or pornography that your lame trolling got got reported/removed for?

  1. No reason he should. It’s not as if anything unexpected or surprising happened. A suspected criminal got his home and office searched, that’s all. It happens all the time.

    1. @Johnathan Davis LOLOLO why, because donnie boy lost? Hunter didn’t do anything. And the FBI looked into him too & found nothing…..Nada, aste la vista baby

    2. @Yvonne Tomenga never get’s old for you all huh? Hurts to lose & lose fairly. Everyone’s looked into before they can get into any office. shame shame shame…….we didn’t throw such hissy fits when ole hillary lost. smh

    3. @Al Notterbot LOL lol rotffl..Watch it, they can’t take it. They’re really soar losers. Like their daddy…Diaper don. Look that up. it’s true..

  2. Finally we have a president that doesn’t want to cover things up and prosecute people for political power.

    1. @Sam Steffen Biden has been in office for 100 days now. What has he covered up ? some examples would do.

    2. could dems stop lying or one of them needs to say one single democrat that Trump had the FBI go after? NAME ONE!!! The FBI is owned by Pelosi. She taxed the people so much and collected that money to pay off the FBI.

    1. @Bishop Blackwell not only was Hunter not involved in the investigation, it took place when Hunter wasn’t even on the board

      The investigation was into Zlochvesky… go do your research

    2. ​@Chico Dalianis
      “Zlochevsky hired Hunter Biden after the allegations surfaced in order to evade charges in the hopes that Hunter might use his influence to persuade his dad to push for the firing of the prosecutor, Viktor Shokin”
      And what do you know Joe Biden IMMEDIATELY took care of the problem…… DIRECTLY involved.

    3. @Chico Dalianis he wasnt around for the bulk of the investigation – he was brought on to END it (or rather his dad could end it).

    4. @Bishop Blackwell you do realize that the people of Ukraine protested in the 100000s for nearly 6 months for the president to remove Shokin for corruption….

      You do realize that during that it took nearly 6 months before Biden acted… an act that accused the Obama admin of dragging its feet…

      What’s next? Are you going to tell me that common citizens in Ukraine were in on it?

    1. the investigation has been happening since 2019.. yes he’s telling the truth. maybe Rudy shouldn’t have announced he was going to Ukraine to dig up dirt on the Biden’s and do shady work with shady people who then ended up getting roped into the Mueller investigation and charged and are still waiting to be sentenced.

    2. I felt that too. It’s nice to hear the president say something and be able to trust that it is true, instead of the exact opposite, where you knew that EVERYTHING 45 said was a lie!

    3. he’s lying. He already told the DOJ to go after everyone at the Protest of Jan 6th. A very divisive move by the dorky democrat bidone.

    1. Class, not ignorance. no racist, bullying, lying, conning, running to bunkers, putting cheeto dust on face…Oh sorry, I went somewhere there…sorry, i was having a moment…

  3. The 2 billion dollars republicans lost giving tax cuts to the ultra rich could have helped Americans. But NO it only helped the rich.
    Go Joe! We love your ideas.

    1. Sad part is, conservatives will say this is communism. But it’s actually, for once, a president trying to redistribute the wealth more evenly among people. They don’t see it though…dont understand how important that is.

  4. So much difference between Joe Biden and Trump, Joe Biden know the job of a president while Trump know how to abuse the power of the president.

    1. @Kathleen Koval I never voted for Biden and I’m a democrat. He haves already lied. I did not vote in 2020

    2. @Sam Steffen
      Trump lied way more.
      If you can’t chose the lesser of two evils, you’re not acting as an adult but as a child throwing a tantrum.

    1. @mike briganti Rudy isn’t investigating anything. He’s dealing with his defamation lawsuit and the Ukraine issue.

  5. The FBI and justice department operates independent of the president..unless the head of the department of justice is a presidential sycophant

    1. @Unknown Variable I am a US Army veteran I earned my rights to my view points! I was taught I would get a bullet in the head for treason so I expect the same from our corrupt leaders yet it will never happen! RIP America & our constitution!

