Rep. Bass: Larry Elder Becoming California Gov. ‘A Thought To Cause Nightmares’ 1

Rep. Bass: Larry Elder Becoming California Gov. ‘A Thought To Cause Nightmares’


In a California recall election speech by current Gov. Gavin Newsom, he contrasts his COVID-19 leadership to the pandemic crises occurring in some GOP-run states. Rep. Karen Bass, House Judiciary Committee member, and Christine Pelosi, California DNC member, join Joy Reid on the importance of getting out the vote, sharing their view that GOP candidate Larry Elder would be disastrous for America if he won.
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    1. you like this dolt so much you don’t even capitalize his name (which is just basic english) Trolls should be paid more-but you are correct he drones on like some elder of the mormon church.

    2. @Tommiangel Let’s not forget … Gavin Newsom brokered a bankruptcy deal that helped PG&E (one of Newsom’s major campaign donors) avoid any REAL punishment for killing 84 Californians in 2018 After the PG&E wildfire, Newsom signed into law new financial protections for PG&E … The law was written by NY lawyers under a contract to represent Newsom’s office in PG&E’s bankruptcy Newsom’s lobbyist buddy, Jason Kinney, ran Axiom Advisors … which received a huge client in the bankruptcy Also still … Newsom cut about $150 million from the state’s wildfire prevention budget …

    3. @Mike Hochburns You are telling people sentences start with capital letters while you don’t use capital letters to start your sentences. Lmao hypocrite.

  1. Everyone has a ballot… except the dude that had 300… but seriously, electing Elder will make California turn into Texas? Someone needs to take her microphone away.

  2. Give us a freaking break! There’s a reason why U-Haul says the state with the most people leaving for other states is California!

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