Proverbial 'Smoking Gun' Of Trump Camp Giving Info To Russia Seen In Documents 1

Proverbial ‘Smoking Gun’ Of Trump Camp Giving Info To Russia Seen In Documents


Rachel Maddow reports on what is revealed in newly removed redactions for court documents in the case of Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, showing Manafort giving campaign polling data to Konstantin Kilimnik, who U.S. intelligence now says gave that information to the Russian government, which was trying to help Donald Trump get elected.
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    1. @Nick Lawson Well thank you Mr. Lawson. Every so often I can hit the nail on the head but nearly often enough.

    2. That’s all Tulip is about. Corruption, criminal…association….
      If Tulip wasn’t worried, he wouldn’t have pardoned what loose ends he could think of…

    1. @Michael Liles Actually congress could make or change laws either eliminating the presidential pardon power. constrain the power to prevent presidents form pardoning those who commit crimes in protection of presidential crimes or leave final approval with the supreme court or a bipartisan commission.

      The founding father never foresaw a US president acting unlawfully in his own interest and against US citizens. It appears that limits are needed to protect us from bad acting presidents.

    2. @The Lonely Shepherd The point is whom he pardoned and why he pardoned them. To protect himself from criminal prosecution and impeachment and to reward minions that served him by performing criminal acts. What rational US citizen would sanction such actions?

    3. @Douglas Robinson I agree with everything you wrote, but I’m not American, so i’m useless, but it helps not being American, apparently, given the number of them who still support the former Prez…
      Stay safe.

  1. With all this evidence of corruption before and durning his presidency, how is it even possible of him even thinking about running again? Only in America! Smdh

    1. @T S I had numerous amounts of bots try to carry on pro Trump and Russia conversations with me

    1. @clayton bartels
      Because you are wrong.
      Trump hid behind the executive office and Barr deflected all legal cases concerning Trump.
      Barr was condemned by a republican Federal judge about his disingenuous interpretation of the Mueller Report.

    2. @clayton bartels read “A very stable genius” by Carol Leonnig. It will give you details of why Muller couldn’t investigate Trump properly.

    3. How I wish that was true. We have a way too large minority of Trump followers here in the US who do not trust but a very small part of the press, take a ‘drop’ from “Q” as the gospel, and believe every word out of Trump’s big, ugly mouth is axiomatic. Trump’s supporters need an intervention to bring them back to reality.

    4. UK here yep we knew it. As I look over my shoulder I see seven billion other people saying yep we knew alright. I think our intelligent service highlighted the issue but that soon got buried,

  2. Just the number of prosecutions in the Trump circle proves that Trump is corrupt. What can’t the radical right see all that?

    1. @Jim Berton when 7 ppl who work for you,are arrested tried,found guilty,some who actually were in prison,and then accept a pardon,which is an admission of guilt in itself,only a total fool ,would think ,that person not a criminal,not to mention traitor,your rationale is as insane ,as cheeto Jesus. Btw,thanks for proving my earlier statement…

    2. @Alyson onOahu how’s the weather out there,I have a friend lives out there,her names Allyssa ,maybe you know her? Stay cool,aloha

  3. Look at who Trump sacked or who left, fed up and shocked. Then look at who he pardoned. What a corrupt and disgusting four years.

    1. @Deep Verma and the republicans lost the white house, the senate, and the house. I don’t wonder how that happened.

    2. @Mark E seriously? Veritas? run by a felon, found to have doctored video, set up fake “situations” with actors and gullible teenagers. You gotta be kidding.

    3. That is so true. Just imagine what another 4yrs of that clown would have done to this country. Surprisingly, the core of Trump support is in middle America, where values include working hard, Honesty, helping thy neighbor – none of which is valued by Trump.

    4. @espy have you not seen any of the latest videos ? All people that actually work for these companies. How do people still think the MSM is telling you the truth about anything lol

    1. They will. Give the authorities time… they want to build watertight cases against all of them. Slowly, painstakingly and carefully.

    2. @David Heath Trump pardoned the bigger fish in all this, but trump is not out of the woods yet.

  4. But hard-core republicans don’t care at this point. Alignment with Russia who back the opposition to Democrats,is preferred over losing power.

    1. @cattycorner Do a search on uTube:
      “Trump ties to Russia”. There’s a plethora of information that will show why trump keeps Putin’s fuzzy bean bags on his chin. Then do a search : “trump ties to mob”.
      He’s a criminal.

    2. @cattycorner Gasoline is a dying industry. Renewable energy is where Biden is focusing his efforts now (as America should be).

    3. And then they call democrats “communist”. I don’t believe most of them know what that word means, but it sounds good, so they throw it loosely around.

    4. Most people have no idea just how deep Donnie’s ties to Russia ran. Donnie was Soooo in bed with Russia that he proclaimed Asbestos totally safe just so Russia could sell more of it to US.
      ‘The world’s largest producer of chrysotile asbestos, Urablast, is now marketing its signature product with President Donald Trump’s image.
      On June 25, Urablast, the company, which operates a giant asbestos mine in the Ural Mountains in Western Russia, posted photos of its asbestos on palettes wrapped in plastic and stamped with a seal of Trump’s face in red ink.

