Trump Employees Testify Before New York Grand Jury 1

Trump Employees Testify Before New York Grand Jury


Bloomberg’s Tim O’Brien says the grand jury indictments of the Trump Organization’s head of security and a top financial official shows the prosecutors’ investigation is going “up and down the food chain.” He tells Lawrence O’Donnell it’s also a sign they could become potential witnesses against others in the Trump Organization, including Donald Trump.
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  1. These people need to do time just like any citizen, no one! Should be above the law. Including Trump, or anyone who can buy their way out!

    1. @Rosemary Gutierrez Trump was one of the only people on your side, but you’ve been brainwashed by the Fascist Leftists and the MSM

  2. All goes to show just how inadequate and ill prepared trump was to be president, he ran his administration like he ran his buisness, surround yourself with yes people and grift and corruption

    1. Rich people who get conned and banks that make bad loans to hustlers, like Trump, NEVER admit their compliance in the sham. Often, they will re-invest in a deluded attempt to recoup losses. This results in the lenders getting in so deep, they have no choice but to essentially, finance the fraud by charging other depositors to recoup the losses while keeping their bad loans quiet as to not tarnish their credibility as a stable lender.

    2. @Helen Byrd Yes and how many small businesses who completed work for him has he refused to pay because he said their work was “unacceptable “ ? So was his term as president! I wonder he and his family have grifter off of the American taxpayers!

    3. @Mary Knight I’d call it scary, that that many people have been conned by his BS diarrhea and are still mindless zombies kissing his patootie.😵‍💫

    4. @Just Saying – Of course you’re right. I don’t believe we will ever be rid of this. At one point I had hope, but…

    1. Meanwhile, Axios reports that Joe Biden has lost thousands of immigrant children:

      “The U.S. government has lost contact with thousands of migrant children released from its custody, according to data obtained by Axios through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request.

      Why it matters: Roughly one-in-three calls made to released migrant kids or their sponsors between January and May went unanswered, raising questions about the government’s ability to protect minors after they’re released to family members or others in the U.S.”

      65,000 children came through the border during those months and Biden can’t account for a third of them. Another Joe Biden debacle … to add to the list of many debacles.

    2. Democrats want you to believe that the Man who has a devoted patriotic following, who had hundreds of campaign rallies with thousands in attendance, received less votes than a rival who rarely campaigned, who rarely left his basement, who relied on a teleprompter whenever giving speeches, who made serious gaffs nearly every time he spoke, who rarely gave interviews over 5 minutes and who’s best rally attendance was a couple handfuls of people in their cars honking their horns! The List goes on……

  3. The SDNY is literally taking apart the Trump Organization piece by piece and watch it’s all unfolding right before our very eyes. It’s truly a beautiful sight to see.

    1. So far, unfortunately I haven’t heard anything that directly links criminal activities to widdle donnie.
      That’s his main concern when hiring anyone :
      “Will you dive under the bus for me ?”

    1. @Sacha Vasiliev just like how trump didn’t protect soldiers from Putin’s bounties and how trump failed the Kurds but you know overlook that

    2. @yep Ban!!!! . Media and gaming 👈🏼😂 omg – the bounty story is was debunked dummy. But don’t let that stop you from simping for a president who abandoned us citizens. Clown 🤡

    3. @yep Ban!!!! . Media and gaming 👈🏼😂 crickets 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗 gives me debunked whataboutism in an effort to white Knight for Jim Crow Biden abandoning US civilians in Afghanistan even though he told George Stephanopoulos that he would leave troops behind until every US civilian left.

    4. @Sacha Vasiliev I read everything you wrote only to come to the conclusion that Trump 2020 was an expiration date. MAGAt opinions don’t matter anymore, they never have.

    5. @yep Ban!!!! . Media and gaming 👈🏼😂 crickets 🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗🦗 the bounty story was debunked and you can’t refute it. Instead you choked.

    1. @Support your Troops & Athletes You’re wasting your breath, people like him will never get it, he’s too programmed

    2. @Vindecus exactly thank you sir. It’s a shame people like him are programmed to a serious mental health downfall from reality.

