‘Recent Convert:’ California AG Pushes Back On Policing Reform Record | MTP Daily | MSNBC

California Attorney General, Xavier Becerra on introducing policing reforms and why some are calling him a "recent convert." Aired on 6/22/2020.
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‘Recent Convert:’ California AG Pushes Back On Policing Reform Record | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. where are the videos about chicago msnbc???little boys and girls were shot and killed yet no videos about chicago???? but a career criminal like paul george has wall to wall coverage. pathetic.

  2. Democrats have been promising every election in democrat held cities the same thing about the police for decades , and nothing has changed
    Black people need to wake up to the real democrat party nothing but lip service and hate Trump

    1. The progressive movement is being pushed by totalitarian rich people, confused millennials and out-right criminals.

    1. @Jay Why would i wear a mask? Im taking my disinfectant and cloroquin mix and its all not a big deal anyway right?!?

    1. @Kevin oh you live in SoCal? You mean the place formally known as northern Mexico?…. You complain about illegal immigrants when a large portion of your population had the border cross them less than 160 years ago and your entire economy is propped up on their backs.

    2. I illegally threw eggs at cops, escaping by setting my back in the night waters of Mission Beach, along with teens of like minds and police abuses.
      I voted for Becerra, too, ese.

    1. Not that simple.
      Current Republicans: only a few cops are bad, criminals deserve to be treated like animals.
      Current Democrats: policing as a system targets minorities unfairly, non-violent criminals need to be rehabilitated back into society rather than treated like animals.

  3. Careful with cancel culture folks – keep emotions in check less context be lost for generations and windup eating allies.

    Proportion – keep that in my mind.

  4. Becerra lies to the FBI about what is required to be considered a convicted felon in California. He tells the FBI that people who have not been convicted of a crime are convicted felons. Why does the office of the attorney general lie to the FBI. They do it to get bonuses for the District attorneys and greater people in jail for the private owned prisons in California. Becerra is no better than Trump in his ability to lie.

  5. Republicans 2015: I will not vote for trump
    Republicans 2016: trump is doing great things
    Republicans 2017: y’all are misinterpreting everything he says
    Republicans 2018: y’all are misinterpreting everything he says
    Republicans 2019: y’all are misinterpreting everything he says
    Republicans 2020: I wish I hadn’t voted for trump
    True Blues: a’ ight

    1. The left is winning this fight. A little more every day. It takes a long time to convince people that they were duped by Trump.

  6. NYC, Chicago, and Minneapolis have seen record shooting and murders. Everyday there’s more. NYC hasn’t seen 21 murdered in a day for decades. So does this DA feel left out? Trying to get LA’s numbers up?

  7. It’s nice to see the AG for California admit he is pushing for the social change. I know he will do everything possible.

  8. All the violence, and murder going on all over the country, and this useless nonsense is what MSNBC thinks is important.

  9. The left is winning this fight. A little more every day. It takes a long time to convince people that they were duped by Trump. *BLUE WAVE 2020*

    1. Ahhhhhh the

      It’s reassuring to know the FEAR is
      properly acknowledged, and felt, on a
      DAILY basis…👈😏….

    2. You cant really criticize the republican rank and file, they have been bombarded with Goebbels style propaganda program of lies, whataboutism, conspiracies and inciting hatred of anyone who doesnt believe the spin. The GOP leadership however is another story – they know the truth and choose to conceal it. They are cowards and traitors to their oath of office.

    3. @Chris Murray Nobody cares…👈😂

      Primarily, because you’re a lost cause, and provide no competition…👈😂…

    4. Hmmmmm….👈🤔…

      “Tessera 👈🤔👉 herself” is strangely


      I can hear her “heavy breathing” in the basement, 👈😏👉 and the sounds of chains, and pre-teens “crying”…👈😏…

  10. “You have been called a recent convert…”: Ms. Tur has also been called many things…; The National Enquirer also published that Rafael Cruz’ father took part in the Kennedy assasination…

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