1. Imagine having a girlfriend that moved on from you but you don’t want her to be with anybody else but you so you threaten to kill her…This is basically Ukraine and Russia’s relationship.

    1. @Emmet Ray Do you think something has changed after one Ukrainian oligarch replaced another Ukrainian oligarch as president?

    2. @Deborah Freedman 1) Thousands of people protested in Kiev demanding a change of power. At the same time, thousands of people in the eastern and southern regions of Ukraine protested in the same way against the coup d’état in Kiev. You support only one side of this civil conflict and not “the entire Ukrainian people.”
      2) Parliament cannot remove the president by ordinary vote. Especially when it includes putschists, whom no one has elected to this position. The impeachment procedure is clearly spelled out in the legislation of Ukraine and it has not been carried out.
      3) Presidential elections in Ukraine after 2014 are not legitimate. They were carried out by putschists who came to power illegally (how surprising that one of them eventually became president). And a huge part of the territory of Ukraine could not take part in these presidential elections.

    3. @Алекс Пресли Actually quite a lot has been done, namely with the police, that up until the revolution let Russian gangsters and thugs run riot as much as they pleased and beat and jailed any Ukrainians that dared complain about it.

    4. @Emmet Ray Read the reports of the international human rights organization Amnesty International about how “after the revolution” “justice” began to be administered in this country.

    5. And then imagine some creepy guy named Joe denies your girl gave him a handy when he got her Attorney General fired because he got his coked up kid a job making millions. That’s Biden’s American and Ukraine and Russia. Wait until Russia’s neighbor gets involved…

    1. He might dream of it who knows, but what he stated in his most recent speech is that he wants to reduce the military influence of NATO on the states east to Berlin. In fact in the agreement of the reunification if Berlin in 1990 it was stated that there would be no further military expansion from the western powers towards Russia.
      Essentially he wants to put back Russian backed military installations in those counties, not rebuild the former USSR.

    2. @Connor Lynndan Putin will STEAL it like he did in Crimea and give it away to his billionaire land barons like he did with Crimea. Putin is a mobster more than he is a politician. Extortion, trafficking narcotics, slavery, outright theft, murder- Putin has done it all.

    1. @Alex xelA Nah. There will be some of the things you said but we will be ok. I cannot say the same about Ukraine and Russian folks. As for Europe they will adjust to become independent of Russian gas. It will be painfully and costly but long term will worth it. Good for Russia selling to China. I heard they are using euro. That seems like helping european union.

    2. @Alex xelA: Russia has a GDP somehwere between the GDP of Italy and Spain. It’s a no-brainer to figure out who will suffer more. Oh China, yes, they will do with Russia what they already did with Iran. When Iran was sanctioned they sold their oil to China. China, smart as it is, mercelesly took advantage of Iran’s difficult situation and paid only dumping prices for Iran’s oil, far less than what we used to pay. Russia has no monopoly on Titanium, Titanium is in fact a pretty abundant metal, and during the cold war the West could live without Soviet Titanium very well.

      This is what we will do. We will not send our soldiers to fight russian soldiers directly, but we will supply the Ukrainians with everything they need to kill Russians continuously until they get tired and go home in a couple of years. Ukraine will be Russia’s Iraq and Putin can explain to russian mothers why their sons return in coffins for nothing.

    3. ​@Дмитрий Киселёв wrote “You rats can do as many sanctions as you like. Who cares? We’re used to your sanctions already. Stop acting like you’re almighty, yankees.”
      LMAO at you.
      Today, the Ruble fell to its lowest value since the worst of the 2007-8 financial crisis, when it reached 4,811 Rubles per gram. It’s currently over *4,923* Rubles per gram, and it is just going to keep climbing, and the purchasing power of the Ruble is going to keep falling. How much further is the Russian economy going to tank before this is over? With one market after another closing its doors to Russian exports, it’s going to be far worse with the latest sanctions. There’s talk of bringing-on a host of new economic punishments that aren’t traditional sanctions too, like canceling visas of Russian nationals, and blocking exports TO Russia.
      And here’s the irony: Putin doesn’t care if the Russian economy is bad for most Russians. He has tens of billions of dollars squirreled-away. He is never going to be hungry or cold. He will gladly sacrifice the economy and the hopes and dreams of ordinary Russians in the pursuit of his objectives: to claw-back former Soviet territory, to boost his ego and make others fear him.
      “Almighty yankees”? Maybe not, but we’re still doing just fine, thanks. The US economy has recovered faster from the pandemic than any other nation on earth. I’ve got vacation trips lined-up to Paris, Japan and Colombia later this year, and I’ll be replacing my 4 year-old Audi with a new one. I would like it if Russians could be enjoying their lives too, but that all depends upon who is ruling from the Kremlin. So long as its Putin, that ain’t gonna happen. Sad.

