Preview Of The Upcoming Defense Strategy In The Derek Chauvin Murder Trial | MSNBC

Preview Of The Upcoming Defense Strategy In The Derek Chauvin Murder Trial | MSNBC 1


  1. I think the prosecution and witnesses are doing a fantastic job.. We may actually see some form of justice.

    1. Can you imagine if Derek Chauvin walks 😂 god their will be so much public backlash across the states lol 😆

    1. A doodling, deluded, racist wee power hungry guy with a chip on his shoulder. I hope he goes down. All the best from a wee Scottish lassie.

  2. Chauvin will be made an example of,
    and all other police will hopefully receive the message.
    The days of wantonly murdering people in the street are over.

    1. Yea he will be made an example of. He’ll get off, and prove that black lives don’t matter to police. They’ll keep killing with no consequences.

    2. Oh they are getting the message. That’s why Minnesota is struggling to find officers to hire which is causing crime to skyrocket.

    1. @Strawberries Nd Crème Watchu talkin’ bout, Willis? They could give Chauvin the DEATH PENALTY and
      our beloved Nike Store looters would STILL burn their OWN FREEKING NEIGHBORHOODS TO THE GROUND!!!

    2. @bryanatwku What’s to lose? George Floyd caused his own
      death. The evidence and experts have clearly shown that.

    3. @bryanatwku Yeah I do. I’ve watched the trial, Cletus. I’ll bet you’re easily entertained by
      well educated people blabbering up a storm. Carry on, Cletus. You may learn something about trials.

  3. The fact is that Chauvin already had 17 complaints against him. Unbelievable to see what he did in plain sight and thought he would get away with it!

    1. @Number 3 Stunner At least another life long, violent felon is permanently ‘cured’. Hallelujah!

    2. @Al Notterbot LEOs deal with the very worst scum of the earth on a daily basis. Of COURSE he
      had complaints against him! If he didn’t he was probably NOT doing his JOB!! Complaints
      against the PO-Lice are a great way to get a retirement plan when one has had a lazy, no count
      lifetime of failures to launch!

    3. @B so…what you’re saying…is we’re still racist, got it, now stop saying we don’t need to acknowledge the racism and instead should just ignore it and think it’ll just go away. Which us something literally said by the GOP. I mean if you think that us hiding our country’s racism in the justice system makes us better than another country, then that’s just sad.

  4. And Chauvin had all 140 lbs. of his bodyweight on George Floyd’s neck. While Floyd was in a prone position where he couldn’t expand his rib cage, he had 140 lbs. on his neck. Don’t try minimizing that sh*t. It is insulting to anyone with average intellect and common sense.

  5. ‘The crowd is a threat because I’m killing a black guy, I better finish killing him to calm them down’ sounds like sound reasoning from Chauvin

    1. @Steve Martin Haven’t heard any more from Stevie ‘Nancy’ Martin.
      Guess she’s busy with her hormone therapy.

    2. @thom wessels you really are an amateur aren’t you. I’m sure you double posted your last message because you couldn’t find a teenager in your house that Matt Gaetz hasn’t slept with to help you with. Leave the jokes to the professionals. Besides, I was busy with work, 2 hours of boxing, and 45 minutes lifting weights. I’m a busy man, and I still maintain no one takes you seriously because you can’t stay on topic. You want nothing to do with the trial of murderer Derek Chauvin.

      You came here to talk about protests and culture nonsense because your kids and/or wife won’t talk to you.

    3. @Steve Martin Wow, you sure have a fantastic imagination. I get it, you are terrified that you’ll look like a fool when engaged in a tough discussion with me. Happens when I try to have nutless liberals man up. Be glad that you are in good company, my little liberal coward.

    4. @thom wessels debate what? You didn’t come here to talk about the fired former officer and current murderer Derek Chauvin. You came to this YouTube comment thread because your daughter (maybe your son) is underneath a big burly black dude as we speak. No matter how much you post there’s that’s image of your little girl getting railed by a guy with dreads who’s name you can’t pronounce and all this is happening under a smiling picture of Obama.

      Have a great one Thom.👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  6. Headline: “Woman decapitates husband with chainsaw” Eric Nelson defends wife claiming husband died of lung cancer

  7. “Derek Chauvin did exactly, what he had been trained to do”

    Excessive force and kneeling academy: “yes”

  8. Yeah when I feel threatened I always smirk & put my hands in my pockets while nonchalantly murdering someone.

    I understand & agree that everyone deserves a defence, but do they really have to defend someone in such a disgusting bs way?

  9. Can you imagine if Derek Chauvin walks 😂 god their will be so much public backlash across the states lol 😆

  10. The threshold of when to use force… is what needs clarification… if this happens do these things… procedure.
    Like the black box in a plane, the desire to prevent the same outcome is needed to succeed.
    Leaving a trial Like this without forwarding the solution to those watching, successfully creating understanding of what really went wrong… is good for everyone involved.
    And the prevention of this happening again is a good will showing that will defuse any future uprisings on claims that nothing is being done.
    We can figure this out and not “cop” an attitude 😤.

  11. It takes 10mins of kneeling on someones neck to detain them?? This whole trial is a circus. Someone being murdered on vid! And we need a 2wk trial. Ridiculous.

  12. The suggestion that Mr. Floyd could suddenly get up from his position in the ground (on his stomach, with his hands tied behind his back) is absurd. If at all he could get up from this position, it would have taken him long – leaving plenty of time for the 4 police officers in the scene to push him back to the ground. I’d suggest the prosecution ask Mr. Chauvin to lie on his stomach with his hands behind his back and show the jury that a person in that position is capable of quickly getting on his feet.

  13. The neighbours accused a woman of smashing up her house when a shoddy pair of wardrobes fell down. Although the woman was isolated she was sparky enthusiastic talkative and very animated especially with the right person. That day she was taken off to a mental hospital for the ‘loud’ and ‘crashing’ sounds coming from her home and for being ‘exictable’.
    Months later she returned home a shadow of her former self after been carthed full of drugs.
    The sparkle had gone from her eyes and she was mute. Gone was the bubbly excitable character that lived to hurt no-one. That’s what was done to GF in a way…………….

  14. Yeah there is a “growing crowd” of people concerned for Floyd and pleading with Chauvin to not murder him. Derek Chauvin deliberately murdered Floyd, we all saw the video. We all saw the look on Dereks face, he liked murdering Floyd. He got an adrenaline rush from that

  15. The crowd ESCALATED ONLY AFTER they realized a psychopath with a badge was murdering a man in ; broad daylight.

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