Prosecuting Trump: Insider Says NY DA Blinked In Trump Org Probe

As New York DA Cy Vance runs his second investigation involving the Trump Organization, a veteran of his office currently running to replace him says his office held "backroom meetings" in a previous investigation of malfeasance at Trump Soho and asserts the case "should not have been shut down."
(This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. Please God let whomever will have the strength and courage to drive a stake into Dracula’s heart, win this race

    1. @Kenny Hill so your saying there’s only one or two religions in Africa?, little you know you mean.

    2. @Andrew Burd well were not all legal experts but you know who is….let them answer your question.

    3. @recompile I too am ignorant about religion, as well as the history of the easter bunny… what’s your point? that if somehow i learn more about the easter bunny i’ll start believing in it?

      A fairy tale is a fairy tale.

    4. @Cristian Armaselu how do you know people born in Africa didn’t believe in God. You don’t basing your comments on your feelings and emotions. Which means you are a liberal uneducated and brainwashed

    1. @Keith Copeland Keith allow me to educate you on everything that the fake news CNN and MSNBC got wrong. The Brett Kavanaugh hearings. The Covington Kid story. The Fake Russian collusion. The Fake Impeachment. The Fake Ukraine story. The Fake Impeachment again. Juicy Smollet, Skanky Daniel’s and her great lawyer Michael Avenetti lol. Where is that moron now? The race car driver and the fake noose and the list goes on and on. Hopefully that will clear things up for you. Go ahead your turn.

    2. Like Bob Dylan’s 1980s song said, “They say that patriotism is the last refuge to which a scoundrel clings. Steal a little and they throw you in jail. Steal a lot and they make you king.”

  2. I’m starting to realize I’m watching this stuff just to get my anxiety level up. Lock him up already.

    1. @Tricia C No president, former or otherwise, has ever been convicted of a crime. I don’t expect things to change now. Get rid of the filibuster maybe things will change. Otherwise 2022 will be dumb and 2024 will be even dumber.

    2. @Kristy What echo chamber are you dwelling in? Q, Fox, or?? And they don’t lie to you?? 😂🤣😂

  3. Unless you say you will continue & finish up the work done by Vance, I don’t care about the rest. People want trump jailed.

    1. Think about how many don’t want to see their emperor Trump put in prison or held accountable for his crimes; they don’t even acknowledge his crimes, there will be a total uprising if that happens.

    2. @Jennifer Middleton Good. Let the losers show themselves. Hopefully they show out bad enough to catch cases and get locked up.

    3. This is why he never will be.
      Case is too politized, the prosecutors are compromised by their political statements, you would never get a fair jury.
      They are just trying to get him to spend money.

  4. Tump: I want to see Biden in prison.
    Biden: What makes Trump believe that I would visit him in prison?

    1. @Joe Strmiska
      That’s hilarious. President Biden is not the one under criminal investigation as we speak.

    1. @Emenike Seven
      Biden is one o’ them dang lizard people from outer space that are infiltratin’ the gubmint.
      You ever seen a lizard walk up some dang stairs?


      Careful though…
      They got ray guns.

    2. @The Morose Pittbull He accomplished the unseating of the worst president the U S has ever elected – but wait – tramp lost the popular vote in 2016 as well. Not elected, just put in office is a better term.

    3. dont you get it yet?. they are above the law, didn’t trump pardoning all those crook tell you anything? its disgusting

  5. If nobody is held responsible, my faith in the US Government will be substantially shaken. Maybe this is not the country I thought it was.

    1. It isn’t and never has been the country you thought it was, a country where nurses pay more tax than a billionaire, where black people are so easily disenfranchised, where if you are black you stand a far greater chance of being shot by ‘law enforcement’, a country where a large proportion of it’s citizens feel the need to be armed because they fear another proportion of the country, a country where the democratically elected are the least democratic, where the grift of religion is seen as virtuous.

    2. @Brett S. Yes! Exactly that. Get out your vote. That’s all you can/need/must do! The only time you will be heard. It doesn’t matter what you say here.

    3. @Kim Allen Don’t misunderstand, I love this country, however, I’m deeply dissapointed In the last four years. What has happened is shameful. Certain individuals should be held accountable.

