1. @Patrick Hollywood dear brother, no one is reedemed by his deeds, no one is without sin in front of god, and literaly no one will be in heavens because the good deeds taht they ve id, each and everysingle one of the people who will be in heavens , its because gods grace, and jesuses shatered blood, equaly ,for everyone! redemption is free, its up to us as we have free will, if we grab his loving hand or not! all you have to do is sincerly feel sorry, want to cutloose with the fake one, and have faith, FAITH is whats all about, if you believe, jesuses blood saved you, and youre being coopereative with the holy spirit, you will be in heavens! another thing, its not us who can do something as i sayed we are powerless, but oure faith is the conection to the holy spirt, tru faithfull prayers, and besides the prayers, god let us the bigest jolly joker posible, the BIBLE,! the bible is not a book ,its goods word, its literaly a sword against evil! everything you need to be set free to find back the meaning,: hope,joy,wisdom, love forgiveness, streght,shelter, guidance, literaly everything worthfull and what matters is there! its an unfatimable river of streght and guidance from above! the only thing is when you read the bible ,to be aware that is not just a book, but is gods private line to the siners ,along with prayers! so always before you read the bible , pray, for then holy spirit to reveal you ,what you need to hear! another thing, when people think at the bible they think, its a big book that they will never finish, its completly wrong, when it comes to bible its not about quuantity, its about quality! so dont even thinki you have to read much of it, not at all, ! read slowly and mediate at what you are reading, . see even if you ve read the same verse or chapter 100 times, buyt you sincerly and in an unshalow maner want to meet with god, for guidance and streght, you read the same thing 101 th , time it will always reveal you somegthing new, something you didnt understood, last time! another thing under the verses youl see a small writing, those are sendings, if you dont understand something, or you need more clarification, go to a sending , or even 2, thatsn how you shoul read the bible dive into gods word! those sendings are either same thing under diferent circumsyance or some similarity to what you read! i know it may sound, hard boring ,or useless, but i asure you is anything but! the key to it ,is realising its not a novel ,is gods word, theres no biger treasure than that, ! if you pray faithfully and you sincerly want to hear god, look no further is there! its all about you wanting to chanege, and having faith! i sugest you start with the new testament, from Mathew, but you can start with genesis to, its not a wrong or right way to read the bible, al its required is to pray before, and let god talk to you! il keep you in my prayers, god bless you and youre loved ones!

  1. The desperation of these bots to divert the conversation is hilarious no matter what they do it won’t change RUSSIA invaded Ukraine

    1. @VK RGFAN I’ve seen a lot of your edited comments. Personally man, I would just take a break and get some fresh air if your’re second guessing yourself. Just a food for thought. Don’t bother replying back, notifications are off.

  2. There’s only one version of the truth, and unfortunately for Vladimir and his supporters, it’s on video for all to see

    1. @knowledge ok anti-american fanboy🥱 I can list many countries and conflicts that Russia has been involved in so don’t try and ignore it.

    2. @knowledge I saw the comment the first time so there’s no need to copy and paste and entire essay which many not be bothered to read because its pretty much irrelevant. To name some, Russia has been involved in Syria, Afganistan, Vietnam, Korean war, Crimea, Donbass region which they used and an excuse to invade Ukraine, Georgia, Chechnya, backs and aids Iran’s support of terrorist attacks on Arab nations.

      For all I have mentioned, Russia has either been in the conflict, a proxy war or supports and backs terrorism and hostile rebel conflicts…. oh and they murder and imprison all of their opposition so that Putin can stay in power like the ruthless dictator that he is. If you can’t see that Putin is the real threat then I suggest you stop researching and use your common sense.

  3. Putin: “were trying to conquer land and the people are trying to resist and protect themselves this is a crime against humanity”

    1. @Gurka Gurkadurka < im using you as an example to make a point to someone here please ignore this Or actually dont, can you tell us your thoughts about protests and that protesting in 2003 against the iraqi invasion brought the heat needed to fix this crisis 😂😂

  4. So I watched this all the way through, and I still don’t know what Ukrainian actions Mr Putin was referring to with his claim.

