Prosecutors: Trump Org CFO Evaded Taxes On $1.7 million Of Income 1

Prosecutors: Trump Org CFO Evaded Taxes On $1.7 million Of Income

According to Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, between 2005 and 2021, the Trump Organization giving “off the books” compensation for executives—including Weisselberg. 
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    1. When it bounces off, will it hit Hunter and the Big Guy?
      Oh Snap! Thass right Baby!

    1. @Steve Clark I do like a bit of Whataboutery and whilst Trump is at he can declare those 30 Silver Roubles that Putin bought he for lock stock and barrell

    2. @Toni Sumblin I agree I want to see Trump living in a Cardboard Box and going to a soup kitchen once a day to be fed

    3. Its a fact. The indictment says as much. A payroll ledger for the IRS to look at and a private, secret spreadsheet showing the actual salaries being paid. The case is about as open-and-shut as they get.

    1. @Kimberly Winters yea . Difference has been that he no longer has the dome of Presidency to shield him.
      And now that the flood gates of His personal & Companies tax returns are finally out in the open He can’t stop what’s coming.
      I still think he may get away with some of it but Im hoping Vance already knows Dt’s next move and that I’ve just missed it.

    2. @William Kirkpatrick Trump isn’t a target in this case, so yeah. But this is not the only case and it was never about him, only the people in a position to finger him to save themselves. This is only the hors-d’ouvre.

    1. Yeah, I heard Weisselberg gave someone an air freshener to go with the parking space

    1. You have to wonder how much of the U.S. Treasury he put in his pocket, besides he and his corrupt cronies getting richer off of the pandemic?

    2. According to Jennifer Weis, they stole from the Inauguration funds…there will be more theft uncovered….

  1. This man is NOT going to spend the rest of his life in jail for trump. Lets start singing sir

    1. Plus… he has a son that’s twisted up in this who is looking at prison on some of these charges.

    2. He might just be that stupid. Don’t forget he worked for trump for 30+ years. It must inevitably have done something to his brain.

    1. @Mom With a plan “Everything he yells, he is doing. I have said that for years now!”

      It sure does lean that way, doesn’t it.

    1. I can see it now……Biden/Harris become so despised and inept that Pres Trump/Ron Desantis sweep 2024 and Ron goes on to serve 2 consecutive terms n 2028-2036 as pres too.
      Sweat radical dems, sweat.

    2. I am GOP and knew he was a crook from the 80’s when he hung out with Steinbrenner and NO I never voted for the stupid criminal .

    1. @Minute Meditations thanks for the com.complimant , like the old detective said, just the facts lady,jus the Facts. Appreciated that. Trickle down effect is the best way to make Americans economically poor , now its trickle up the pyramid. 90% for the people, 10 % of top richest, evaporated to the least 10 percent of America’s population. Majority to minute people.

    2. Well THAT is exactly the business model of capitalism. It is a funnel that takes money from the bottom and moves it steadily up to the top. If you pay $10 for something, eventually 0.001 cent makes its way to a billionaire where it STAYS.
      So if you don’t heavily tax the top and move it to the bottom then the system literally RUNS OUT OF MONEY.
      Which is what happened. So they offered credit and “quantitative easing” to keep the system running
      But now 50% of all the money in the USA is in the banks of 500 people
      Capitalism is self cannibalising.
      It can NEVER be sustained without huge taxes on the top, but the rich don’t like that so they buy the politicians and stop it – so it is only ever a question of WHEN capitalism will collapse completely not IF.

    1. @GeeBee909 you are in denial the civil probe was launched with out cause to believe a crime had been committed and you know just like you also know they got caught falsifying evidence twice but good on you

    2. Wow, falsifying evidence before a grand jury is a very serious offense and requires a grand conspiracy to att…

      Or, or, Occam’s Razor, they committed the crimes and Trump has fought tooth and nail to stop the DA from getting the receipts.

      But go on, continue your insane conspiracy theory how Trump is a poor widdle innocent boy and everyone is out to get him because of how “successful” he is…

    3. @Starman Dx

      Starman , go back to sleep. When Trump is in the big house , not White house ,I will text you.

  2. Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. Weisselberg knew what they were doing was illegal. So did Trump. Karma is not MAGA.

  3. Trump basically runs his employees with some strings attached like paying their home and bills in general.
    I bet there’s many more executives who got same and did not pay tax on it.

    1. According to Cohen there were only 8 to 10 executives. Four of them were trump family. Weisselberg another. They probably all had the same arrangements.

  4. Trump ruins yet another person’s career. Imagine that! MAGA always meant “Many Are Getting Arrested”.

    1. @Alvin Johnson I borrowed that quote from someone. Not sure where I saw it first. But it fits!

  5. Trump literally bragged in front of the whole world how he evades paying taxes. It doesn’t get any dumber than that.

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