Pro-Trump Lawyers Called Out In Court 1

Pro-Trump Lawyers Called Out In Court


Rachel Maddow talks with David Fink, attorney for the city of Detroit in the case in which pro-Trump attorneys are facing possible sanctions from a federal judge over their involvement in a lawsuit attempting to overturn the 2020 presidential election results in Michigan.
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    1. What do you do with people who for some reason willingly agree with this lie? Remember T***p did the same thing with the 2016 election, how can you say that its rigged against you only if you lose?

    1. US has always be corrupt but now we are a third world corrupt. We have no room to tell other nations how to hold their elections.

    1. “Not like I know them. But i need to get some of my stuff out of their houses and offices.”

  1. Agree whole heartedly! No one is above the law. Accountability should be for everyone no matter their status.

    1. Oh no not for the Donald he said he could do anything and nothing would happen to him let’s see! Right now he’s looking pretty good but if there’s a God and I’m sure there is Donald Trump would be no longer in politics. Our father has other plans for him!

    1. I agree. It seems everyone involved in the “Big Lie”, and I mean everyone, seems to weasel their way out of any accountability. It’s horrifying.

    2. Trump is banned from Twitter and no longer president. Media gives the big lie air time. They love the big lie cause it means profits. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander?

    1. @Ice 247
      Where is your evidence that he lied?
      And don’t quote CNN MSNBC or any other psychotic leftists news sources that lie for their paycheck.

    2. @Jerry Smith This youtube account joined March 20, 2021. It’s literally right there in your user information. “Got your false information from Google I guess.” No, you’re just a completely delusional troll buddy. “Insert misinformation, insert general negative statement regarding democrats or leftists.” Why you’re nothing more than a lying tool, are you?

    3. Even fox is aware of trump’s misinformation, they are now using a disclaimer when they air trump speeches.

    1. Telling the lies to the base, and turning around and saying that no one in their right mind would believe their lies.

  2. One of the most coherent and convincing arguments for immediate suspensions and then sanctions for those who exploited their positions of influence to spread the big lie – all for the benefit of the former guy.

  3. Why did it take so long? This should have been legally resolved the moment they were spreading lies to overthrow an election they didn’t like.

  4. IF I yell “FIRE!” in a crowded theater and there was no fire, but people get trampled and killed? I am liable.

    1. @Mark Ray and don’t forget Biden outlawed hamburgers and is going to lock us all up in the FEMA camps Obama made for us!!

    2. @Alric the Red poor white people still get a lesser sentence in my state then a poor black person or minority.

    3. @Papa Legba: I can’t say, one way or the other. You’d have to see all the numbers, close up. This sounds like a narrative you prefer, so it’s hard to say how accurate what you’re saying is.

      I just saw a statistic yesterday that an average of three people a day are shot by police. The report goes on to say that half of them are black or people of color. That means _half_ of them are white. But you never hear about white people getting shot by the police, and white people are shot in far greater numbers.

    4. @Drought Tolerant the courts found nothing get over your self trump Lost. Period in every thing he touched

  5. Disbar every last one of those seditionist. Powell, Rudy and others need to be in prison for their lies.

  6. If EVERY one of these “lawyers” isn’t disbarred, then the BAR is just as culpable as the traitor attorneys.

    1. @ryder layne So… Guess you’re going to overlook the fact that impeachments are not legal proceedings that do not utilize the concept of evidence in the same way our courts do? What does your brain tell you they are?

    2. @RM M and we do know that the Russian collusion was paid for by the DNC and HRC. like I said over Four years ago all roads to Russia begin at the DNC….

    3. @ryder layne Do try to keep up. We’re talking about impeachment, not… whatever it is that you’re bringing up.

    4. @ryder layne No, you clearly don’t understand what I’m saying. Evidence does not decide who is guilty like in a court of law. Senate votes do the deciding and they are cast along party affiliation, regardless of whether the official is guilty of not.

    1. @Lucas Lombardo
      Boy, you really got me huh?
      Sorry I don’t argue with
      #1. Children.
      #2. People who have half of my IQ.
      #3 adults who have mental disabilities.
      I’m sure at least two of those fits you.

  7. Finally these lawyers are getting punished and they should all be disbarred and frankly should go to jail

  8. It’s a No Brainer. Those “lawyers ” should be scrubbing toilets by now. Our wheels of justice grind too slowly.

    1. It wasn’t just Trump. He had the Mainstream Media that help him get elected. The weakass DNC that SELECTED HRC over Sen. Sanders in 2016. Trump is ( has always been ) a coward, draft dodger and disgusting sub-human. Everything he did in his 4 years as an President was the very same things he has done his entire sad life.


    2. @Randy Krank The “Mainstream Media” did not help t’Rump! Are you deaf and blind? FauxNoise, NoiseMax, OneAmericanNoise, and RushLimpaw, and AlexJones and “The National Expirer” did.

    3. @MeanGeneSanDiego No. The mainstream media and its obsession with everything Trump is responsible for helping get him elected. The media coverage was worth billions in exposure. Basically free campaign ads. Every time he did or said something idiotic, controversial, whatever got 24/7 coverage, basically sucking up all the air leaving substantial, thoughtful and contemplative coverage no room. There has been a LOT of discussion about how the major news outlets helped put him in office in 2016

  9. Lying in court to further a coup by a criminal traitor should have REALLY SERIOUS consequences!

  10. Looks like the air has finally started to deflate out of the balloon the entire GOP been blowing on

  11. Since nothing happened to Sydney Powell immediately after her defense of, ” no reasonable person…” She sees herself as clear to keep spouting this BS. Other lawyers will see it the same way. Justice delayed is justice denied (to the rest of us who want this rubbish to STOP!)

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