    1. Essentially he is referring to the actions that Putins forces have committed themselves, however as usual he makes excuses to turn it around on Ukraine and blame them for it

    2. @Morgan Hill Fight Club i don’t know much about azov but even if azov didn’t exist, Putin would have still made up another excuse to blame it on Ukraine anyway.

  5. Publicly and knowingly espousing misinformation as fact, should be a punishable crime as it affects all people who believe it and many people that know better.

    1. Nobody “knowingly espouses misinformation”. Misinformation, by definition, is false information spread by people who believe that it is true.

      Knowingly spreading false information is called disinformation. One of the objectives of disinformation is to get people to believe, and spread it as misinformation.

  6. Remember when saying “I know you are but what am I?” was a thing little children would say rather than what world-leaders with nuclear weapons would say? 🤦

    1. @Kramarančko So men can give birth now according to athepedoists. And if you do not agree you have comitted blasphemy and must be punished.

  7. Really nice little tidbit here. it’s almost the most sickening aspect of it all. They literally know their only weapon is disinformation so they use it in every way possible. In order to play to their lie about bucha being staged they needed to award their soldiers medals for example each thing they do is just cringeworthy. There really are no bounds I won’t be able to normalize it maybe most people can? and if you think it can’t get worse they are always there to remind you.. oh yes it’s like egotivistic-relativism fundamentalism on steroids. It’s one thing to kill people but they also have to control their hearts and minds as well at any cost. People are getting wise to disinformatsiya or wiser because it’s on full display 24/7.

    1. Its so easy for authoritarian regimes to do this sort of thing. All its about is power, more power and even more power… and because of jealousy of the fact that they are not as rich and powerful as countries such as USA.

  8. “No, You!”

    When Russia accuses somebody of something it’s because they’re doing it themselves. Every. Single. Time.

    1. @Mic SolidYou can’t believe independent reporter’s anyone can be one so what’s your point?

  9. As a Russian citizen I can tell one Russian proverb “Thief is screaming “Catch the thief! “. I am against any war and I understand that several generations at least will be paying the price for this disaster.

    1. Вот такие вот русские, которые “против войны”, вы историю страны своей изучали? В геополитике тоже, наверное, не разбираетесь? Зато на cnn лайки собираете, обгаживая свою страну. Фу.

  10. The world – “You are a war criminal”
    Putin – “I know you are, I said you are, so what am I?”

    1. @J. Madelozo The star are those who look over the American Family and care for the good of the Nation.

    2. @Jessica Cinderelah The countries, whose population is 4,212 billion people, did not support the anti-Russian resolution of the UN General Assembly on Ukraine. Given that the world’s population is 7.948 billion, the document directed against Russia’s actions to demilitarize Ukraine was not supported by countries whose population is 53% of the inhabitants of the entire planet.

  11. Putin is detached from reality. Everyone knows what he did and is still going on. I will always stand by Ukraine! People don’t ever forget horrific people or the things they have done. Some of his own will turn on him too, history repeats itself

    1. @Rino Felix yes of course we support Ukraine, Justice will prevail, freedom for Ukraine, they paid a heavy price, I have much respect for the army

  12. Really Putin talking about crime against humanity, I wonder if he really understand the meaning

  13. Putin will say anything and will sign anything. Words are meaningless and any agreement can be broken with any excuse. Hitler was the same he signed whatever Chamberlain wanted it meant nothing. Chamberlain was waiving that piece of paper like it was a big achievement while Hitler was laughing.

    1. @Kay McKenzie they just did. I know you don’t want to believe its the truth…. but its the truth

  14. 🤣🤣🤣….this man sure lives in a way different kind of dimension where the only reality is the one in his mind,if people thought that Hitler was crazy this one is his dad!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Putin: *”We are gonna invade you”*

    Ukraine: *”Heck no! I will fight for my existence!”*

    Putin: *”That’s Crime Against Humanity!”*

    Ukraine: *:/*

    1. @Nader Shah Shouldn’t you be focused on Russia at the moment? Doesn’t help to play the blame game right now you dingus.

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