Rep. Cori Bush: Have Eviction Moratorium Go Through Course Of Pandemic 1

Rep. Cori Bush: Have Eviction Moratorium Go Through Course Of Pandemic


The eviction moratorium extension and eviction relief charge is being led by Rep. Cori Bush who tells Joy Reid, ‘What people don't like is to see people unhoused in their communities. So keep people in their homes.’
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  1. Great job Dems! From each according to their ability, to each according to their need — what could go wrong?

    1. @TriPeska Records uh first off, non of these left people are my masters. I didn’t vote for this power grab being done by the federal government. Conservatives are our only hope in the current system.

    2. @Taylor Jensen if you voted at all you approve of everything and you are complicit in everything. Those of us who dont approve of it did not vote. If you vote you have no right to complain. Conservatives are leftists who lie to assist communism. All actual conservatives have left the republican party a long time ago.

    3. @tj booth I understand what you are saying. And I’d say your right. Except at the end, if you are talking about crime increases then yeah we are looking at cities and states governed by democrats top to bottom, or are effected by democrat federal failures like opening the southern borders and letting tens of thousands unknown illegals walk in. Into mostly arizona, Texas, California, and Florida. You understand that as being a major issue/ crisis?

    4. @Taylor Jensen wasnt it reagan who started the whole amnesty thing? Where are the republicans that want to overturn it and ship them back? Nowhere to be found. You want to complain but when you get power you dont do anything just like you didnt stop the spending, didnt stop abortion, and promoted the lgbt agenda

    1. Wrong!! She’s straight to the point!!
      Punches back!!
      Trump lovers isn’t that what you like?
      Or is it only when your orange one does it?

      Hypocrisy much…

    2. @Lisa Merdy Ooo, we got a TDS karen in the house.. You should be worried about the Florida Governor, not Trump but I know that is all you like to think about.. Poor snowflake.

    3. @Lisa Merdy she is a massive hypocrite who says a bunch of platitudes but actually only cares about empowering herself. Case in point: her wild spending spree on private security while pushing to eliminate your police forces.

    4. @Lisa Merdy 1. She needs to hit the gym. If you can’t control yourself, you shouldn’t try to control others. 2. Uh….ah…uh….uhm is not punching straight. It isn’t even thinking straight. 3. She doesn’t even conjugate her verbs correctly and she’s a native speaker of English. Not at all impressed. Sounds ignorant.

    1. The goal is you take back the land you have true freedom the black statue of liberty represent freedom

  2. “Rightwing Supreme court”? Interesting. They certainly haven’t made any decisions to justify that remark to this point. I guess following the law is now “Rightwing”

    1. @Darius Meeks Trumps Election cases were never heard. The fraud evidence was never evaluated.

    1. @Chris Smith On the national level in the years following the civil rights act politicians and constituents switched party affiliation in rates previously unmatched in American history with the exception of when the Whig party yielded to/merged with the newly created Republican Party.
      In the 20th century, the three decades following the civil rights act the following Democrats switched to the Republican party: Strom Thurmond John Jarman Eugene Atkinson Bob Stump Phil Gramm Andy Ireland James W. Grant James W. Grant Tommy F. Robinson Harry F. Byrd Jr. Richard Shelby. This list stops in the eighties but the defections went on. This is only on the national level.

      In 64 all senators from the South were Democrats. In 1970 that number dropped by 28 percent. By 1980 it was down by 30 percent. By 2000 it was down by 55 percent. This indicates that the constituency changed affiliations as did the politicians elected to state and federal congress. Many who remained Democrats could not get re-elected in Southern states and middle America. Yes in 1964 it was just Strom, but he was not the last. I never inferred that all the defections took place in 64.

    2. @tj booth Changed?! The Democrats were racist slave owners then, and are race obsessed til this day, all they talk about is race 24/7! They call everything racist. I could imagine being so dense.

    3. @MrSwitchblade327 who is you? I am pro life and pro supporting individual prosperity so I will never vote for a Dem candidate that supports the alternative. I am also anti hate and pro helping the poor the orphan and the alien resident so cannot vote Repub.. I consider myself a Christian and so I reject both of our major political parties as they are both antithetical to what I believe is right.

