Protests and demonstrations continue heading into the weekend | USA TODAY

Protests and demonstrations continue heading into the weekend | USA TODAY 1


  1. Protests have been hijacked by extremist groups like Antifa and the establishment is covering and even releasing them from jail. Unfortunately history will remember the word “black” and violent riots, civil unrest.

    1. Antifa is not a group with a hierarchy, leaders or even members, it is just an idea; an idea the US goverment followed and enforced in the 1940s.
      Churchill was an antifascist, FDR was an antifascist, Eisenhower was an antifascist.

    2. @Asg All the evidence points that Antifa is indeed an extremist hate group and has nothing to do with the antifascists of the 1940’s it is disrespectful to compare them to those that fought actual fascism back then, including some of my ancestors.

  2. OK… here’s the latest (7:00 pm PST) Alt-right BS — The military is gonna be withdrawn from DC so the Antifa can “storm” the WH (this weekend?) and thereby “show” the whole nation that George Soros (and Falci) and the Dark State are bastids. How much more “wack” do you want?

  3. shame no protests like this for the millions aborted, aka murdered, unborn children every year thruout America

  4. Why American flag only has White stars ? It needs to add some black stars, brown stars, yellow stars and most importantly, some Muslim stars.

  5. Racism not went up. Filming has. It’s almost 0. Do u really think u can force others to like and be. That’s slavery. That’s what slavery is to be force. So your message is we must treat someone the same. Life not fair . how about force million airs to give there money away to poor because guess what that are races to the poor. Like talk to blue in face man. But keep pushing and forcing people that don’t like 1 other closer and closer together and it will blow up. Watch learn and see.

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