Teen Who Recorded George Floyd's Death Gives Heart-Wrenching Testimony | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Teen Who Recorded George Floyd’s Death Gives Heart-Wrenching Testimony | The Last Word | MSNBC


Melissa Murray, a law professor at New York University, and Judith Browne Dianis, executive director of the national office of the Advancement Project, join Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss a day of powerful testimony, including by the teenager who recorded George Floyd's death. Aired on 03/31/2021.
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Teen Who Recorded George Floyd's Death Gives Heart-Wrenching Testimony | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. They need to de doubly punished with great power comes great responsibility and grave consequences

    2. @Harlan Parker Jr I would be happy to see them just have justice served on them. A cop in the same department should never investigate his coworker.

    3. @Life Is good same to you god is great he always does his part. But please arm up and stay dangerous please I most definitely am and i defend my ppl and my family at all times vigorously

    1. With his own people telling him to stop being so crazy before he went for a weapon. EVERYBODY knows this. And EVERYBODY knows about your Soros Color Revolution efforts.

  1. What is despicable about the chauvin defense team was they are questioned the witness criminal record and tried to insinuate that because of her criminal record, her testimony should not be validated.

    1. And WHAT a surprise that this black ALSO has a CURRENT RECORD! Who would EVER
      have guessed that? I for one am SHOCKED! SHOCKED, I tell you!

    2. It’s the classic NHIC Defense. And too often it works. Look at how even children killed by cops will result in a flood of gangbanger and gangsta rapper photos that are being passed off as the victim.

    3. @Insignificant360 now Chauvin’s defense team is saying because of her felony fraud charges, her testimony should be completely discredited. She has no credibility even though she was the one who recorded the incident that led to Floyd’s death. The video itself has credibility issue. That is about the defense attorney is saying.

  2. Clearly if someone gets shot in the chest, there is a way to prove they did not die from a shot in the chest. Ridiculous.

    1. @thom wessels I don’t know if you understood my sarcasm. He died from having a knee on his neck for 8 minutes, and the defense attorney is trying to prove that is not how he died.

  3. Defense: “The cause of Floyd’s death are complex and really only an expert would be able to conclude this was as murder.”
    A child: “The white man killed the black man.”
    Defense: “Oh, hey…how many Do-Over’s do we get? I’d like to use one, if that’s ok.”

  4. Wow the title was misleading. I expected to actually see the testimony. I came prepared to cry. They did not even talk about it. The one with the off duty firefighter was moving today though. I Can not see how this monster could get off unless this is all rigged. The city already admitted guilt and his family will live a better life for George. Was there any truth to him having a drug overdose as well? Or was that a lie? What was the official cause of death?

    1. George Floyd was serving /selling narcotics on the street and as he was being arrested, decided to swallow the fentanyl “evidence” just before he was put to the ground with a knee on his neck which I do not agree with but apparently individual police Depts have different codes of ethics when it comes to arresting individuals . Bottomline here is George Floyd was street dealing , swallowed the drugs that he had on him and just so happens that Fentanyl is cheaper than heroin and makes double the money in profit and he passed away at the hospital. Not from the knee on his neck

    2. @Truth Matters Do you have a source for that? Cause this is the first time I’ve heard of that. As far as I know they arrested him for using false dollar bills.

    3. @Truth Matters Oh No, So he could have OD. Fact still is he was held there till he was not breathing and nothing was done. Cop may get second or manslaughter. Hope he is convicted of something.

    4. Two autopsy reports said the manner of George Floyd’s death was a homicide. Neither said the cause of his death was a fentanyl overdose.

      The Hennepin County medical examiner found fentanyl in Floyd’s system, but the autopsy said the cause of his death was “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law-enforcement subdual restraint, and neck compression.”

      Experts told the Washington Post they did not believe Floyd died from the fentanyl.

    1. @Truth Matters He didn’t have the chance. There’s a full bodycam video of his arrest on youtube. First hand view of everything in close-up.

    2. Is anyone here old enough to remember watching the O J trial???
      Same kind of BS as here…. everyone was a legal expert

  5. the real question is…what is the government & media doing behind the scenes while they distract all of us with the trial?

  6. I suspect the cop will get off scott free, and we will sadly have another summer of riots, destruction and death. When will this cycle ever end?

    1. When white police are convicted of killing black people. They have no problem convicting black police. Just ask Mohomad Noor.

  7. The justice system is on trial here too. The question remains, why was the family of George Floyd’s medical examiner’s findings not allowed as evidence? 
    ‘There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.’

  8. . Here’s a thought: that little girl’s testimony pointing to Derek Chauvin as George Floyd’s killer should be the standard on which this trial hinges.

  9. Did the nine year old and the 17 year old get any kind of counseling after witnessing the murder if not would someone please see to it that they get counseling.

    1. What about the pregnant women that he stuck his pistol into during a home invasion he did? do you think just maybe that upset her?

    2. @karl harrison you dont care about that woman any more than you care about these kids so just stop pretending you arent just looking for an excuse to blame a victim.

    3. @Harlan Parker Jr Mr Parker if you’re referring to me knowing that the kids aren’t going to be helped from some type of counseling I don’t agree with that young minds cannot know all the answers and it certainly wouldn’t hurt for them to sit down and talk with someone to get out whatever they may be feeling don’t you agree

    4. @Noreb they always try to redirect the subject… Example Jan 6th,… what about BLM Oh LORD!! Some of them

  10. I believe this wouldn’t be happening if this country wanted to what is godly right it’s shameful and God will take of it Amen what comes around goes around Amen

  11. If Chauvin is found not guilty, will the city of Minneapolis demand Floyd’s family return the 27 million they were awarded….???

    1. Nope and they’ll have to pay a lot more to repair all the damage that will be done. They just need to convict him and keep it moving.

  12. Excessive use of force by cop = illegal act by cop = murder charges = mandatory prison for cop. No exception.

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