  2. “War is rich old men protecting their property by sending middle class and lower class young men off to die. It always has been.” – George Carlin

    1. Europe energy security includes both new energy sources and the safe transportation of LNG.
      Who can guarantee the safe transportation of LNG from outside EU to EU?

  3. Appeasement may solve the short term crisis but as history has shown it always leads to a much larger crisis that usually ends in war.

    1. Yes, we see. Having bombed Iraq, the USA could no longer stop, Yugoslavia, Libya, again Iraq, Afghanistan. The US did not even receive UN approval for half of the invasions, although it would seem to be a single bloc.

    2. ​@Emmet Ray Well, you know that Benladan is a US project, like Saddam? =)
      Yes, and with Gaddafi, not everything is so simple, he had social packages, free water supply through the desert, agriculture. Now there is no dictator, no running water, petrol is expensive, and Libyans are in Europe. Well, oil is essentially British.
      Read the sources, it is interesting and opens your eyes to many things.
      Here’s another interesting example, did you know that women in Iran once had the same rights as men? And now it’s bags without rights. How do you think it happened? And the USA, the USA tried.

    3. What pacification are you muttering about, victim of Western propaganda? Ukraine has been killing its fellow citizens in Donbass for eight years, Ukraine practically blockaded two regions of its own country, did not deliver food and medicine to them, did not pay its citizens the social benefits they were entitled to, and denied them the right to vote. People in Donetsk and Luhansk survived only at Russia’s expense, Western countries did not deliver humanitarian aid to the region, they only paid lip service to Ukrainians.
      Since Ukraine signed the Minsk Agreements (also approved by the UN Security Council), 7.5 years have passed, and 7.5 years have been at Ukraine’s disposal to return these regions. But not only has Ukraine not fulfilled its obligations, but it has also officially refused to do so; only in the last two weeks has the Ukrainian Foreign Minister and the President of Ukraine publicly stated this.
      The West did not exert any pressure on the Ukrainian government in this matter; on the contrary, it encouraged Kiev in every possible way and supplied it with weapons to continue the civil war.
      You had 7.5 years to end this war, you didn’t want to do it, now Russia will do it.

  4. I’m adopted from Ukraine to US, and all this has been mentally draining, I worry about my birth mom dying before I ever meet her, I also worry about any history i might have their being wiped out. Whilst I realize women and children are evacuated first that hasn’t exactly been a peace of mind kind of deal.
    Edit: Thanks for all the support and prayers you guys 🙏 I grew up in an orphanage and spent a good chunk my childhood on the streets keeping my brother alive in Ukraine, so opening up to strangers on the internet hasn’t been easy but having this amount of positive replies has been welcoming! I appreciate you all

    1. @Chad Simmons He will just blame Trump. Liberals will let him use that excuse until the end when they’re crying in their dresses when they wonder what happened to late

    2. @Emmet Ray yes, russia is ALWAYS in the wrong and no one else ever at any point in time or history is in the wrong, sure thing bud, that’ll get you far

    3. @Harold Lamble Would you be ok with the USA gov killing Mexicans, for loyalty to another country? Should Mexico try to stop it? Put yourself in Putin’s shoes,

  5. What a weird format. Like we’re supposed to believe we’re just a fly on the wall at a candid meeting between Putin and Lavrov.

    1. Its not designed to make you believe anything. Of course this is a very planned event with outcome already resolved via diplomats.

    2. Welcome to Russian state media. They constantly have these public “meetings” in this format between putin and mayors, governors etc.

    3. It’s like watching Moff Tarkin and Darth Sidious discussing what planet they’re going to use the Death Star against first.

  6. Staying for too long in power is dangerous to ordinary citizens..especially when the leader is gradually losing popularity

    1. @Dood Dood That’s why he has his political opponents jailed or murdered, because he is so popular he could win a fair election. Pffft.

  7. Putin just signed the recognition of two sovereign states within Ukraines borders. and declared he wiil take action immediately

    1. @gacj2010 The stupidity of this is gold.
      If we wanted Ukraine to be a part of NATO, the 90s was the time to do it.
      Wait until Russia’s economy is strong, and they can invade their neighbors, then risk WW3.
      Brillian, I’m always impressed with the DNC, especially when they’ve had over 14 years of insight into Putin doing this every 4-6 years.

    2. Well, a few friends of mine formed a council and voted for the Muscovite ‘grand’ duchy of Moscow to be absorbed by California so get ready to have an openly gay transgender black woman as your next president Russia!

    3. From the Stalin to Mao to Pol Pot to modern-day Australia and now Canada – the left reveals again and again why their historic body count has *NEVER* been eclipsed.

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    1. @Gustavo Deugarte really. I guess you don’t get what I’m saying then.. your lovable CNN channel beats the war from everyday. And you’re going to tell me that.. give me a break.. that’s why I say liberalism is a mental disorder

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