1. Great interview. Thank you for having Mr. Kasparov on. Great minds think alike. His analysis and counsel is second to none.👍

  2. The fact that Russia thinks they can attack a country but can’t be attacked on their homeland is baffling

  3. You are a great journalist/presenter, Jim! Garry Kasparov has always been a ‘rational voice’ on Russian affairs – for obvious reasons!

    1. @DiscoVolante that’d literally the opposite of what he said. He said the diplomatic community is arguing for an offramp. And there’s nothing inherently wrong with that approach – if they can stop warmongers just by saying ‘hey, let’s all just talk about this’ then they can stop wars. It may not be a ‘moral’ win, but it stops maybe millions dying.

    2. Why would you assume he doesn’t know that? You don’t think they do a background on the people they interview beforehand? Smh

    3. @Cindy Pomerleau
      Probably because when Jim boy introduced him, he said “former grandmaster”
      If Jim were playing Jeopardy that would be incorrect.
      You can shake your head and shame now.

    1. @anand Kumar
      Well a Russian bridge connecting Ukraine to Russia kind of got a bit blown up the other day, you might of seen it on the news?

    2. @Darth Wiizius That’s evidence? “You seen it on the news”? 😅 Oh in that case it has to be true.

  4. The Ukrainian figured out how to destroy the road bridge, and that was pretty smart. But figuring out how to destroy the road bridge and the rail bridge at the same time was genius.

    1. @Petra ok don’t cry when Russia takes out Ukrainian infrastructure, this is a Russian and Crimean bridge, nothing to do with Ukraine, the people of Crimea don’t want anything to do with the fascist Kiev regime, why don’t you respect the democratic will of the people in Crimea?

  5. A little bit taken aback by “former grandmaster”. Kasparov is former world champion, and still a grandmaster.

    1. Like many, I am annoyed when a news presenter interviewing someone cannot get that person’s credentials correct….

    2. “News presenters” are presentation specialists, not analysts. Their knowledge base is relatively shallow. Such shallowness discredits them when they make slips like this.

    3. As someone else said former Russian GM. I’ll add he is also a former Soviet GM because he was a GM there before the Soviet Union collapsed.

  6. Garry let it slide. “Former Russian Grand Master”.
    Ok. Not important in this contexts. I love his bravery and how he applies his strategic mind to politics.

  7. Man, I love the crystal clear logic and blunt reality this man puts on the table. Please bring him more often in your programm.

    1. He’s right about one thing. East and south (including Crimea) need to liberate; well that’s exactly what rus has been trying to do from the start

  8. Gary Kasparov is just a “Putin Critic” now? 😂
    I feel like maybe his multi decade stint as one of the very greatest chess players in history deserves a mention.

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    1. @Bryan Dimery It’s 100% certain other politicians have pastimes unrelated to politics. What’s your point?

    2. @Jonathan Stein The lightly-damaged middle span of the bridge is open for them to GTFO. All webcams are off for some reason.

    3. @Jonathan Stein
      Great point. They had every right to move to Russia. But Russia has no right to interfere with the sovereignty of another country.

  9. I have only recently learned of Mr. Kasparov’s efforts beyond chess, just this year I am embarrassed to report. From his track record of meaningful success in support of humanity, to a wide-ranging application of a keen intellect, I hereby award him an honorary doctorate. Congratulations Dr. Kasparov.

    1. @Melanie S. umm you know he was talking about Michael and not the chess guy ehh? So does that make you less than a single cell organism? Stay triggered Mel 😂😂😂😂😂

  10. I love hearing intelligence and wisdom from older experienced commenters, like Kasparov. I’ll agree no general would want to push the button; they’d much rather faced a courts martial than be responsible for the wartime prosecutions of a madman and someone who is clearly a megalomaniac.

    1. True, in a Democracy. Not so much when Raving Lunatic Authoritarian Autocrat in charge of “dissident peasant” punishment = more of firing squad knee jerk sentence anticipated.

  11. “former grandmaster” — lol, no. He’s still a grandmaster and always will be. He’s a former world champion and arguably the strongest player of all time in the argument with Fischer and Magnus.

  12. As we say ‘Better late than never’. Hoping and anxiously waiting to hear and see more of these kind of operations in the near future.

  13. Not just a grandmaster, he’s a former world champion and possibly the best chess player in history, a extreme undersatment to just introduce him as “grandmaster”

    1. @VornadoPRO he’s definitely a contender, there’s 3 contenders to the best chess player in history, Fisher, Kasparov and Carlson, there’s strong arguments for each of them, realistlcly it’s impossible to know who’s the best in history, different times have different challenges/advantages

  14. Hi Jim, great report with GK. However, I didn’t think the chap in Kherson was criticising the war as much as how the war was going. By blaming the Defence minister he was demonstrating how to shift blame from Putin (he who must not be blamed).

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