Rep. Clyburn Is Having None of Sen. Manchin’s Filibuster Defense 1

Rep. Clyburn Is Having None of Sen. Manchin’s Filibuster Defense


Senator Joe Manchin published a new oped this morning defending the filibuster and revealing he will vote against the Democrats voting reform bill. “Senator Manchin is misrepresenting to the public exactly what’s going on here,” says an impassioned Rep. Jim Clyburn. He joins Ali to talk voting rights, and how we happened to end up with the procedure known as the filibuster anyway.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Rep. Clyburn Is Having None of Sen. Manchin’s Filibuster Defense


  1. Why not just interview them on this show?
    They came on multiple times before the election, why can’t msnbc get them on now?

    1. G Eak – well that’s something at least.
      I’ll have to check out that interview, thank you.

    2. @G Eak with such a low opinion of the channel, it boggles the mind why you would spend your time watching it and then take the extra time to comment. It really is peculiar

    3. @obcl – perhaps it’s because he’s being objective and listening to the other side before levying criticism? Surely you’ve heard leftists decry Fox even though obvious they’ve never actually bothered to watch it.

  2. Velshi it seems to me that Manchin and Sienma don’t have minority voters voting for them!!!

    1. I don’t think Socialist-Democrats care about minority voting. The Filibuster is there to give minority political party a voice.
      Isn’t this the definition of BiPartisan ? Dems and Repubs agree that HR1, Eliminating the Filibuster and Massive welfare spending IS A BAD IDEA.

    2. @G Eak the Republicans got rid of the filibuster for judges, healthcare and the taxcut for the rich. And believe me they will get rid of it when they’re back in power. Mitch McConnell said his job is to obstruct everything so why the Democrats need to do bipartisanship? And massive welfare spending is a bad idea when it really given to the rich. But of course its not call welfare but it is.

    1. Someday the GOP will have the majority in Congress. Have you considered that? Can you think that far ahead?

    2. Aye. Either dump it, or reinstate an actual filibuster; take the floor, speak on topic, stay in chamber in order to vote… make the filibustering party show commitment.

    3. Why is that? Apparently you possess the memory of a fruit fly if you do not understand exactly how often democrats have used it to their great benefit.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis you too sorry to afford an ID. Just admit it. Admit is and I’ll cash app you the money.

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis – no, it absolutely is not. Stop buying what the media, Twitter, or what the echo chamber is claiming and simply read the bills for yourself. Also ignore the so-called authoritative “fact checkers”. After all these same entities claimed democrats were not trying to do away with signature verification even at the very time they were pushing just that in the house and were suing in Nevada for the very same reason.

      This isn’t necessarily partisan and shouldn’t be partisan.

    3. @Just Another Guy they take out polling stations in minority communities, causing people to wait longer in lines to vote, some people are older folks and can’t stand that long, or people don’t have that kind of time to wait around. Next they take out ballot drop off boxes again in minority areas and limit the hours you can drop off a ballot, they remove mobile voting vans, again this affects minorities and poorer communities the most.

    4. @Just Another Guy did I say anything about an ID ? NOPE, but while we are here, I’ll why it is hard for some to get one, we will start with them NOT having a birth certificate because they were NOT registered when they were born, it takes money which most people don’t have to find a BC.

    5. @Just Another Guy this man is a black man.

      HOUSTON — In his wallet, Anthony Settles carries an expired Texas identification card, his Social Security card and an old student ID from the University of Houston, where he studied math and physics decades ago. What he does not have is the one thing that he needs to vote this presidential election: a current Texas photo ID.

      For Settles to get one of those, his name has to match his birth certificate — and it doesn’t. In 1964, when he was 14, his mother married and changed his last name. After Texas passed a new voter-ID law, officials told Settles he had to show them his name-change certificate from 1964 to qualify for a new identification card to vote.

      So with the help of several lawyers, Settles tried to find it, searching records in courthouses in the D.C. area, where he grew up. But they could not find it. To obtain a new document changing his name to the one he has used for 51 years, Settles has to go to court, a process that would cost him more than $250 — more than he is willing to pay.

    1. @Barnard Flapdoodle
      How is he a patriot? I don’t recall Manchin being that concerned about bipartisanship when McConnell and Republicans controlled the Senate a passed several partisan legistlation. Now, I’m all for bipartiasnship. But if the other party aren’t willing to work with you, then just focus on working with your party in light if what the American people want.

  3. To succeed in politics you must first master misrepresentation. Never trust a politician. This is nothing but political theater for the masses and as scripted as the WWE.

    1. @Greg Araujo Why don’t you rig one for us, show us how it’s done (then show us how you rig them across the country).

    2. @John Cahill easy bribe pelosi with several millions and she will delegate the rest of the heist.

  4. Washington is mostly a lost cause and has been for a long time.
    The more gridlock, the safer we are.

  5. Who would have ever thought we’d be having this kind of argument in AMERICA? Whether or not someone should have the right to vote? For god’s sake it’s shameful and disgusting. If you are a citizen of this country you have the right to vote. Period. Why are the GOPers so afraid to allow people to vote?

  6. Well then that means Joe Manchin needs to be Dealt with before they move on the filibuster and those 2 Bills

  7. FOR SALE: One West Virginia Senator. Bidding will proceed in increments of $50,000. Democrats may bid, but reasonable expectations may not apply.

  8. Clyburn is opaque, his inability to clarify, his stumbling, such that Velshi has to put words in his mouth to help him, does not help his cause.

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