1. Brave people of Myanmar never give up hope and never give up on your Democracy, Justice, and Freedoms you rightfully deserve. The World is with you. Please, Stay Safe and Stay Strong. Power to the People.

    1. Let them choose their own government. Maybe they don’t like America’s “freedom”

    2. @Steven Rodriguez They chose already when they voted Back in Nov.

      The Military Performed an Illegal Coup on Feb 1st and overthrew their Government of Choice.

      Does that sound like a Choice to you? You think that Military Gave these people a “Choice?”

  2. If you ever feel useless remember that something called the United Nations exists.

  3. I’m surprised we have not heard about this more in the news since it’s been happening for the last month or so they have been trying to hide it seems

  4. I was a Drill Sergeant and 45 days is just about long enough to train cannon fodder.

    1. They did. The Military Overthrew that Government on Feb 1st by performing an Illegal Coup. Are you paying attention?

    2. @Steven Rodriguez Ok? You think that’s what’s happening here? America is Pro-Democracy and Very Anti-Communist. Its no Secret that America has done these things many times in the Past. You need to present your case, if you think America is anyway responsible for the Military Junta performing, yet another Illegal Coup. Keep in mind this is the 4th Military Coup and this has been going on for 70 years now.

      Consider this, Sleepy Joe Biden has frozen over Billions of Dollars of the Military Junta money and assets. Condemn the Illegal Coup and have Heavily Targeted Sanctions Against the Military Junta.

      Who Vetoed the UN? China and Russia. Who “still” sells weapons and armament to the Military Junta to this day? Russia and China do. Military Grade Weapons that are used on a Civilian Population. Myanmar sits right on the border of China. You think China wants another Country to find its Democracy right on its Border?

      Again, America is Very Anti-Communist and America would never “Ever” Support a Military that is supported by 2 Communist Countries.

      The People of Myanmar are fighting for their Democracy, Justice, and Freedoms they rightfully deserve. Anyone would fight that kind of Oppression. You either fight it or flee from it and if you submit completely to the Military Junta. Welcome to North Korea 2.0.

  5. Brave men ,, I hope they can take their country back from the criminal army that has taken it over !

    1. They have Oil in Myanmar. Chevron from the US is in Myanmar. Total from France is in Myanmar. There is a huge Oil Pipeline that goes from the Ocean all the way into China.

      Just because you hate Western Democratic Nations being Greedy about Oil does not make it right.

      China and Russia have Vetoed the UN. If Any Western Democratic Nation were to Simply go in, it could spark WW3.

  6. Anyone who want to train military training for these young brave men to fight back these brutal military ..We are always welcome to our camp

  7. isnt it amazing how cnn can so easily find these “rebels” but the Myanmar military cannot?

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