    2. @Tony Smith its too late. I would be negligent and possibly complicit if I did not turn in my device. 14 mins. Thats how long it took me from reading your post to getting it in the right hands. You threw your life away in 14 mins. Please turn yourself in, it will go much easier than if you make agencies spend money time and resources finding you. If you truly are a Vet do not hurt anyone, do the honorable thing and turn yourself in. You have been lied to and misled, you ro not know what is going on please make it easy on yourself and everyone else just turn yourself in.

    1. @Anneke Greyling not really… not if the investigation began under the previous administration, which is what happened in regards to Rudy..

    2. @Anneke Greyling no he dont, you watch too much faux news dummy. maybe visit a school and learn some basics

  6. It’s not about “big” government, it’s about effective government. An effective government meets the needs of its citizens…the citizens whose tax dollars support them.

    1. It’s time to shorten the leash on Corporations who have been influencing our government to benefit only themselves. Biden’s plans to stop this obscene greed, create green jobs and distribute the wealth will make us a healthy country again!

  7. That’s right, if ur not dirty, there’s no reason for u to get INVOLVED in any investigations an AG is doing! That’s GREAT NEWS for JUSTICE

    1. The FBI can’t take files or anything that has lawyer client privilege. They can’t use it against anyone and its privileged information. Its not legal even the FBI can’t do it.

    2. @Debra Johnson yes they can. A lawyer is able to maintain that as long as they aren’t commuting crimes with or for their clients. Boom. Right out the window.

    3. @Impossiblemusic55 No they can’t. That’s why they were denied twice. They havent charged him with anything. Its Trump they are after really and he isnt charged with anything.

    1. @Andrew woodworth What is good about more government jobs? So you would of wanted to be one of the clergy in the castle back in the 1100’s that would collect all the taxes from the people to give to the King.

    2. @Xavier McDaniel first of all the military complex the contractors that’s all just government jobs, of course it’s jobs that help the rich,. As far as democratic policy for the poor is what biden’s trying to pass now, in the last cares act the only Democrats voted for they raised the tax credit for child deductions, they got a 1,400 check plus 1400, for every kid in the family, they increase the food stamp program, the infrastructure jobs program that the Democrats are pushing now will create jobs for All Americans from the poorest on up, we’ll make it two more years of preschool to get kids education started in the early age. Give working parents with kids help with child care more so for the poorest. I can go on but it wouldn’t do me any good cuz your mind’s already made up.

    3. @Xavier McDaniel Joe Biden estimated wealth is 86 million . Nancy Pelosi is 130 Million . Simple question they are in politics all their lives how do you accumulate that Wealth. You Are a Crook.

    4. @Andrew woodworth For the same reason they did not take Hunter Bidens laptop ,because they want to punish any person who backed Trump and ensure they never get a job again . America is sick to its inside and I fell sorry for you . The Democrats have decided they and they alone will be the party of the future and if they do as much for the average American as they did in the past poverty will reign.

    5. @liam mt Donald Trump is nothing but a liar a con man and he’s in the cause of the insurrection that day when his supporters stormed violently the halls of Congress.

  8. Biden is, as proven, very effective at relinquishing power & letting people do the jobs they were hired for. He’s thankfully, not an egomaniac.

    1. @mike briganti Do you know her schedule?? Dems got a lot on their plates after the mess left by republicans, hold your horses we’ll get there

    2. FBI is corrupt. They only go after one Political Group. That is the definition of corruption. They are all demis. It’s very divisive

  9. A little thing: Did you notice that Biden checked to make sure his wife was getting down the steps from helicopter safely, and that they HELD HANDS as they walked away! Little things show a lot!

    1. Joseph Saetveit
      LOL , well let us see how they do going up the steps LOL I suggest she goes up last so she can catch Joe on the way down 😀

  10. The reason Biden can get so much done is because he doesn’t waste his time on things that are none of his business – like DOJ decisions.

  11. It requires money to make money. This is the best secret ever discovered we don’t make money,we Earn and multiply money…

    1. Without the help of expert David Moore I would have still been in abject poverty struggling with life

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