President Biden Warns Against Inaction On Infrastructure | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

President Biden Warns Against Inaction On Infrastructure | Morning Joe | MSNBC


President Biden on Wednesday pushed back against Republicans criticizing his infrastructure and jobs plan, warning them against inaction. The Morning Joe panel discusses all things infrastructure. Aired on 04/08/2021.
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President Biden Warns Against Inaction On Infrastructure | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. One of the reasons why America was so strong,was an excellent infrastructure,roads,railways,tunnels,bridges,airports,harbors,waterways,…that allowed fast and safe moving of goods,talents and experts.Republicans need to stop crying and help the country.Or,they can go where they like it better,we can do without them.


    2. It’s popular on wall street and main street just pass the ducking bill and stop being defiant children.

    1. He is .. building the wall and caging children .. just like he and obama did before. 5% of Infrastructure bill goes to infrastructure. 9% of covid bill goes to covid relief. Biden is a joke.

  2. Joe Manchin, have to understand it’s not about what he wants. It’s about what the American people wants.

    1. @Michael Dunson everyone’s taxes will go up. You are stupid to think otherwise. I take it you’ve in your mom’s basement.

    2. @Gold_ Ram_5.7 Good everybody need to ship in to rebuild this run down country! But you LIE! He will only raise taxes on people who make over $400K, but you right wingers always have to lie to make your selves feel good!

    3. Why are we allocating only $69 billion for energy infrastructure, grid infrastructure and energy storage infrastructure, but $400 billion for elder care?

      Isn’t this supposed to be an infrastructure plan?

  3. Omg I just love him. He cares about us not the corporations unlike the last one. I am so glad that it’s gone. Now send it to prison and all will start to be better.

    1. @Move on Over working class Republicans are the real sheep… voting against your own interests since Reagan

    2. @Timothy Deering
      I love Biden, too!!! He genuinely cares about the Constitution, America and her people.

    3. If he cares so much why is his allocation so egregiously low compared to what is required as reported by published scientific and engineering studies?

    1. @Selah Thank you Selah. A shameful way to make a living by being paid to troll and doubly shameful to work for Trump.

    2. You mean like how the plan is full of buzz words that don’t mean anything? You mean like how half of the plans don’t have designated cost, which makes his allocations confusing as heck?

    3. @Brian Ah, so you are also one of Trump’s paid trolls. I wonder how you’ll respond when Trump ghosts you like all his followers? Your soul is damaged with every lie and support of lies. I am sorry for you and all the trolls who have bought into Trump dismantling of America and our constitution.

    4. @JieJie You couldn’t be more wrong….

      “Build a more resilient electric transmission system. Through investments in the grid, we can move cheaper, cleaner electricity to where it is needed most. This starts with the creation of a targeted investment tax credit that incentivizes the buildout of at least 20 gigawatts of high-voltage capacity power lines and mobilizes tens of billions in private capital off the sidelines”

      What does this mean? First of all watts in terms of power lines just means the maximum capacity that a line is rated to carry. It has nothing to do with the quantity of infrastructure. I can design a 5000MW 10 mile line and I can design a 200 mile 1000MW line. GW has nothing to do with the quantity, which makes me question who on earth Biden talked to A. Come up with that figure as it’s determined by the engineering of the load, distance, potential difference, environment etc, B who told him that GW was a measure of infrastructure quantity. As it’s written it appears Biden has no idea what he’s talking about.

      “President Biden will establish an Energy Efficiency and Clean Electricity Standard (EECES) aimed at cutting electricity bills and electricity pollution, increasing competition in the market, incentivizing more efficient use of existing infrastructure, and continuing to leverage the carbon pollution-free energy provided by existing sources like nuclear and hydropower.”

      Question: How tf can he come up with the carrying capacity for power lines, but can’t determine the generative capacity of new energy infrastructure? That doesn’t make any sense.

      What is included in this clean energy standard? Clean energy? That’s not a real thing. Coal has been labeled clean energy, so are we now following in Trumps footsteps? Why do politicians insist on using made up terminology as opposed to scientific or technical terminology….

      “All of this will be done while ensuring those facilities meet robust and rigorous standards for worker, public, and environmental safety as well as environmental justice – and all while moving toward 100 percent carbon-pollution free power by 2035.”

      If you increase environmental regulations then it becomes harder to actually complete energy infrastructure projects in time. One of the largest reasons we don’t have a lot of offshore wind development in this country, is because Offshore wind has to meet federal environmental permitting requirements for offshore drilling and construction. Those permits are currently delaying an active wind farm project for 16 YEARS – that’s longer than the total time Biden is allocating for decarbonizing the entire energy industry.

      Which leads me to, “100% carbon free pollution”. Again not a real thing. There is no such thing as carbon free energy. All energy sources emit lifecycle carbon emissions as reported by the Energy Information Administration and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

      Given how Biden refuses to identify the actual sources that he wants to use and how the clean energy tax credit provides no metrics or requirements to allow energy sources to enter, and how Biden doesn’t incentivize decarbonization nor promotes any system for tracking emissions how on earth does he still believe in “zero carbon pollution” by 2035?

    5. @JieJie Unfortunately for you what I believe in is reality. What we should be doing is looking at reports from the US Department of Energy to base our plan on, and from my perspective Biden has not even remotely done this.