      A message of support for Trump and former Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Scott Pruitt accompanied the photos. “Donald is on our side! … He supported the head of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Scott Pruitt, who stated that his agency would no longer deal with negative effects potentially derived from products containing asbestos. Donald Trump supported a specialist and called asbestos ‘100% safe after application,’” the translated post reads.’

      From “Russian Company Brands Asbestos with Trump’s Face”, The Mesothelioma Center at Asbestos dotcom

    5. @marushka Pretty pictures of trump on asbestos packages can be seen on twitter at Uralasbest (Mining Company). YT won’t let me post a link.

  5. If Manafort had told the truth the lid would have blown off the whole thing. Trump was dirty. Trump is compromised. FFS look at the military withdrawals he ordered in the days after his defeat..out of Germany…Korea…the Middle East..this was Putin’s wishlist. He had to back off but you know he was trying hard to do it and you know for WHO!

    1. haha always take these stories with a grain of salt before you bank on them. the trump russia bounty story turned out to be FAKE. it turns out biden loves russian oil. he cancelled the american one and favored the russian pipeline. the democrats are a bunch of fools.

    2. @De Drone46 That’s not even remotely true. Really living up to your name aren’t you, drone? *buzz buzz Newsmax buzz Tucker Carlson buzz buzz buzz repeat what angry man told me buzz*

    3. @De Drone46 so why did Biden impose sanctions on Russia for putting bounties on American soldiers heads?

  6. The biggest swamp in American history but McCarthy and McConnell are the danger that remain.

    1. @Gee Lee — The Dems problem is Manchin. And Kyrstin Sinema isn’t any better. I don’t think the Dems would be nearly as nice if Manchin and Sinema weren’t hamstringing them. God, I hope the Dems pick up Senate seats in the midterms, effectively isolating those two. They need to get some major payback for the sh*t they’ve pulled.

    2. Perhaps they misunderstood the swamp of paedophile, child trafficking, corruption and international betrayal with Russia wasn’t the Democrats and Hillary but was ACTUALLY the GOP Geriatric Oligarchy Putin Proletariats of the Russian Republic

    3. @Dan Power Donald grump is the biggest swamp this country ever had, and you damned well know it

  7. To say that Trump has the republicans in a bind is rubbish, they have the dirt to bury him. No, they love his lawless, power at all costs politics. They are all in.

    1. 100%! Trump is more a symptom than a cause of the profound sickness of the Republican Party: it’s corruption, criminality, toadyism, greed, nihilism, deceit, mendacity, hypocrisy, ignorance, stupidity, immorality and treason. The GOP is the Swamp and Trump is merely the temporary Swamp Lord.

    2. To the Republican. Winning is the only thing. The Crooks and white Suprematism lingers all these years. Trump was just bold enough to open the doors

  8. The way William Barr completely derailed the conclusions of the Mueller investigation was criminal and should also be investigated and punished.

    1. @Rod you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. It’s all out there – ALL of the facts have been reported and recently released by a Supreme Court judge who ruled to make the sealed document public. She stated that Barr was disingenuous and lied to the American people and the court about the Mueller report. And hopefully, just maybe Barr will be held accountable.

  9. Trump was never respected by his peers so he went to the dark side. But surprise! They didn’t respect him either.

    1. He was always on the dark side. Just ask any folks from the Garden State. He bankrupted 3 casinos in Southern Jersey and screwed hundreds of thousands of honest hard working people out of their wages for the work. Trump has been known as a joke with us for years.

  10. so when does Bill barr, who clearly knew and hid this, get indicted as an additional conspirator and party to obstruction of justice?

    1. Soon, I hope. If we do not make examples of ALL the criminals involved in this and in the Insurrection attempted coup d’état, we will have failed to stand up as Americans.

    1. @Dennis Moore no, Barr blocked the results of the Mueller report is what happened. They’re open now

    2. Joes Corner
      I spent twenty one years both in the Army and Navy combined, and I saw plenty of characters that were questionable to say the least. There was one in particular that was charged for being a spy and quickly shipped to Fort Leavenworth for trial. I was his friend, or so I thought. I wasn’t surprised to see so many veterans, and traitors is what they’re. They need to be tried with treason period.

  11. And yet … Republican voters believe this corrupt liar is the victim whose election win was stolen and want him back in the White House.


    1. They readily buy into Baby Cheesus’s Donnie DARVO tactics because they feel he’s One Of Them.

    2. It’s not such much as believing the Liar in Chief, but hating the Democrats to the core of their souls. What the Republicans are blaming on the Democrats is exactly the same they’re guilty of; making this country a dictatorship and we can thank trump for that. To make matters worse we have millions of voters that agree that this country needs colossal change, but in the wrong direction. They don’t know this yet, but I’m afraid it will happen and when it does, they’ll blame it on Democrats. Of course this is insane, but the wheels are in motion.

  12. “What we thought happened, happened.” – Should be the slogan for Rachel’s Show

    “Nothing we said happened actually happened.” – FOX’s new slogan

    1. I think Fox News’ slogan should be the old classic: “Tide goes in. Tide goes out. You can’t explain that!”

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