    3. @Vindecus in addition the armed forces are chosen to serve the country and *whom ever the president in during their term of their administration and frankly that is not Trump today. The armed forces must devote themselves to the country while serving Biden now, not trump. Furthermore even religious leaders are the same way regarding what republicans say, the Bible is the Cristian leaders road map also which specifies for the religious leaders to pray and support our leaders and our leader once again is not Trump any longer though republicans think all religious leaders are actually for Trump. If they go by what is in the Bible all their prayers and support must be for Biden today. Besides this, the Bible teaches not to be for those mocking the Lord and savior but they did anyways when trump claimed he was the chosen one* . And they supported him after violence stemming from Trump’s photo opp stemming from barrs orders under trump all while trump held the *upside down cross on the bible itself* marking of Satan himself go figure. Why Christian leaders would of supported that, I personally have no clue at all.

    1. @Suzy * they are interested in how he got the funds to build his golf course over there. They def want him. Just not how you think lol. They want him in jail.

    2. I have more faith in their justice system than I do in our DOJ. In this country Trumpo and his cultists can commit open treason, open sedition, open obstruction of justice, and open calls to violence and terrorism. They do and say whatever they want and the DOJ just ignores it and hopes it will all blow over. Garland has the courage of an Afghan General surrendering to the Taliban before they even load their guns.

    1. @Sara Mill whatever….that is from a case that went to the supreme court which was about fetal rights…before a person wouldn’t face charges if they hurt a pregnant woman unborn or FETUS when it became law you now can face criminal prosecution and even manslaughter if a woman loses their unborn if you caused that

    2. The SOB is still free and running his stupid orange mouth so what good will come from all this….. the round mountain of assmunch escapes all sorts of issues and has for fifty years so why do you think it will be different?????!

    1. @Dean Romanado You cannot name even one single lie Trump has told that has hurt Americans while in office..A vague Accusation will not do. Be Precise. Name a Lie Trump has told that has hurt America. Be specific, Exact, Precise. No Vagueness, Be Honest. Post a lie that is easy to verify…

    2. @David Cohen Ex KGB agent Yuri Shvett, who was present at traitor trumps first visit to Russia said” trumps willingness to spread anti-western propaganda, was such, that there were celebrations in Moscow, trump was viewed as a future asset from then on”, and boy, was he right, trump has done nothing but attack democracy since 2016. Traitor trump has been Russia’s biggest asset since the Cambridge spy ring. I bet they are still celebrating in Moscow

    3. @Jimmy Mcelroy Sounds like you need a Muller testimony recap. Joe Biden just gave Putin a victory by removing restriction on his oil pipeline while closing ours. Traitor Biden just gave the Taliban an air force with 36 Black hawk attack helicopters.

    1. @Mike Herriman Before anyone becomes president they have to prove they don’t owe any taxes, that’s the law, do you comprehend?

    2. @Chad Simmons You might want to reread my comment. Nowhere did I say he owed the IRS. Do you not comprehend English???

    1. @Diane Maybe slowly picking off his so called ‘best people’ is more painful! Regardless trumps life is already ruined. His properties will slowly go bankrupt. No bank will now give him a loan. His name is already being pulled off his buildings. He would get booed going to a major league sporting event. See the ‘a’ list celebrities at Obama’s birthday party as compared to the loser trump’s. trumps so called wife didn’t even show up!
      Maybe his new status as a big loser pains him more than prison would.

    2. @Driver 0s2 lmfao…not really the corrupt media and the corrupt dems make you think so. You should concern yourself they are the one that Lie Cheat and Steal…

    1. Calamari looks like someone from the ” Good Fellas”. What about the Non disclosure agreements trump had all his employees sign?. Void now? Seems so. No one wants to go to prison for that POS

    1. @Wayne Myers Crawl on out of your
      ‘Q’ hole and come up for some OXYGEN.
      The Whole “WHAT ABOUT-ISM” is NOT what this one is about…😐

    2. So then that means Joe Biden needs to do time for killing our soldiers and American citizens by the Taliban.

  4. This is where the rubber meets the road lying to the grand jury is a big No-No. So falling on your sword may feel good but it’s going to get you into trouble

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