Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has waded into the debate over COVID-19 lockdown protests | TREND LINE 1

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has waded into the debate over COVID-19 lockdown protests | TREND LINE


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Trend Line's Rachel Aiello and Nik Nanos discuss Prime Minister Justin Trudeau entering the growing debate over anti-lockdown protests.

He's not the only one, last week Premier Jason Kenney condemned those in Alberta who attended a massive anti-lockdown rodeo in the province.

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    1. rumple only had two or three words to remember; “It’s great”; and, “get the shot”.

    1. He probably could, and he has to in many cases, but there’s no reason for him to wing it when he has the ability to prepare before the time.

  1. yet you will go kneel at a BLM protest last year during the height of the pandemic. practice what you preach trudeau

    1. @Pokarot lmfao I’ll wear 10in that case. maybe that will negate the manufacturers advisory that they are not effective against viruses

    2. @Thorpe Stanford Masks have been proven to be effective in reducing the transmission of covid in peer-reviewed scientific papers.

      You literally stated that you have no idea what you’re talking about because you think that a legal cop-out has more weight than evidence.

    3. @Pokarot they also have been deemed unsafe and not effective by other peer-reviewed studies.

    4. Did you attend a BLM Protest, I did and everyone had to wear a mask and social distance or you could not take part. So you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    1. @MeMyPCandI no they didn’t and I don’t know what town or city you live in but where I am and everywhere else I’ve been in the country which is all provinces but the territories have and have always had small business be they diners or small clothing and shoe stores etc. I know of no town or city that has only Wal Mart Costco and Big buy. Many that have all three but none exclusively all three.

    2. @Edgar Foerster also, the shoe stores and clothing stores found in malls are not small businesses.. in fact they aren’t even available to be franchised..

    3. @Edgar Foerster the reason I know so much is because I fought and lost for small business in the 90s!!

    4. @MeMyPCandI and we know where big box goods are manufactured. Nobody likes buying from their neighbour any more. Too expensive I suppose.

  2. So he had too read that off a written document but I suppose it would have been too difficult for the moron to try to use his own words. What a state this country is in because of Mr. Dress up.

  3. Its just another way of saying “Your papers please”. This country is turning into something I dont recognize anymore

  4. Only a Ninja Wears Mask

    I am so greatly offended seeing everyone wearing masks right now during this pandemic because as a secretly highly trained Ninja Assassin, you need to be trained in mastering the arts of Ninjutsu in an underground dojo instructed by your grandmaster sensei before you have the legal rights to become a shinobi.

    1. @Pokarot whats the data on flu cases over covid cases? You cant provide that info? Then gtfo

    2. @Pokarot Show how many flu cases there where in 2020 , how many flu deaths in 2020? How many of both in 2019?

    3. @Lebensmüde Go with the CDC always:
      and then it depends HEAVILY on the week of the year, differentiating by year is a bit odd as you can have random spikes that’s easier to differentiate by week and throws in a bit of oddities that you can’t exclude outliers from due to clusters / outbreaks.

      If you look at percent deaths for pneumonia / influ / and now covid, it’s usually around 6.5% per year that increased to 10.9% per year in 2020.

      It’s not surprising to see influ take a significant dip in cases as the measures against covid also work against influ.

      Now that I’ve answered your question please tell me how testing facilities are able to differentiate with confidence between respiratory viruses like influ a / b, RSV, or covid.

  5. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has waded into the debate over COVID-19 lockdown protests | TREND LINE

  6. Trudeau speaks of respect!? That’s funny. He shows no respect for Canadians yet. Does he know what the word means?

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