      How can I make this claim? Well the following the US Department Of Energy Meta-Development Decarbonization report for the USA. It allocates $7 Trillion for new infrastructure and contains more credible information in its executive summary than Bidens entire career.

      NREL Electricity Futures Report”- I support this.

      Vol. 1: “Exploration of High-Penetration Renewable Electricity Futures”
      Vol. 2: “Renewable Electricity Generation and Storage Technologies”
      Vol. 3: “End-use Electricity Demand”
      Vol. 4: “Bulk Electric Power Systems: Operations and Transmission Planning”

      This plan was made by the following – tell me again how you believe that Biden knows more about energy infrastructure than all of these:

      – National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL)
      – Idaho National Laboratory (INL)
      – Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)
      – Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL)
      – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
      – Sandia National Laboratories (SNL)
      – DOE Office of Electricity
      – DOE Office of Energy Efficency and Renewable Energy
      – DOE Office of Fossil Fuels
      – DOE Office of Nuclear Energy
      – DOE Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security and Emergency Response
      – DOE Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA-E)
      – MIT Energy Initiative
      – Institute of Electronics and Electrical Engineers
      – AAAS
      – American Wind Energy Association
      – European Climate Foundation
      – EASAC-E
      – Electric Power Research Institute
      – EUCI
      Union of Concerned Scientists
      Aotearoa Wave and Tidal Energy Association
      Utility Variable Generation Integration Group
      American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy Western Interstate Energy Board
      – Florida Reliability Coordinating Council
      – Midwest Reliability Organization
      – Northeast Power Coordinating
      – PJM
      – Southeastern Electric Reliability
      – Southwest Power Pool
      – Western Electricity Coordinating Council
      – Electric Reliability Council of Texas
      – California ISO
      – Mid-continent ISO
      – New York ISO
      – ISO New England
      – Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
      – North American Electric Reliability Corporation
      – US Bureau of Land Management
      – US Bureau of Reclamation
      US Geological Survey
      DOE Energy Information Administration
      International Energy Agency
      – Environmental Protection Agency
      – Bonneville Power Administration
      – Southeastern Power Administration
      – Southwestern Power Administration
      – Western Area Power Administration
      – ABB
      – HDR
      – Sargent & Lundy
      – Black & Veatch
      – AECOM
      – TetraTech
      – Terracon
      – EDF
      – DTA Group
      – Stantech
      – Knight Piésold
      – RES Americas
      – HCC Partners
      – TSS Consultants
      – GE
      – Dow Chemical
      – Geothermal Resource Council
      Mink Geohydro
      – Thermal Biofuels Consultants
      – Utility Wind Integration Group
      – Alcatel-Lucent
      – RE Vision Consultants
      – PWT
      – Pratt & Whitney
      – Clipper Windpower
      – Vestas Windpower
      – Windlogics
      – NextEra
      – AEP
      – PG&E
      – Rocky Mountain Power
      – Xcel
      – APS
      – PSNM
      – Duke Energy
      – FPL
      – Excelon
      Ohio State University
      University of California Berkeley
      University of California Los Angeles
      University of California Davis
      Georgia Tech University
      Arizona State University
      University of Hawaii
      George Washington University
      Purdue University
      University of Washington
      Iowa State University
      University of Wisconsin
      Carnegie Mellon University
      Potsdam University for Climate Impact Research
      Max Planck Institute
      University of Edinburgh
      Helsinki University
      University of Oxford
      Austrian Academy of Sciences

      This list contains:
      – 7 US National Labs
      – 6 DOE Offices
      – 3 DOE Agencies
      – 2 DOI Agencies
      – EPA, NERC
      – Every RTO, ISO, TSO, and RCC in the country
      – 4 PMAs
      – 6 Engineering Firms
      – 3 Construction Firms
      – 14 Technical Institutions
      – 6 Environmental Organizations
      – 4 International Energy Organizations
      – 18 US Universities
      – 8 International Universities
      – 10 Major Utilities

      Remind me again who made Bidens plan?

    1. 47 years of nothing and he will give us 2 years of s h! t and after the dems lose the house and the senate in mid terms .. 2 years of stagnation. Biden is a real winner .. NOT

    1. He is listening to the voters who put Biden & trustworthy/ let the republicans go period no matters what he covers the republicans aren’t serving the American’s peoples who are lined up for hours waiting for him! Fire Gaetz/Mitch/Greene/including McCarthy/NOW/ the American people tired of the republicans looser period!

    2. @Zeediana Parnell

      Republican politicians on Capitol Hill no longer legislate; they suffocate.
      They need to be ousted.

      Another blue wave 2022!!!

  4. brilliantly said, ty all. i am so thankful to have a great potus! and so thankful to be rid of t**!

  5. Good job, Mr. President! Thank you for telling republicans to get off their nay-saying, obstructionist buts and finally do something for the country, not just for billionaires, multi-millionaires, and wealthy extremely profitable corporations.

  6. Fire THEM (Republican party wouldn’t work with democrats period/fire Mitch/Gaetes/Hawley/ & hire a new healthy young lawyers who can serve with honors and let the scam bags go!

  7. The rainfall of spending in America needs to be continually monitored to see where it accumulates… and common sense decisions made on how to fix it.

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