Pressure Builds For Justice Breyer To Retire From The Supreme Court | The Last Word | MSNBC

Pressure Builds For Justice Breyer To Retire From The Supreme Court | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


    1. @Long Quang I’m waiting soon one of you psychos are gonna bomb a major corporation headquarters.

    2. The racist race mongers never give up.
      BTW: RBG was a political activist and not a US constitutional jurist.

    3. Do you really mean you NEVER want a President who will serve the people?! Because that’s what you just said.

  1. Any second now, McConnell will be whining that with the midterms only 18 months away, there’s not enough time to seat a judge. Way too close to an election.

  2. Just because it is a lifetime appointment does not mean one needs to spend the rest of their lives on the bench. If we are very lucky the fratboy will be impeached and removed.

    1. Won’t happen until there is a clear and overwhelming majority in the Senate. Even though the Democrats currently control the Senate it’s still a split Senate. And we all know how the last impeachment went.

    2. @Doug Ohaver if boofer is disbarred then it’s a brand new ball game. there is an extremely good chance he committed crimes on his way to the sc.

    3. I strongly agree you shouldn’t drop dead on a job because of your ego telling you that no one else can do as great a job as you can, no one is indispensable one should be able to find something else to do that they can enjoy😳

  3. I wish there was a different process for nominating and confirming SCOTUS Justices. Some way that would reduce the partisan bs that often comes along with filling a seat.
    *I mean, I also wish a million bucks would fall into my lap right now, but I understand that’s probably never gonna happen. 😉

    1. Selection and confirmation to the Supreme Court should not be in the hands of politicians. The sickening sight of the turtle chortling over his achievement of stacking the courts to get the numbers that will support a political ideology makes the point clearly enough. No matter to him that some of them are not qualified. Having an “R” next to their name is all that matters.

    2. Suzy Q be careful a million dollars in 20s would not fall in your lap. it may hit you in the head from high above because good luck and bad luck travel together!! Love and Peace be with you Sweet Suzy !!!!

    3. SCOTUS judges need to have term limits, so does Congress. It is so wrong to let anyone have a life appointment. It gives one person too much power!

    4. Here in the UK the appointment of judges is not a political issue. Judges are appointed by the Lord Chancellor, the most senior judge in the land and also a cabinet minister, but not for their political opinions

  4. The MAGACultists whining about Biden packing the Court were sure fine with McTurtle cheating Garland out of a hearing then cramming in Serena Joy Barrett during an election year.

    1. Last year of first term is totally different than last year of second term. It’s not that hard to understand the Biden rule.

    2. @1aml3g3nd13 Last year of FIRST term and last year of SECOND term,…big difference. One person has the chance to be re-elected, the other person can’t run for re-election,…it’s the JOE BIDEN RULE.

    3. @Cold Beer that’s not the argument the gop used. The spot opened while they were in power, so they’re filling it. Timing be damned. Elections have consequences.
      Unfortunately for them, that door will swing both ways.

  5. Time to go. We can’t have another one cling to the seat that belongs to the people who put him there and die during a Qrazy GOP admin. Thank you for your service. Now serve the people by retiring this year so Biden has the time to replace you with someone younger and someone who represents the rest of America.

  6. There should be no limit to 9 justices! We can keep adding more than 9 justices until there is a balance of equal representation of Democrat and Republican nominated justices on the bench.

    1. That would be PERFECT!!!! Clarence Thomas would ‘blank’ in his pants. And it would be a great apology from President Biden to her.

    2. Anita hill and clarence thomas on the same commitee… i side with hill, yet i feel this would be a toxic environment for judicial justice.

  7. Mitch McConnell: “It would be inappropriate for the Senate to confirm a new Justice during the last four years of a President’s term”. LoL

    1. @XTbum333 My comment is directed at Republicans. They have been placing unqualified judges not Democrats.

    2. @Jack Duncan Dream on. Many of the over 200 judges trump and mcconnell appointed the American Bar Association said were unqualified. And, there is nothing patriotic about that.

    1. At the same time let’s look at the Radical woke Left. Let’s look at Biden, he sure isn’t running the country, so who is? If you want a free America, educate yourself. Don’t believe everything on bias main stream media need programs which are liberal and promote misinformation or disinformation. Educate yourselves is all l ask?

    2. @Linda Douglass wtf does any of what you said have to do with this? This whole whataboisim fallacy those on the right persistently engage in significantly erodes good discourse in this country. Anything you dont like is fake news…which shields from any form of criticism, anything you dont agree with is considered radical left which means any good natured debate on the discussion can’t be had because evidence that goes against the point your wanting to make or against what your view on things of will just be dismissed as radical left or mainstream indoctrination, and when yiu throw on top of that the whataboutism, which anytime a discussion about the side you happen to agree with occurs you just shift the discussion from your side to another. Nobody on this planet is perfect, and everyone is able to be criticized and I mean imagine if a defense attorney could use as a defense for his defendant on trial for murder, wwell what about ted Bundy, he murdered 30 woman, my client murdered only 1, so let’s ignore what we are on trial for now and focus on Bundy….that would be absurd…and if we wanna talk about double standards…thats different…but the solution to having double standards isnt to have no standards at all. Thats what’s wrong with this entire thing the right commonly does in discourse, because all this does is muddy the waters.

  8. We also need to investigate Trump’s judicial appointments across all levels. Trump had a habit of appointing for loyalty over qualification (the ABA rated several as not qualified, which is rare) and we need to impeach any which ween’t qualified.

  9. Supreme and High Court Judges have to retire at 70 here in Australia. Ordinary lawyers have to retire at 79. Why? Public indemnity insurance cuts off to lawyers at 80 and you can’t get a practicing certificate without it.

    1. Flynn-effect: your grandparents, if they were considered intelligent on their generation will be perceived borderline imbeciles when compared to your generation.

  10. 82 !!!!!! Of course people should be able to work in their senior years but 82 !!!!! Come on. There is a BIGGER picture here then the “me, myself and I”. RETIRE NOW !

  11. In cultures where the wisdom of the elders is honoured, many elders assume an advisory role, rather than an active one in government.

  12. Lifetime appointments are crazy. It puts pressure on the Justices. It could be organised so that there is a five year period, say from 70 to 75 years old, during which a justice must retire or be reappointed.

  13. President Biden doesn’t need to wait for any judges to retire. The republicans have forced the issue of expanding the SCOTUS. In order to keep the court fair, seats need to be expanded. I’m pretty sure if the shoe was on the other foot the republicans wouldn’t hesitate.

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