Putin’s full press conference after meeting with Biden in Geneva (English translation)

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he and U.S. President Joe Biden have agreed to return their ambassadors to their posts in a bid to lower tensions.

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  1. Let’s talk about why Justin doesn’t have to quarantine in one of his govt appointed hotels for 14 days….

    1. He asked about cyber attacks and the hostility as of late between America and Russia. Admittedly, I’m simply guessing this by using context clues in Putin’s answer.

    1. @Gypsy Soul Putin had always been honest becouse everytime he talks that someone done wrong he is talking about himself. The biggest and the best lier on Planet Earth.

  2. I like how there is gaps of silence in the audio so we can’t hear certain questions… makes me feel like a can really trust this source and that I’m not wasting my time

    1. It happened for questions asked in English. Technical fault somewhere in the interpretation service. The BBC journalist spoke in Russian and no problem there. Nevertheless, Putin was so clear with his answers, it wasn‘t difficult to figure out the question – and we’ve heard them so many times already.

      Alternatively, Putin has a button under the lectern labelled “switch off mic”. Presumably next to the one labelled “fire nukes”.

    1. @Kelley Says come up with something new – we have heard this “falling asleep” 1 million times – boooooooooring, yawwwwwwn !!!!

    2. @Shoozan Did Kelley mention anything about Trump? How about we just talk about the buffoon that is in office now and how incompetent he is without trying to defend him with some childish Trump trope!

  3. You didn’t hear Putin say, I’m going to get in trouble with my staff if I answer questions. Noo he is the boss

    1. And that is a key difference between Putin and the past eight presidents of this country: Putin is in charge. He is the driving engine of direction and policy. He has the knowledge and intelligence to be that. No president of this country since LBJ could do that. Yes, Putin is truly the boss.

  4. ABC’s video intentionally cut out the part where Putin gets worked up from Biden calling him a “killer”. That’s funny.

  5. Those complaining about the translator: She is not a translator. She’s an interpreter. Understand the difference and what it involves.

  6. Eloquently speaking at length with little prevarication on any subject, diplomatic and entertaining to boot.

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