Production Ramping Up For Over-The-Counter Coronavirus Test | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Production Ramping Up For Over-The-Counter Coronavirus Test | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. Finally some good news on The Covid-19 Front and something Donald tRump can’t claim was done ✅ because of him. Thank you Australia 🇦🇺!

    1. this isnt good…we’ve already paid for this with our tax dollars that were part of the operation warp speed…now we have to pay for the test and the shot???

    2. Silly Cat 🐈: Did you not even listen to the news before posting your dribble? Australia 🇦🇺 developed it and has nothing to do with Donald tRumps “Warped” sense of humor!

    1. @Life is better when I do something. They are saying the current situation is so dire, they have to choose between food or medical care. This should be given to the public, not bought.

    1. I’d be happier if trump hadn’t let it run unabated and if he hadn’t had dozens of superspreader events.

  2. I initially did a double-take when she said it would cost $30,000 over the counter. I can imagine a lot of Walgreens doctors being deeply disappointed when she corrected herself

  3. If they are anything like their formrer fuhrer, Americans should beware of the risks here.
    Testing negative on one day does not mean you will test negative on all subsequent days.

    1. and beyond that, there can be a delay in testing positive after becoming infectious too. It will help fix the long turn around time for test results in countries like the US though

  4. If Don the Con was still around, he and his grifter-in-Law Jared would just sell these tests on the black market like they did with the “missing” 20M doses ($1B worth) of Covid vaccine.

  5. LOLz …. they keep pilling up these data! ….. why would a test kit have a WiFi-connect to my phone? …. smfh…

  6. It looks great but you realize how much more plastics are being introduced to this already plastic laden planet.

  7. I like the part where the Commander in Bleach cried about “the cupboards being empty” and yet still found a way to leave the next president….no vaccines left over.

  8. Its just too bad our own scientist couldnt come up with this test why do we always have to go to another country to get something that we should have done ourselves

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