    4. @MrSwitchblade327 plus I don’t need anyone to tell me they switched. I can see the switch from red to blue on the map. I can look at the events after the Civil Rights act and see how Democrat states started electing Republicans. I don’t know why we argue this point anymore. It is what it is. If either side wants to disassociate from their past, simply govern better.

  3. Well she’s now being showered with praise from MSNBC, that should tell you everything. The eviction moratorium is only for sick people apparently. So if you wanna save you’re home then you better get some covid.

  4. Um…yeah, stealing people’s property and giving it to other people without compensation isn’t heroic. It’s theft.

    1. @AB0LISH P0liticians I live in New Mexico. I’d bet money i have more native and hispanic friends than you.

    2. @Terra812 Yeah we’ve heard of the so-called Louisiana purchase, where a bunch of englishmen who’d stolen land from the eastern tribes paid a french monarch money for land he didn’t own. Is that the Louisiana “purchase” you’re talking about?

    1. Because of trump terrorists clearly… do you not see the calls for civil war and threatening acts of harm from the right? Their misguided hatred is dangerous

    2. @D A How should I blanket classify all Democrats and left leaning from the above examples of attacks on the capital even though many Democrats and left leaning were not alive or did not participate in the above events?  As per you just copied what the legacy media told you and made a blanket statement about Republicans and right leaning people.  I am thinking the term Anti-americanist.  Got to be equal and fair for name calling people who were not even present as per your claim and the legacy media’s claim.  Perhap you have a double standard…  Perhaps the legacy media has a double standard…

    1. @Dominique Davis defund the police means just that. If they don’t have the money to hire and outfit the force, than that means what champ? That means no police department because they won’t have the funds. Too hard to understand? You are really dumb

    2. @Dominique Davis It means less cops, less equipment, less of a defense against becoming another southside Chicago.
      Guess they won’t be able to afford those “body cam’s”, either…

    3. @Dominique Davis 6-3=3 NOT 6-3=6 If you take $ away from one agency to give to another agency, say……..Dept of City Social Workers, you get fewer police. Fewer police mean more crime ( check out crime stats in Chicago, NYC, Seattle, San Fran, LA, Baltimore and other cities that used this tactic for 2021). Next time, educate yourself prior to broadcasting your idiocy.

    4. @Virgie T Defund the police” means reallocating or redirecting funding away from the police department to other government agencies funded by the local municipality. That’s it. It’s that simple. Defund does not mean abolish policing.

      Fewer police does not equal higher crime just like more police does not equal lower crime rate

      I don’t know where you got that from but that’s a fantasy and it’s not realistic

      It’s not surprising that a fourth grader would not understand this posting something purely emotional based off of other opinion does not mean it actually works.

      If it did the crime rate would be insanely low right now and it’s not so before you post something stupid next time

      Being an ignorant little troll is not an admirable quality

  5. It’s funny how Joy Reid posted a bunch of homophobic slurs then deleted and lied about them but MSNBC still lets her keep her show. Just goes to show you that the left will cover for anything you do as long as you keep towing the line.

  6. So she needs protection. But those in her district don’t.
    Because they aren’t as important as her.

  7. It’s so gross watching politicians dramatically make up stories about how courageous they are for doing their job, and the Fake Stream Media applauds them for it.

    1. @0Chinese0Arithmetic0 so why are you all crying that the government wont do evictions for you?

    2. @0Chinese0Arithmetic0 if you want to hire someone to help you remove squatters you probably shouldnt be doing that online

  8. The hardest thing this woman has ever done in her life is to open up a bag of oreo cookies and a camp chair.

  9. Right but they need to go back to work…. Has nothing to do with “Democrats saving people from having a roof over their head”… they need to stop relying on the government to keep extending this.. but go get a job… everyone is hiring…

    1. agreed 10000000%. They teach them to be lazy and depend on hard working people. This is Democrat policy.

  10. “I was texting about you on my way back from Cabos” – This lady is going to Cabos while making it seem as though she cares about the common people. Is everyone going to Cabos during this “pandemic?”

  11. If they care so much, why wouldn’t they convince their fellow Congress members to give up their salaries for two years and help “those in need”?

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