Texas Democrats Press Senators For Voting Rights Help 1

Texas Democrats Press Senators For Voting Rights Help


Texas State Rep. Trey Martinez Fischer talks with Rachel Maddow from a bus full of Texas House Democrats who have flown to Washington, D.C., depriving Texas House Republicans of the quorum they need to pass their voter suppression bill, to appeal to Senate Democrats to pass a federal voting rights backstop against state Republican voting rights rollbacks.  
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    1. @Augie Rockero You see how so many Latinos are voting red now, so many black people are voting red. All that’s gonna be left are you rich white liberals. I got tired of you pandering to me and calling me LatinX. My mentality matured and not long after I stopped playing a victim all the time and looking for help from the government and me and my wife(A Jamaican woman) opened a residential/commercial cleaning buisness, her mentality also grew and we are happier people now that we don’t have liberals like you talking us how inferior we are and we need your white knightedness. We became individuals and it made us strong and we are living better than we ever have. That’s it. Maybe one day you will grow up too. That’s what tends to happen when people become Adults they go red. And Libertad Cuba from the lefties!!!!!

    2. @Augie Rockero Your probably still sitting at home collecting unemployment. I’m a boss at my own company ( well second boss, my wife is the real boss) have fun being a miserable victim. I’m gonna stay red and keep my newfound knowledge,motivation, individualism and happiness. If you become a self sustaining hard working adult one day I might give you a job

  1. The polls clearly show that all, yes all- people want voting ID. Is that such a problem? 71% democrats, independents, and republicans. All parties , all people

    1. @Ragne K’Yaeger did you read the article you sent? The entire article point to the racism at the polls from wait time discrepancies … did you read any further than that?

      The entire article points at that it’s racist because white people had to wait 9 minutes to vote and black people had to wait 11 minutes. Again, you posting this just destroys your point, it’s laughable to say a 3 min difference is racism . Then it makes a point saying way more people turned out to vote and it increase wait times unevenly so that’s another reason for racism? I’m sure it has nothing to do with the fact that black people primarily live in cities so there will of course be more people , but no I’m sure that 20 min jump in wait time is the racism you were looking for to justify eliminating voter id laws.

    2. @Matt who is talking about eliminating voter IDs, again, you put another false statement on me. Read again, there are no such statements from me.

      “By 2018, those 15 states had closed 1,688 polling places since 2012. Racism was again at play: Of the 750 sites closed in my state, Texas, 542 were in the 50 counties that had seen the largest increases during those years of Black and Latino populations.”
      Now claim again there is no aim to render those voting centers ineffective by focusing a large number of people into a small number of polling places. 😉
      Those tactis actually increase waiting lines.
      And here’s another one:
      “But as the percentage of nonwhite voters in a precinct increased, so did wait times – from 5 minutes in districts that were 90% white or more, to 32 minutes in districts that were 90% nonwhite or more.”
      “On June 9, many Georgia voters waited between four and eight hours.”

      To summarize our conversation here:
      First, you can’t admit the fact that you can’t share links in this channel here, avoiding to stand on no ground to request informations via links.
      Second, you make the false statement “I claim you have to wait 2 years for ID cards to be handed out”, which came from “victor janusz” not me.
      Again, here you can’t admit making a wrong into a right and avoiding to stand false with your standpoint.
      Third, you ignore the shared information about the actuall Texas law which include voting IDs already and the bill from 07 Mai of 2021 which
      informs about what changes would have come.
      Lastly, you ignore the whole article and the shared quotes which doesn’t support your claim of “it’s laughable to say a 3 min difference is racism”.
      Taking only a handful of information to support your narrative and avoid anything else what could damage that image.

      Man, you’re really a handful here.
      Wonder if anyone else will read those informations here x’D

    3. @Bryon Popplewell There have polls open 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. That’s 15 freaking hours to vote. What were the previous poll hours. We’re they decreased, as you claim or actually extended?

  2. Insurrection definition – an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government

    1. @DarrinCrose You sound kind of special….Are you one of those short bus people those lawyers talk about?

    2. The Democrats are not fighting back…..Let’s stop pretending and just get to the civil war already…I’ve been wanting to bash some MAGAT skulls

    3. @Alex Samaris All BLM terrorists and Democrats should be thrown in jail for burning cities last year.

  3. The state of Delaware where potato Joe is from has MORE voting restrictions then Texas has, Texas is voting for 12 days early voting and expanding hours of voting. How is that restrictions, and if your arguing for voting restrictions then it affects EVERYONE, no where in any laws in any states does it say Black and Latino restrictions . Anyone against these so called voting restrictions are just trying to keep it easy to steal elections.

  4. What’s the point of protecting voting rights if the Dems won’t use their power to accomplish anything when they get into office?

    1. What are you talking about they open the border They killed the pipeline and all the jobs gasoline prices are up almost up 1.50.. This is what these Communist do

    2. @#Truth is Treason We are not responding to Kevin C simply because anyone paying attention to facts knows he’s just spreading the same old conspiracy bull crap he always spreads. One minute you republicans are complaining the boarder is too strict on the people crossing the boarder and then the next minute your accusing the Democrats of opening the boarders. Why would we try to respond to idiots like that? Gas prices are now back to what they were before Trump’s pandemic. And the pipeline conspiracy has been debunked a hundred times now. There we responded!!! Happy now????

  5. Cartels run countries and theirs nothing you can do to stop it because they control the way you receive your news/ info

  6. Thay have no case… Voter ID is not voter suppression that’s a joke… It’s really called voters security !! Melon village should be for only those who need them !! If they really cared they would make it easier for seniors to vote certain people to vote make a voting stations just for them !!

    1. You Trump supporting fools, keep referring to voter ID laws, and say that is the reason Democrats are pushing for HR1. NO it has nothing to do with voter IDs in fact we want that too. What we are fighting against is red states like Texas trying to prevent people from voting. By closing polling places early, removing drop boxes only in black and brown communities. And changing the laws so that Republican judges can reverse an election just because the right wingers don’t like the outcome. That’s the law Texas is trying to pass and that’s what Democrats are fighting against.

    2. @Anita Bruton mail in ballots should not be aloud….polling stations should stay open late !

  7. It’s funny how the democrats keep calling Texas a “disaster” but yet we’ve gained seats in congress due to people fleeing TOWARDS Texas for a better life. Huh. Go figure.

    1. Exactly! It’s absurd. I can’t wait to vote these idiots out. Local politics have never been more important than this day and age.

    2. The problem is that they run from their politics, then try to implement the same policies once they move in!

    3. @Pay Attention yup. I don’t get how some lefties moving to red states are so blind to the reasons they’re choosing to move in the first place. VOTE THEM OUT!


  9. Dems would be wise to trot out some people who actually had their voting rights suppressed and let them answer questions about how they felt they were suppressed. We could all debate whether their complaints were legitimate and decide if we wanted to change the laws because of them.

  10. Biden is a joke, a puppet for the Democrats! The American people deserve a fair election and identification should be used during the election!

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