  6. Put him in jail already, or stop giving him the publicity he crave, either way we don’t want to hear about him or from him.

    1. @Andrew Burd Why such a low bet? 🙂
      What news – if any – are you reading or watching? Even FOX is distancing themselves from this guy. 🙂

    2. @donna currie and yet no indictments…put a propellor on that MSNBC tin foil hat you’re wearing,Trump will never be found guilty of anything, look at his tax records, I know SDNY couldn’t find jack diddly squat but I’m sure a genius like you can 😉😉

    3. @Kevin Willis earth,the one they have no chance of ever indicting Trump on….lol his tax records😂😂😂😂, seriously funniest crap I ever heard….clutching at straws much?

    4. @Kevin Willis as far as “domestic terrorism” …how about those riots eh? $2.5 billion in damages, over 700 law enforcement officers injured… over WHAT? A CRIMINAL DRUG ADDICT.

    5. @Kevin Willis as far as Kalamity Harris goes… good god what a joke. She was attacking Joe Biden over his obviously racist past and present.

  7. when those who have the ability to hold people accountable don’t, they authorize the the continuation of the offenses .

    1. This could have/should have been handled better.
      Cy Vance should have assigned this case to someone else,
      months/years ago.
      The case is designed to fail!!!

    2. @Luke_SkyWanker yeah the Dems line up perfectly with fascist. 4 years they told trump he doesn’t have power over states now the Dems are blowing a bill that would give them full control over the elections state would be forced to follow dem rules , they want no ID no check on mail in ballots , ballot harvesting. the list goes on. They announce these shady bills on Friday when a lot of people are unwinding from the work week or heading out of town so don’t watch the news. Then try to push them through in the middle of the night. They are having republican members of Congress Heald up at the metal detectors causing a few to miss voting

  8. Imagine being such an incompetent president that even after you’ve left office as a one-term president, they’re still finding impeachable crimes. 😅😂🤣

    1. @Drought Tolerant No one but he doesn’t violate the emollient clause repeatedly making tons of money going against the constitution! I wouldn’t doubt the grifter was getting kickbacks from the wall contractors.

    2. @Drought Tolerant You are not as clever as you think you are. Trump is a narcissist who never cared about you, except when you are cheering for him.

    3. @Fred Kernisky Ever heard of Trump University? Or the Donald J. Trump ‘charitable’ Foundation?
      Oops I forgot: You’re in the US and in your country it is ok and even admirable to defraud and cheat on people as long as the perpetrator is part of a particular group. I will never ever understand that mindset and luckily I don’t have to.

    1. Electing the wrong person could easily result in ” we don’t see enough evidence to proceed with this investigation “. Ten billion buys a lot… including senators like Cory Gardner of Colorado who swore that he would stand up to wrong doing by Repubs or the president, and then spent his term sucking up to Trump.

    2. @Carlos Abram Sorry.. didn’t see your first post — but sometimes repetition gets the point across — so you’re right — it does matter who gets the job.

  9. I appreciate the fact that she spoke about to the need to reform the issue of excessive long prison sentences. But can we stop with the history of racism BS. because it is currently happening everyday.

  10. I hope Mr orange loses that lucky horse shoe he took for the devil .and starts feeling the burn.

  11. The longer justice is curtailed, delayed and obfuscated points to a societal breakdown of the rule of law. The point being that no one is safe knowing that justice is not forthcoming for criminal acts. perpetrated.

    1. exactly & if we don’t close all the loopholes that trump exposed…..that is just what we are doing.

    2. That’s what we rebelled against originally. Looks like many have forgotten, or never knew that. So they tried to overturn a democratic election, and refused to transfer power peacefully and honorably, as every president has done—before trump.

  12. I only want to hear about “Individual 1” in handcuffs during a Breaking News story. Until then, lets keep his name out of the press for my mental health…please.

    1. just dont watch if its affecting your mental health, thats the real problem. The world goes on whether you watch it or not, find something else to keep your mind occupied and let the system do its work. Worrying about things beyond your locus of control is a no win situation

    2. @SJ, so now it’s numbnuts? Why are you so angry? You seem disproportionately upset by this. Triggered much? Grow up.

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